Is ThatWasEpic Married With Kids? Details On YouTuber Juan Gonzalez’s Girlfriend Children

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Juan Gonzalez is a Mexican-American YouTuber who is the man behind the ThatWasEpic YouTube channel. He is in a relationship?

Juan started his YouTube channel on June 17, 2014, and uploaded his first video titled “Dropping 100$ In Public!“, which was uploaded two months later on August 30, 2014.

Over time, he has uploaded lots of prank/giveaway and social experiment videos, which made him amass almost 7.40 million subscribers and almost 1.2 billion views as of 2023.

Currently, he is known in the same niche as MrBeast, and BigDawsTv, just to mention a few names who do mostly giveaway videos on their channel. ThatWasEpic is primarily known for making videos based on pranking people and then helping them by offering them gifts, money, and other forms of giveaways. His most popular video which has over 53 million views, “Cutting People’s Headphones, Then Giving Them Airpods“, is an example of what he normally uploads on his channel.

Juan is well-known online especially on Google’s YouTube platform, however, a side of him regarding his relationship is a bit unclear. Like, a lot of people keep asking “Is ThatWasEpic married”, “Who is ThatWasEpic’s girlfriend”, “Does ThatWasEpic have kids”, etc. TheDistin is here to answer all these questions you’ve been asking and searching online for.


Is ThatWasEpic in a relationship?

Juan Carlos Gonzalez better known online as ThatWasEpic is a Mexican-American YouTuber, vlogger, and prankster, currently residing in Kansas, United States. He is primarily known for his videos revolving around giveaways, social experiments, and pranks.

Juan Gonzalez was born in Cancún, a city in southeast Mexico. He was raised in the Mexican state of Chihuahua for some time and then moved to Kansas, United States where he spent most of his life.

He is the only guy in a family of seven siblings, giving him six sisters. His sister Shania filmed a few of his earliest YouTube videos. His mother’s name is Nathalia Gonzalez. His father’s name is Juan Carlos Gonzalez Jr.

Well, it is evident that he comes from a caring family as all his family members support his YouTube career and have in a way assisted in making his YouTube empire a success.

So, who is ThatWasEpic Juan dating right now? At the moment, Juan Gonzale aka ThatWasEpic seems to be completely single – he mentioned it on a 2022 podcast. There is no clue whether he is married, engaged, or has a girlfriend as he has been tight-lipped about his love life.

On his Instagram and other social media accounts aside from his YouTube, he has not been seen with any woman whom the public could spark relationship rumors from that. The only women he shares on his Instagram are his sisters, mother, and friends. For example, on October 1, 2022, he shared a picture with two of his sisters and captioned it “Friends come & go but family is for life “.

About his past relationships, Juan has only dated one girl from his pranks videos whose name was Nora in 2018, he said in an interview.

ThatWasEpic’s ex-girlfriend is Arabic, and her family is from Jordan. In April 2020, Gonzalez took Nora to his hometown in Mexico. The YouTuber shared images from their trip on his IG but later deleted them after their break up.

There is one time I had an experience with a woman from my videos, but I learned very fast that this is inappropriate and unprofessional, and I never get out with one again.” I dont date the girls from my videos … I don’t date … I am not a w##re”, he continued.

There is no proof that he had his cute son from his relationship with Nora, however, one thing we know is the fact that he has been in a relationship before. Though the name and other details of his ex are not known, he and her welcomed a son together who has been featured in his videos lately.

ThatWasEpic Juan and his son Cameron Smith posing together for a picture.
ThatWasEpic Juan and his son Cameron Smith posing together for a picture.
Source: Instagram @thatwasepic

Does ThatWasEpic have a child?

Yes, ThatWasEpic is a father, hence has a child. He has a 7-year-old son whose name is Cameron Smith who has a nickname and is mostly called The Mullet Kid and has been featured in his videos a handful of times like in “7 Year Old Millionaire“, and “7 Year Old Hitting On Older Girls“.

The YouTuber’s son Cameron Smith has an Instagram page with over 3K followers. He also has his own YouTube channel which boasts over 20K subscribers.

His son will definitely take over his channel in the future to continue his dad’s legacy. Aside from the media, the young boy is a football enthusiast and loves to watch his favorite teams play.