Andrew Tate’s Children: Does The Controversial Influencer Have Kids? Meet His Daughters and Sons

Andrew Tate is one of the most famous controversial figures currently but does he have kids? Here’s what the influencer has said about being a father and a husband.

In terms of public image, Andrew Tate doesn’t have the best one. The former professional kickboxer turned influencer is known for stirring up trouble both IRL and online.

Back in 2016, he was removed from the U.K.’s version of Big Brother after a video spread of him where he appeared to be striking a woman with a belt in a bedroom.

A year later, Twitter permanently suspended him after he suggested that women “bare some responsibility” for being sexually assaulted. And as of late, he has been banned from Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for violating its policies regarding hate speech.

Constantly ringing the alarm, Andrew definitely is someone who doesn’t like to play by the rules. But that said, folks have been wondering: Does Andrew Tate have kids? Keep scrolling to find out.

In a 2023 interview, Andrew Tate revealed he is a father and has around 10 to 12 kids.

Adin Ross, a YouTuber, once asked Andrew Tate about kids. He asked him if he has kids, to which Andrew Tate replied, “Why wouldn’t I have kids?”

Tate in the interview confirmed that he has around 10–12 kids. Adin Ross was surprised to hear this from Andrew Tate.

Tate also in another interview said that he has more kids than in the Western world. He said that he wouldn’t give numbers, but he will have more kids than 99.9% of the Western population. He also had a few things to add about his children and their moms.

“They all adore me. They see me as their hero and the women who have my children see me as a hero. Everybody close to me respects me and. Nobody has ever said that what I am doing is detrimental to the boys or the girls” – Andrew Tate said.

When asked about does he have kids with the same women or different, he replied, not all different. Top G said he has no problems having kids with one woman, but if a woman is going to take nine months to grow a single baby, then they are messing about.

Even a source suggests misogynist, Andrew Tate is a father to a young daughter and has recently posted on Twitter about her mischievous behavior.

What has Andrew Tate said about having children and getting married?

Top G has stayed tight-lipped about his family, especially his partner and kids for years. In June 2021, he appeared on the Anything Goes with James English podcast in an episode titled “My life as a PIMP.” During this installment, Andrew was asked if he had any children, to which he teased, “Do I have kids? If I had kids, I wouldn’t say it on the podcast.”

That said, we do know that Andrew is not married. Back in 2022, he shared his strong perspective on marriage during an episode of the Full Send podcast. And the truth is, he has no desire to be a husband whatsoever.

“I’d never get married, no. I don’t see the tactical advantage to getting married,” he said (per Ginx Esports TV), adding, “If I decided to be loyal to a woman and be with her forever, that’s fine. If I decided to have children with a woman, that’s fine. If I decided to have a house with a woman and live with her, sure, possible; it’s not optimal.”

As he summed up, “The idea of getting married in and of itself is completely and utterly fruitless. I think it’s for the woman. The women enjoy it. But women enjoy lots of things when they don’t have to pay for it or organize anything,” he said.

Clearly, Andrew knows what he wants and it’s not a wife. While he’s been previously criticized for his views which some have regarded as misogynistic, he’s never said anything that suggested he was anti-children.

What happened with Andrew Tate’s ex-girlfriend?

In June 2016, Tate’s ex-girlfriend whose name has not been revealed yet spoke about the controversial video that saw him booted out of the Big Brother house.

He shared a clip on his Facebook of an unnamed woman who said she was the person shown in the footage.

Addressing the camera, she said: “Hi everyone. I just wanted to say something about the video that has been released recently of me and my ex-boyfriend, Andrew Tate.

“He is still a great friend and what you saw on the video is just something we used to do. It was pure game. He is a great guy and would never hurt anyone – unless he is [professionally] fighting.

“I just wanted to let you know that this has all been a huge misunderstanding.

She added: “I heard he got kicked out of the house because of it, which I find really unfair because it really was just pure game. That’s what we used to do.”

Some fans called for Tate to be invited back at the time, but Tate threw it into doubt, posting on the platform:  “The question is this. Do I even wanna go back and live with those f**king morons?”


Is Andrew Tate a father?

Despite his reputation as a misogynist, Andrew Tate in the interview confirmed that he has around 10–12 kids. He once revealed he’s a father to a young daughter and recently posted on Twitter about her mischievous behavior.

Does Andrew Tate have a daughter?

Before he went to prison, people only knew that he had one child, a daughter. His brother Tristan and her daughter have appeared once in a picture, and he has talked about her occasionally.

Who is the youngest Tate brother?

Tristan Tate is his younger brother. Tristan Tate has gained immense popularity with his unique kickboxing ability. He has been in the spotlight because of being the champion of kickboxing 2 times in the International Sport Karate Association.

Why do kids like Andrew Tate?

Many boys see him as an icon. His ideas, while toxic, are seductive in their simplicity. He provides answers to insecure teenagers by telling his audience that if a man works hard and disregards the women in his life, he can become successful.

Does Andrew Tate get on with his sister?

Andrew Tate has acknowledged that he and his sister do not get along well because of his perception that she is not very intelligent. Additional grounds for conflict between them included Janine’s adherence to feminist philosophy and her criticism of former US president Donald Trump.

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