FaZe Rug’s Net Worth In 2023 Is Impressive: Details On His Cars, House, and Why He’s So Rich

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What is FaZe Rug‘s net worth? FaZe Rug is one of the most successful YouTubers in the world and makes good money.

The members of the FaZe Clan have been providing gaming and esports content to fans for over a decade, and many now share lifestyle vlogs and prank videos on their respective YouTube channels

Brian “FaZe Rug” Awadis, who is a co-owner of the organization, originally made a name for himself as an expert Call of Duty player. His individual YouTube page now boasts more than 23 million subscribers.

Being consistent with his vlogging and gaming career, and getting his videos watched over a million each time, fans are curious to know how much FaZe Rug is worth and the amount he makes from his YouTube channel.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:FaZe Rug
Net Worth:$4 million
Salary:$431.1K  –  $6.9M
Profession:YouTube star
Full Real Name:Brian Awadis
Date of birth:November 19, 1996
Age:26 years old (as of 2023)
Birthplace:San Diego, California, United States
Siblings:Brandon Awadis
Education:San Diego Miramar College
Movies:Crimson, Entitled YouTubers
FaZe Rug is the co-founder of FaZe Clan.
FaZe Rug is the co-founder of FaZe Clan.
Image Source: Instagram @fazerug

What is FaZe Rug’s net worth?

FaZe Rug is one of the famous, highest-paid and richest content creators in the world. Celebrity Net Worth estimates his current net worth at $4 million. He is an American YouTuber, gamer, and social media personality.

FaZe Rug is so rich because he makes his money from different streams of income. His $4 million fortune comes from his impressive AdSense revenue from his multiple YouTube channels, brand endorsements as well as any sponsored posts he publishes on his vastly successful social media handles. Apart from that, Awadis also earns a decent amount from any tips and donations he may receive from his viewers while live streaming on Twitch.

Sponsors and endorsement deals: Most notably, FaZe Rug has been sponsored by Nissan, SCUF Gaming, and SteelSeries, and he probably receives quite a bit of money for promoting the brands and their products via his social media handles.

YouTube channel earnings by SocialBlade: Awadis earns anywhere between $1.2K  –  $19.2K in a day, $8.4K  –  $134.1K in a week, $35.9K  –  $574.8K per month, and anywhere between $431.1K  –  $6.9M per year from his FaZe Rug channel.

Net Worth Spot estimation: The YouTube channel FaZe Rug attracts more than 112.79 million views each month. Net Worth Spot estimates that the FaZe Rug channel is worth $12.18 million, and earns $451.17 thousand a month, reaching $6.77 million a year on a higher end. YouTube channels that are monetized earn revenue by displaying. YouTube channels may earn anywhere between $3 to $7 per one thousand video views.

Given FaZe Rug is a co-owner and the director of the clan, he makes a lot of money via the clan’s competitive rosters. Recently the FaZe CS:GO roster won the PGL Antwerp Major, the winnings from which would’ve been split between all concerned parties. Reports state FaZe made over $9 million via tournament winnings alone, so it’s safe to assume Awadis had quite a profitable year without factoring in his other sources of income.

FaZe Rug also has his own line of merchandise, which consists of shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants.

With over 23 million followers on YouTube and over 40 million across all social channels, Brian is ready for his next exciting business venture. Rug just launched his candy company called One Up Candy.

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Where is FaZe Rug’s house located? The 26-year-old has made quite some money for himself which he likes to spend on his lavish lifestyle. Dirt reports Awadis dropped over $4.4 million for 6,714 square-foot 7-bedroom house in Poway, California. The property was listed with Ross Clark of The Dickinson Clark Team at Compass, while Rug was repped by Gilbert Gorou of Keller Williams Realty. Rug made no secret of his move from Rancho Santa Fe back to his parent’s house and then, to his new home in Poway. Indeed, the moves were documented on his YouTube channel.

What cars does FaZe Rug have? Apart from buying his dream house, Awadis has quite the car collection in his garage with AutoBizz reporting that he has a Lamborghini Huracan Evo Custom ($ 270,000), a Lamborghini Urus ($ 300,000), a Mercedes AMG G-63 ($200,000), a Range Rover SV Autobiography ($220,000), and a Tesla Model X Performance ($99,000).

In 2022, FaZe Rug signed with Excel Sports Management following his film debut.

FaZe Rug has signed with Excel Sports Management, marking the first time a gaming creator has signed with the same team that has worked with names Taylor Swift, NFL QBs Marcus Mariota and Eli Manning, and more.

The biggest change in direction for Rug came in the form of Crimson, a 2020 Horror/Thriller that saw the gamer starring as himself in a fight against sinister forces that lived close to home. He also took part in the YouTube Originals series #1 Chicken, which saw eight creators compete in Fear Factor-style competition in hopes of avoiding being labeled the biggest ‘chicken’ of the group.

This other kind of in-front-of-the-camera work has clearly been something the young star is keen to explore, he explained as much in the press release that made the move official.

“I’ve spent the better part of my life navigating and leading the way in content creation and this is a natural next step in my career,” Awadis explained. “I’m so excited to continue to bring content to my fans who have been with me since day one.”

While it’s not clear just yet what the YouTuber’s next move will be, he’s clearly confident that this was the next step to getting to his goals.