McDan’s Wives and Kids: Who Is Daniel McKorley Married To and How Many Children Does He Have Now?

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Ghanaian businessman and CEO of McDan Group of Companies, Daniel McKorley is not shy to flaunt his wives and talk about his family.

The CEO of McDan Aviation was the first to open a private jet terminal at KIA. McDan Aviation currently operates and manages the executive lounge for private jets at Terminal 1. It received a license to commence operations in 2019 as Ghana’s first fixed-base operator (FBO).

The first of its kind in the sub-region, McDan Aviation’s private jet services will cater to high-end clientele with a sense of optimising luxury, and for corporate executives seeking to leverage quick and efficient commutes for the purpose of business. Daniel Mckorley has hinted that the idea behind the opening of the new private jet terminal is to create jobs for the teeming Ghanaian youth.

He gained immense popularity after revealing that the Ghanaian youth of today are ‘lazy and sleep too much’ when advising them to eschew laziness and work hard towards achieving their dreams.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, he explained that the current hindrance to excelling is because; “The youth of these days sleep too much and that is the problem we have been treated with kids’ gloves and this whole country, especially the youth, is becoming a begging nation and we have to get rid of that”.

In 2022, he again revealed a derogatory comment about couples. According to the business mogul, a wife’s salary is solely hers, and should not be preyed upon by her husband. He advised men to learn to shoulder responsibilities at home, instead of relying on their wives.

Your wife’s salary is her salary. Don’t come home and fight your wife because she can afford to pay the fees. Even if she’s paying the fees try to take it over, and be seen to be very responsible. I am very particular about that because a lot of fathers lately are marrying because they want women to pay their bills. Don’t be a man that a woman pays their bills”, he stressed.

This comment from him garnered mixed reactions on social media as a lot of people inquired about his personal life. He reportedly has an even number of children with his wives. He once shared how expensive it is to have two partners and went ahead to reveal the type of cars his wives prefer. So, who are the wives of McDan, and how many kids does he have?

McDan's Wives and Kids: Who Is Daniel McKorley Married To and How Many Children Does He Have Now?
McDan with one of his wives.
Image Source: Instagram @drdanielmckorley

Who is McDan married to?

CEO McDan Group of Companies, Daniel McKorley was born in La, Accra Gnana on June 16, 1971. The businessman’s real name is Daniel Nii Nshia McKorley which means ‘eagle’ in his native Ga tribe of Ghana.

McDan is now the Gugba Naa of the Tamale Traditional Area after he was enskinned by the Dakpema Naa Mohammed Alhassan Dawuni.

McDan is a married man and a father. He has two wives and isn’t scared or shy to flaunt his partners online. The names of his wives are Abigail McKorley (his first) and Roberta Mckorley (his second).

In 2021 during an interview, the Ghanaian businessman challenged the perception that men from the Greater Accra region are not romantic. According to him, although he is a polygamist he is very romantic to his two wives.

Explaining why he is having two spouses, he said “I have two wives because I want a bigger family” while advising men to only have more than one wife when they have money, adding that it is expensive to be a polygamist.

He says when it comes to choosing vehicles, his first wife Abigail prefers Range Rovers and his second wife Roberta likes Porsches.

Like many loving husbands, the millionaire businessman took to his official Instagram account to share photos of his wives on Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, February 14 in 2023.

The first photo showed the businessman rocking a white outfit with one of his wives. In his caption, he preached love.

Live your life with love as your guiding principle — keep your family close and live special moments with them. Every day, make sure that you’re living your life with effort and the purpose of making your family and other people’s lives better,

he said.
McDan's Wives and Kids: Who Is Daniel McKorley Married To and How Many Children Does He Have Now?
McDan with one of his wives.
Image Source: Instagram @drdanielmckorley

He posed with the other wife in the photo. They two were formally dressed. The caption was about life and love.

“Life is already tough. The world is unfair to us all. So, surround yourself with positive people who love you, who support you and want you to succeed. Never take your family and close friends for granted. They are the only ones who will be with in tough times. So, give them the time they deserve in this hasty life. This will be your most important investment in life.”

