Tatum O’Neal Married Husband and Children: Meet Her Partner John McEnroe and Kids; Emily, Kevin, Sean

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Tatum O’Neal was married to former tennis player John McEnroe for 8 years and share 3 kids together. Let’s meet her current partner and children.

Tatum O’Neal was a hugely successful child actor but went through trying times.

Even though it has been 50 years since the film Paper Moon released, Tatum O’Neal still holds the record for the youngest actor to ever win an Academy Award

But over the last three years, the 59-year-old actress, who was diagnosed with aphasia, an injury to her brain that affects spoken and written language, has been rehabilitating, working with a speech therapist to regain her vocabulary and ability to read. She’s also fighting for her sobriety. 

In a recent interview with People, Tatum revealed that she suffered a severe stroke in 2020 that almost killed her after she ended up in a six-week coma. Naturally, this has only increased the urgency among her fans to better about her family: like, if she is married and how her children are doing now. Keep reading for all the details.

Tatum O'Neal
Tatum O’Neal
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Who has Tatum O’Neal dated over the years?

Before the actress found a husband, she was in several relationships.

One of O’Neal’s first public boyfriends was celebrity Michael Jackson, whom she dated in the late 1970s. Jackson described O’Neal as his first love, and in a 2002 interview with Martin Bashir said that O’Neal tried to seduce him, but he was terrified by the idea of sex. O’Neal adamantly denied all of Jackson’s claims in her 2004 autobiography.

She was in relationships with Anthony Shriver (1982 – 1983), Rex Smith (1981), Leif Garrett (1980 – 1983), Rosie O’Donnell (2015), and Steve Hutensky (1999 – 2001), per WhosDatedWho.

Tatum O'Neal and her ex-husband John McEnroe.
Tatum O’Neal and her ex-husband John McEnroe.
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Who is Tatum O’Neal married to?

The American actress and author is currently unmarried. She seemingly isn’t in any relationships, and hence has no boyfriend at the moment. However, she was married to she was previously married to tennis legend John McEnroe for eight years.

O’Neal’s relationship with tennis player John McEnroe began in 1984 when she moved into his Central Park West apartment in New York City. They married in 1986. They separated in 1992 and were divorced in 1994. Following the divorce, O’Neal’s drug problems reemerged and she developed an addiction to heroin. As a result, McEnroe obtained custody of the children in 1998.

In 2011, Tatum and her father began to restore their relationship after 25 years. Their reunion and reconciliation process was captured in the short-lived Oprah Winfrey Network series Ryan and Tatum: The O’Neals. In 2015, she said she had begun dating women, while choosing not to identify herself as homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual, saying, “I’m not one or the other.”

Tatum O'Neal with her kids: Kevin, Emily, Sean, circa 1993-94. 
Tatum O’Neal with her kids: Kevin, Emily, Sean, circa 1993-94. 

Who are Tatum O’Neal’s children?

In the eight years of marriage to John McEnroe, Tatum O’Neal welcomed three children – two sons and a daughter with him. The names of their kids are Kevin McEnroe, 37, Sean McEnroe, 35, and Emily McEnroe, 32. 

John McEnroe’s children with Tatum haven’t followed in their father’s footsteps. Not one of them plays tennis professionally, or even any other sport for that matter. All three of them have decided to pursue other vocations.

They have two half-sisters from their father’s side: Anna McEnroe, and Ava McEnroe.

Anna McEnroe 27, was born to John McEnroe and his second wife Patty Smyth, a rock celebrity. She was born on December 27, 1995, after his divorce from his first wife. is the oldest little girl of John McEnroe and Patty Smyth. She has a law degree and obtained her Fordham University diploma and graduated.

 Ava McEnroe is also their half-sister born to their father and his second wife on March 28, 1999. She is a legal assistant at Grubman Shire.

Let’s learn more about Tatum O’Neal’s kids and what they said about their mom’s recovery.

Kevin McEnroe, 37.

Kevin McEnroe with his mother.
Kevin McEnroe with his mother.
Image Source: People

Kevin McEnroe was born in Los Angeles to actress Tatum O’Neal and athlete John McEnroe on May 23, 1986. He was raised in New York and graduated from Columbia University with an MFA. He currently lives in Brooklyn.

McEnroe’s eldest son, Kevin, is a reputed author. He released his debut novel “Our Town” in 2015 to positive reviews. However, he also had a brief run-in with the law in the lead-up to its publication. He was charged with criminal possession of prescription pills. The charges were dropped after he completed a drug recovery program.

Tatum O’Neal’s son Kevin McEnroe is deeply proud of his mother.

“I can’t believe I get to see that person,” he says of how she’s changed in the last three years since her near fatal drug overdose and stroke. “The person I always knew was in there.”

Sean McEnroe, 35.

Sean O'Neal with his wife Niamh.
Sean O’Neal with his wife Niamh.
Image Source: Instagram

Tatum’s second child is son Sean McEnroe who was born to the actress and her ex-husband, John, on September 23, 1987. Sean lives in Sedona, Arizona, where he works as an artist.

Reacting to his mother’s recovery, Sean says, “It is a testament to my mom’s unconquerable nature, you’d never think something this tragic could turn out so well. It was a double miracle. Not only did she survive and do better than the doctors thought possible, [but] it’s also taken away the darkness.”

“She’s filled with life and spirit,” he adds. “Our family is the healthiest it’s ever been.”

The artist son of actress Tatum O’Neal and tennis icon John McEnroe married his wife Niamh on September 29 in Sedona, Arizona. The wedding comes after Niamh moved into Sean’s L.A. home in early 2019.

In a statement to People, McEnroe, 34, explains why they kept the nuptials private for several months.

“We decided to keep it private until now. We went through a lot of challenges and difficulties this past year,” McEnroe says. “Niamh was pregnant in the fall but lost the baby at the end of her first trimester. It was devastating but in the end, it’s made us closer and stronger. And our bond is better than it’s ever been.”

McEnroe revealed the news on Instagram with a loving post about Niamh and their relationship.

“I can’t think of a better way to start 2021 than to share with all of you that Niamh and I are officially Mr. and Mrs. McEnroe,” he wrote.

The couple went on to have a daughter making her mon, Tatum, a grandmother.

Emily McEnroe, 32.

Tatum O'Neal with her daughter, Emily.
Tatum O’Neal with her daughter, Emily.
Image Source: Getty Images

Emily McEnroe, born in Los Angeles and raised in New York City, is an actor, voice actor, and singer who made her acting debut in the feature film Futra Days, while also making an appearance in a documentary about her father, starring opposite Rosanna Arquette and Tania Raymonde.

“It’s a story of redemption and survival,”  says Emily. “I hope this can help someone else, someone who’s struggled or someone who has shame or doesn’t know how to move forward.”

“That she has survived against all the odds, ” says Emily, “That’s what I want to convey: how far she’s come, how far we’ve come. And I think that is healing.”