Libianca Fonji’s Married Husband and Children: The Singer’s Boyfriend and Partner M3tro, and Kids Explored

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Cameroonian-American singer Libianca attended BET Awards 2023 with her husband M3tro. But, does she have any kids?

On Sunday, June 25, the 2023 BET Awards – the ceremony celebrating 50 years of hip-hop, was held and a lot of musicians were honored on the night.

Nigerian sensation Burna Boy made history by winning Best International Act for the fourth time in a row, no other Nigerian musician was able to join him on the winner’s podium.

“People” singer Libianca (real name: Kenzonkinboum Fonji) emerged as the winner for the category Viewer’s Choice: Best New International Act. She won it over Asake (Nigeria), Camidoh (Ghana), Flo (UK), Maureen (France), MC Ryan SP (Brazil), Pabi Cooper (South Africa), Raye (UK), and Werenoi (France).

After the show, Libianca took to her Instagram account to acknowledge one special person who helped her make achieve this height. Oh, and that person happens to be her husband! What a surprise.

Since then, many are curious to know who her husband is, when she got married, and whether she is a mother with kids. Read on for more about her personal life.

Libianca is best known for being a contestant on NBC's The Voice
Libianca is best known for being a contestant on NBC’s The Voice

Who is Libianca married to?

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States in 2001, 22 years old who does genres like Afrobeats, Contemporary R&B, R&B/Soul, Afropop is signed to West Side Creative Agency; 5K Records; RCA.

Cameroonian-American Afrobeats singer Libianca is best known for her breakout single “People”, which was inspired by her cyclothymia.

When Libianca isn’t singing, she’s also not sharing every minute detail of her life with the world. She does keep a few things to herself, and she is happy that she does that. She likes her privacy, and she’s not ready to give that up.

Until she won BET Award for the first time in 2023, Libianca gave a shoutout to her partner in an Instagram post which she has since disabled comments.

So, who is Libianca’s boyfriend? BET Award-winning singer Libianca is mixing work with pleasure as she is currently married to her manager, M3tro. The artist revealed her partner is her longtime boyfriend whom she works with.

When Libianca and M3tro started dating and even got married is unknown but the two have worked together for a couple of years now.

She made her relationship an Instagram official after she shared loved-up pictures with M3tro and made the world know they are not just business partners but are indeed lovers. In her message, she expressed her gratitude and dedicated her BET award to her supportive husband. She wrote:

I forgot the last part of my speech and I’ll never forget again because I still have to make it up but I want to take a moment to thank the one person who makes living on earth a breeze. I’m not gonna type a whole paragraph for people to be reading in our business but I have to give you your flowers like this and you know why. Engineer, stylist, manager, artist, producer, my husband, my person, my annoyance lol. Nothing is enjoyable without you and I wanna say j’suis desole and I appreciate you for loving me as I am and quite frankly dealing with my ass. I love you papi.

Screenshot of Libianca telling her fans about her husband.
Screenshot of Libianca telling her fans about her husband.
Image Source: Instagram

Who is M3tro? Singer Libianca’s confirmed husband is a musician and her manager. He is also a producer, sound engineer, and stylist.

M3tro currently has over 12,000 followers on Instagram and has been in loved-up videos and pictures with Libianca.

Does Libianca have any kids? The BET award-winning musician is not yet a mother and hence has no children.

Per her Instagram and other social media accounts, she hasn’t given any gist that she has a child, also, no media platforms have confirmed if she’s given birth to a baby girl or boy.

Although she is focused on her career, she surely would love to have a taste and experience of how motherhood would look like.

Libianca won BET Award in 2023
Libianca won BET Award in 2023

She’s a Writer full of emotions

When Libianca is not singing and she is not playing the guitar, she’s writing. She’s been writing her own music since she was a child. She was around 10 when she picked up a pen and paper and wrote her first song, and she has not stopped. When inspiration strikes, she is someone who will write it down and focus on what she can create from it.

She describes herself as what we refer to as the drama queen of the family. She calls herself the one who was overly emotional and overly sensitive growing up (we aren’t saying she’s a drama queen, but it is what we nickname our own little sensitive and emotional daughter when she’s being a little overly both). Her family loves her anyway, and she loves them for it.

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Libianca was a contestant on The Voice

In 2021, Libianca competed on the twenty-first season of NBC’s The Voice, where Blake Shelton was her coach. She made her way to the top 20 before being eliminated. Her covers of “Everything I Wanted” and “Woman” were later released as singles via West Side Creative Agency.

When she went in for her blind audition and she had a choice to make over whose team to be part of, she took a sign from God and used it to make her choice. She’d asked God for a sign. She wanted to make the right choice, and she was nervous. When she chose Blake Shelton over Ariana Grande, the entire panel was shocked. However, she said that God is the one who gave her the sign, and she trusts Him.

When she auditioned blindly, only Shelton and Grande turned around. Legend and Clarkson did not, even though they did enjoy her voice because they did not care for her song choice. It just goes to show that talent is only a small part of how you win this show.

More pictures of Libianca and her manager-partner

Libianca is dating her manager M3TRO
Libianca is dating her manager M3TRO
Image Source: Instagram
Libianca attended BET Awards 2023 with her husband, M3TRO
Libianca’s partner is also a musician and they’ve dated for a while
Image Source: Instagram
Libianca's partner is also a musician and they've dated for a while
Libianca’s partner is also a musician and they’ve dated for a while
Image Source: Instagram