McDan's Wives and Kids: Who Is Daniel McKorley Married To and How Many Children Does He Have Now?
McDan with his daughters
Image Source: Instagram @drdanielmckorley

How many children does McDan have?

The founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the McDan Group of Companies, Daniel McKorley reportedly has 10 children; 5 daughters and 5 sons and 5 each with his two wives. Although the names of his children aren’t known to the media yet, he plans to be a father of 12 children in the future.

Since he didn’t get times easy when growing up, the rich man also has a way of training his children. According to Ghana Celebrities, McDan explained that he uses diverse methods to bring up each of his 10 children in order to shape them into all-around adults.

One such method was letting one of his brilliant sons stay home after completing Senior High School just to work as a security guard in one of his many companies.

My son for instance was supposed to go to the university but I said he should sit at home for one year. I told him to go and start work in my company as a security guard. He saw the trend of learning how to be disciplined. I always teach my children how to serve because they are sports personalities, and all of them play tennis.

He defended that he made his son pass through those stressful paths in order to make him understand the importance of serving.

McDan further said that the boy got promoted to a cleaner after a few months of being a security and that taught him priceless life lessons.

The boys play football. He started work in my company as a Security guard, he moved as a cleaner. Right now he is a big boy. So for me, teaching discipline is not the macho type of discipline but the soft skill discipline

 he said on JoyPrime TV.

He once shared a photo of his daughters and highlighted how they motivate him to put out his best in all his endeavors. He wrote;

I don’t tell you ladies enough, but you’re my biggest motivation. You are the most amazing and supportive daughters that anyone could ever wish for. You have kept me going when I have felt like giving up, in ways that you may not even be aware of. I know I’m safe and loved when I come home from work to see you, and that feeling is priceless. Just knowing that you are always there for me gives me the foundation I need to work harder in life. My gratitude to you is endless. Thank you ?

In another post he shared with his children, he revealed how he wants them to be problem solvers, hard workers, respect, and have the desire to help and serve others by inviting Ghana’s tallest man, Sulemana Abdul-Samed, who battling chronic ulcer and deliberating with his family on how they could help him in his treatment. He wrote;

For me, being a parent is priceless. I understand that my kids are going to have certain privileges that I didn’t have, so, I need to teach them values like hard work and respect, and instil in them the desire to help and serve others. More than anything I could hand to them, I want to teach them about benevolence and charity. If I raise them to practice the importance of sharing what they have, something I believe will carry them through life, I’ll be a proud father.

This is why I was privileged to invite Sulemana Abdul-Samed [Awuche] into my home to meet my family and to see how we could help him with his chronic ulcer and excess growth hormone issues. My wife and kids consistently whispered into my ears to pay the entire cost of Awuche’s medical treatment and to ensure that he was going to live a longer, healthier and happier life. As I have always known, I’m lucky to have a big, supportive family that is compassionate towards other people. That truly warms my heart.

If you’re a parent, step out with your child and offer a helping hand to the community. Because trust me, one of the most satisfying and productive things you can pass on to them is the importance of sharing what they have with others.

McDan's Wives and Kids: Who Is Daniel McKorley Married To and How Many Children Does He Have Now?
Image Source: Instagram @drdanielmckorley

What more is it to be known about McDan?

He holds Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA) and a Certificate degree in Entrepreneurship both from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).

He also holds diplomas in Leadership and Transport and Logistics. He is a commercially astute executive with a wealth of experience gained within the freight forwarding, haulage, logistics, and private security industry, both locally and internationally which has contributed to receiving an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Commonwealth University, London Business School, UK.

He started the McDan Shipping Company which was established in November 1999, with headquarters in Accra, Ghana.

The company has a presence in over 2000 major air and seaports worldwide, due to partnerships with Universal Freight Organisation, Cross Trades, and World Cargo Alliance (WCA).

Mr. McKorley has had several recognitions, which include the Achievers Award by West Africa Regional magazine, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of West Africa Nominee in 2015, and the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016.

He was also awarded the Freight Forwarding and Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2013, and the CIMG Marketing Man of the Year in 2017.

In the video below, he talks about his journey to becoming wealthy, and you can skip to 45:10 mins to hear more about his wives and kids.