Vanna White’s Husband and Children: Who Is The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Married To? Meet Her Partner and Kids

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Vanna White has two children and has been in a relationship with John Donaldson since 2012 after losing a fiance and divorcing her ex-husband. Let’s meet her kids and partner.

Since 1975, NBC’s ‘Wheels of Fortune‘ has entertained millions across the world. On the television game show, contestants compete against each other by solving word puzzles in order to win cash prizes, which are determined by a spinning wheel.

Two famous faces of the show are its hosts Pat Sajka and Vanna White. They’ve been hosting the game show for decades and have subsequently become household names.

On June 12, fans were overwhelmed by the news that Pat will leave his longtime role as host at the end of the 2023-2024 season. Pat Sajak, who has been one of the most familiar faces on American television for over four decades as the host of “Wheel of Fortune,” announced on Monday that he would retire next year. “The time has come,” Mr. Sajak, 76, said on Twitter. “I’ve decided that our 41st season, which begins in September, will be my last.”

This led avid fans of the show to raise questions about his partner, Vanna White, with some curious if she has a husband and children when she’s off-screen. Read on for more about the personal life of White.

Vanna White has two children and has been in a relationship with John Donaldson since 2012

Is Vanna White married?

‘Wheel of Fortune’ hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna have been mistaken by many as lovers but the truth is, they have had a decades-long friendship over the past 40 years. White recently told PEOPLE that “it is” hard to imagine a world where neither herself nor Sajak is hosting the series.

“I think when Merv Griffin chose both of us, 40 and 41 years ago, he saw something between us — a brother-sister type relationship,” she said. “And I think that is kind of what it is. He saw that we would be able to get along, and we do. We are like a brother and sister team.”

But, is Vanna White in a relationship? Tv personality Vanna has been dating her long-term boyfriend, John Donaldson, since at least 2013. There have even been multiple reports that she and the construction development company owner are engaged. She has yet to confirm the speculation, but she told Closer Weekly in 2018 that she “felt like [she was] married.”

How did Vanna White and John Donaldson meet? White was introduced to Donaldson over a decade ago when a friend brought him to one of her barbecues following her amicable split from her restaurateur ex-husband in 2002.

Who is John Donaldson? Born and raised in Santa Monica, John Donaldson had an entrepreneurial vision since he was young. He is now the CEO of construction company JDC Construction + Development Group, in California.

He is the president and building developer at the company, which was previously known as John R. Donaldson, Inc. until July 2014.

“JDC prides itself on its tradesman roots and the insight which years of hands on experience provides to property owners, architects and engineers in developing realistic plans for revitalization projects, as well as finding appropriate solutions to renovation challenges,” the company states on its website.

Vanna White has two children and has been in a relationship with John Donaldson since 2012

Vanna White shares her two children with her ex-husband, George Santo Pietro.

White and George Santo Pietro, a restaurateur, wed in 1990 and famously announced that she was pregnant with their first child via a puzzle on the game show in 1992.

However, a week later, she revealed that she had a miscarriage. “I so wanted to be pregnant and have a baby, so then when I finally got pregnant, I wanted to tell the world immediately,” she told PEOPLE in 2019, recalling the “devastating” news.

But White recalled “good news” too, sharing that she “was able to get pregnant again and had two beautiful, healthy children.” She and Santo Pietro welcomed a son named Nicholas “Nikko” Santo Pietro in 1994 and a daughter named Giovanna “Gigi” Santo Pietro in 1997.

Five years after giving birth to her daughter, Vanna, and George announced that they were getting a divorce. Their separation was an amicable split in 2002.

White never shies from showcasing her love for Donaldson on social media. She often posts sweet tributes on Instagram, uploading images paired with captions dedicated to her partner and two kids.

“Happy New Year from Our Family to Yours!” White wrote alongside one photo on Instagram, which showed Donaldson, Gigi, and Nikko in a group shot. She also regularly posts family Christmas photos of her and Donaldson with her children each year.

Vanna White has two children and has been in a relationship with John Donaldson since 2012

Before meeting John, Vanna was married once to George Santo Pietro but her personal life has been fraught with tragedy.

Before marrying the father of her kids, Vanna was engaged to actor and former Chippendale John Gibson best known for his appearance in the movie Young and the Restless. The two got engaged in the ’80s, but John was killed in a plane crash in 1986.

Over the years, White has been open about her past relationships, particularly the tragedies she’s faced and how fans, family, and faith have helped her cope.

“I heard from so many people who had shared the same experience of losing someone instantly in an accident, and that really helped me,” White told PEOPLE. “I didn’t feel like I was alone. Because when something like that happens, you immediately think you’re the only one.”

Who else did Vanna White date? She was later engaged to businessman Michael Kaye from 2004 to 2006, but the couple ultimately split.