What Is Chuck Todd’s Net Worth and How Much Does He Make? Details On The News Anchor

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News anchor Chuck Todd left his job as host of NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ which will definitely affect his bank account. How much is he worth right now?

It’s safe to say that is about to have a lot more free time than he used to. The 51-year-old journalist announced he’ll be leaving NBC’s Meet the Press after nearly a decade of being its host. “It’s been an amazing nearly decade-long run,” he said to viewers on Sunday, June 4. “I am really proud of what this team and I have built over the last decade.”

Thankfully he isn’t going far, as Chuck will stay on to fill the role of NBC’s chief political analyst. What will this move do to his bank account? Here’s what we know about his net worth.

Chuck Todd on Sirius XM show

Now that Chuck Todd is losing that ‘Meet the Press’ salary, what do we know about his net worth?

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Chuck Todd has a net worth of $12 million and was making $4 million a year while hosting Meet the Press. He also had a few side hustles outside of his job at NBC. He co-authored How Barack Obama Won: A State-by-State Guide to the Historic 2008 Presidential Election alongside Sheldon Gawiser. Five years later, Chuck flew solo with 2014’s The Stranger: Barack Obama in the White House.

CHUCK TODD Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Chuck Todd
Net Worth:$12 million
Salary:$4 million
Profession:Journalist, Editor, Actor
Full Real Name:Charles David Todd
Date of Birth:April 8, 1972
Birthplace:Miami Fla.
Parents:Stephen Randolph Todd (father); Lois Cheri (née Bernstein) (mother)
Marriages:Kristian Denny Todd (m. 2001)
Children:Margaret Todd and Harrison Todd
Education:George Washington University

Now that Chuck Todd is semi-retired, he might have more time for the French horn.

According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Chuck “graduated in 1990 from Miami Killian Senior High where he was a French horn player and drum major.” Music was his life. In an interview with TV Guide (via Adweek), Chuck revealed that “There was a moment when I was deciding where I was going to go to school, and I thought, ‘Am I going to do this music career thing or not?'” Obviously, he did not.

Chuck was pretty realistic about his talents. “If I went to one school and pursued a career in music, I’d probably have ended up as a high school band director somewhere. But I knew I wasn’t good enough to be in some symphony.” His father would later tell Chuck that he wasn’t going to get a sports scholarship but he could get somewhere with the French horn. It led him to a college scholarship.

In case you’re thinking to yourself, “Can the French horn be cool?” Chuck Todd says it can be and is. He was featured in the NBC digital series Beyond the Screen where he talked about the only decent rock song one can play with the French horn. “It’s ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ by the Rolling Stones,” shared Chuck. That is his go-to song for convincing folks how great an instrument it is. Hopefully, Chuck will have more time to nail it down.