Who Is Enokay? Sports Betting Guru’s Biography, Net Worth, Age, Cars, House, Parents, Girlfriend, Real Or Fake, Wiki

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Enokay69 is a University of Ghana student and a professional sports betting guru causing a stir on the internet with his acquired fortune.

Back in 2021, a young Ghanaian man named Sugar Kwame gained traction and became the talk of the town following his betting tricks and his lavish lifestyle. He was extremely transparent and once opened on some of the big betting winnings he has raked in. In a video interview, Sugar Kwame revealed that he won a total of GHC1.2m within just three days. Kwame who was mostly seen splashing money at the club and public events has suddenly vanished from the internet.

In that same year, another man named Kobi Barnes got the Ghanaian community on Twitter talking and some even crowned him as the betting king after he reportedly won a whopping GHc196,093 from sports betting.

Let’s go back to 2017, another Ghanaian better by the name of Kwame Fosuhene won 990,650 cedis (over $213,000) jackpot after placing a bet on 15 matches across Europe’s top-flight football leagues. He placed a 4 cedis ($0.85) bet on the games with the Betway Ghana agency. His win is historic as it is the biggest sporting jackpot in the country’s history. Even Betway Ghana posted his win on Twitter.

The year 2023 seems to be the era of Enokay69. He is currently getting immense attention on Twitter for not being selfish but for helping others win big in sports betting.

He has also been flaunting his automobiles, houses, and other assets he has amassed in this short time of becoming an internet sensation. So, who is Enokay69, is he legit or fake, and what is his net worth? Here’s everything TheDistin knows about the betting guru.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Enokay69
Net Worth:$1.5 million to $2 million (estimated)
Betting Returns:Over Ghc100,000 (mostly)
Occupation:Professional gamer and sports consultant
Company:enokay69.com, Kay69 Trendy Couture
Age:25 years old (as of 2023)
Date of birth:1998
Parents:Father’s name is unknown
Mother’s name is unknown
Education:University of Ghana, Legon
Enokay69 looking humble while striking a pose pose
Enokay69 looking humble while striking a pose pose
Image Source: Instagram @enokay69.hd

Who is Enokay69?

The young betting expert whose real name is Enoch Hood but known by his moniker Enokay69 is a 25 years old Ghanaian who currently attends the University of Ghana where he is a level 300 student.

He is a professional gamer and sports consultant who is the founder and CEO of enokay69.com, an official prediction hub.

According to his bio on Twitter, he’s “changing lives through sports betting“.

Enokay69 sprung up in the year 2022 and quickly became a sensation and stands tall throughout the whole of Ghana. This is mainly because of his high stakes and huge returns.

Enokay69 posing by a Rolls Royce during his holiday in Dubai
Enokay69 posing by a Rolls Royce during his holiday in Dubai
Image Source: Twitter @enokay69

Is Enokay69 legit?

He is mostly tagged as fake as people wondered how he had made so much money through sports betting, however, he proves his innocence by taking to his Twitter page to hold live sections to talk to the youths whose interests are in sports betting to teach them the ideal ways of getting a living out of betting. Basically, his ways of betting are ideal, due to some low-risk measures he implores and a lot of technical analysis that is involved in his selection of matches.

He has advised that one should be interested in making small odds between 2 to 5 within a day and staking big. He also feels that one can also lose all his money through betting so one should not use money that doesn’t belong to him or her to stake a bet.

Even on his website, he has embedded a disclaimer that reads;

To all clients, reduce your bet addiction. Everything we do here is with my own intelligence, experience, and instincts. Enokay69.com is for persons with age 18+ only! Thank you.

Also, he tries as much as possible to share his wins on Twitter. Two crucial things that make a lot of people doubt his realness are the fact that he doesn’t post his losses and also he keeps winning insane amounts. While some are getting less than Ghc5,000 in return, he makes over Ghc100,000 always.

Enokay69 posing in his hotel during his holiday in Dubai
Enokay69 posing in his hotel during his holiday in Dubai
Image Source: Twitter @enokay69

What is Enokay69’s net worth?

As said earlier, Enokay69’s wins are massive because he stakes high prices like over Ghc40,000 to Ghc50,000, and in return, he wins over Ghc100,000 always. This leads to many who are in awe of being in an inquisition over his net worth.

So, how much is Enokay69’s net worth? Per his usual wins from sports betting (usually soccer and basketball) which are all the time over Ghc100K, TheDistin can estimate his fortune between $1.5 million and $2 million.

He lives a lavish lifestyle, drives some of the world’s exotic cars, and owns a magnificent house. His vacation destination seems to be Dubai as recently, he visited and shared scenes from his daily activities.

He met Ronald Federico Araújo da Silva, an Uruguayan professional footballer who plays as a center-back for La Liga club Barcelona and the Uruguay national team in May 2023 and took a picture with him.

Enokay69's house and Range Rover
Enokay69’s house and Range Rover
Image Source: Twitter @enokay69

Enokay69’s houses and cars

In a series of posts Enoch shared on his Twitter page from his visit to Dubai, he in one day spent close to $20,000 on shopping. He was seen in a Balmain shop where he bought sneakers that cost over $4,000. He moved to different shops and made purchases of perfumes, shoes, and bags while showing receipts at the end of each video he posted. One clip also revealed he spent $2,000 per night in the hostel he slept in.

Yes, Enokay69 has houses and cars. His recent house reportedly cost around $470,000 and his Range Rover also cost over $100,000. He claims he acquired all his wealth at age 25 from sports betting although many doubt his source of income.

On May 10, 2023, he posted a video of his Range Rover and captioned the post “Another one lol“. His post has garnered over 1 million views and has generated close to 11K likes.

On May 11th, 2023, he shocked his followers with pictures and videos of his newly built house. In a follow-up post, he revealed he has another house where he has parked a lot of cars in there.

Posting a picture of his home, he wrote;

They told me I couldn’t. That’s why I did it. Betting has made me this and I won’t tell you to stop.

And please I’ve parked the other cars too in the other house I’ll motivate you when I get there from here ! Stay tune

He is investing his money wisely as he owns a handful of businesses. He has a fashion business called Kay69 Trendy Couture where he makes classic African wear, and he also has a car wash product sold in gallons for 150 Ghana cedis, just to mention a few.

Enokay69's girlfriend shopping bags in Dubai.
Enokay69’s girlfriend shopping bags in Dubai.
Image Source: Twitter @enokay69

Who is Enokay69’s girlfriend?

Professional betting guru Enokay69 is not single. He is seriously in a relationship with his girlfriend.

On May 3 while on holiday in Dubai, he shared a video of his girlfriend also shopping with him. Although the face of his gf wasn’t shown, she is dark in complexion and has a thick physique.

It seems the duo have been dating for a long while. He captioned his post with “Baby wey believed in the dream from the Scratch na she go dey enjoy“.