Lawrence Truman’s Married Wife and Children: Meet His Partner Suzanne Trieb and Kids; John, Andrew & Peter

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Legendary movie producer and director Lawrence Truman was married to Suzanne Trieb and had three sons. Let’s meet his family.

On July 1, 2023, movie lovers were shocked by the news of the death of one of the world’s best film producers.

Oscar-nominated producer Lawrence Turman died Saturday at the Motion Picture and Television Country Home and Hospital at age 96.

Naturally in the wake of such a tragic moment, families and loved ones especially partners and kids are the few who will grieve the most. The late movie veteran was a family man, he was married and had kids. Read on for more about his personal life.

Who was Lawrence Truman married to?

American film producer and director, Lawrence Turman was also famously known as Larry. He was born on November 28, 1926, to Jewish parents.

Larry’s stellar career not only boasts as a producer of such seminal films as The Graduate (1967), The Great White Hope (1970), American History X (1998), and many more a producing career that lasted six decades but also significantly took a turn when he left his partnership with another producer David Foster to head the prestigious Peter Stark Producing Program at USC in 1991, an association that continued until his retirement just two years ago in 2021.

His son, John Turman confirmed the death to Deadline. “Our father Lawrence Turman passed away late yesterday.  It’s sad but he had a long and storied life and its the passing of an era.” He added the MPTF is planning a memorial service as well as USC at a later date.

He leaves behind a loving family as he was a father, a husband, and a grandfather.

Who is Lawrence Truman’s wife? Producer Lawrence Truman was married to Suzanne Trieb in 1959. His partner was an actress who transitioned into interior design.

There are no records of when they first met and started dating as he was extremely private about his personal life.

At the time of his death, Mr. Turman was reportedly married to Lauree Berger, who appeared in A Chorus Line on Broadway and had her Master’s Degree in Social Work at USC and is a therapist. 

Truman was said to have also married another woman and had a last meaningful companionship that comforted him. From these affairs, he became a father of three children before his death in July 2023.

Who are Lawrence Truman’s children?

From his over decades of marriage to Suzanne Trieb and having had two other wives in addition as well as being in other relationships, Lawrence Truman fathered three kids (all sons) and was a stepdad to two other kids (a son and a daughter). The names of his biological children are John Truman, Andrew Truman, and Peter Truman. His stepchildren are Josh Cherin and Anya, per Writerssupercenter.

His son John is a writer; Andrew is a cinematographer, Peter is a real estate developer, Josh is a manufacturer; and Anya is a costume designer.

His kids are all old and also have children of their own. He has four grandchildren, Audrey Suzanne, Carter Isaac, Georgia Simone, and Olivia Veranique, and two nieces, Katherine and Suzanna.

Lawrence Turman’s daughters-in-law are Analuisa Bustanmante, Nancy Hyland, and Sheri Bernstein.

He is survived as well by the many students and mentees who passed through USC and the program he was so proud of. In lieu of flowers, the family requests to please consider a donation to: The Larry Turman Endowed Fund for the Peter Stark Program – USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Lawrence Truman had an impressive career before his death.

Turman was nominated for an Academy Award for The Graduate (1967). He also produced such films as Pretty Poison (1968), The Great White Hope (1970), The Thing (1982), Mass Appeal (1984), Short Circuit (1986), The River Wild (1994), and American History X (1998).

He also directed two films: The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker (1971) and Second Thoughts (1983).

He was a co-partner on The Turman/Foster Company with David Foster, which was established in 1972, to make theatrical films, which was increasingly prominent in television production, in order to eye on television movies, and planned work on series, and eyeing television sales, and the company ran under contract to Warner Bros., developing their failed television pilots, like Mass Appeal.

Turman was a member of the Producers Guild Hall of Fame and was on the board of the Producers Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He served as the director of The Peter Stark Producing Program at the University of Southern California.

Turman published the book So You Want to be a Producer with Three Rivers Press in 2005.

In 2014, he appeared as a guest critic on the fourth season of the web series On Cinema. In 2015, he appeared as himself in ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary Trojan War.