Mikala Jones’ Married Wife and Children: Meet The Surfer’s Partner Emma Brereton and Kids; Isabella, Violet

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Pro surfer Mikala Jones was married to Emma Brereton and the couple had two children. Let’s meet his family, wife, and daughters.

Hawaiian professional surfer Mikala Jones died on Sunday (July 9, 2023) following a fatal surfing accident in Indonesia’s Mentawai Islands. He was 44.

This devastating news got the surfing world in a mourning state for losing one of its prominent figures.

For real: his wife and children are the ones going to grieve the most following his passing and this got many asking about his family. So, read on for more about his spouse and kids.

Emma Brereton, Mikala Jones, and their two daughters pose for a selfie.
Emma Brereton, Mikala Jones, and their two daughters pose for a selfie.

Meet late surfer Mikala Jones’ wife and two kids.

Born in Hawaii, Mikala Jones rose to popularity in the early 2000s. Two decades later, the world received news that he had been in a fatal surfing accident.

According to reports, Mikala died after he severed a femoral artery in his groin while surfing in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia. At the time of his death, the surfer was only 44 years old. Along with his siblings, pro surfers Malia, Keoni, and Daniel Jones, he’s survived by a wife and two kids.

Mikala and his wife, Emma, welcomed two kids during their marriage, though, the details of their relationship are unclear.

Not much is known about Emma as she doesn’t have much of a digital footprint aside from her Facebook, where she hasn’t posted since 2021. Her daughter, Isabella, on the other hand, is pretty active online. Following Mikala’s death, she wrote an impassioned tribute to her father on Instagram.

Alongside a photo of a young Isabella and her dad, she wrote: “I’m in so much disbelief right now, this doesn’t feel real. I love you so much Dad and I wish I could give you one last hug.”

“I wish you were still here with us, you weren’t supposed to leave yet. This is too soon,” her caption continued. “I wish this never happened and we could just wake up and go surf together tomorrow morning.”

Later in the post, she revealed that her father had been in a “bad surfing accident and didn’t make it.”

Isabella shared that although his loss was devastating, she was happy to know that Mikala died “doing what he loved the most.”

“Thank you for teaching me so many life lessons, and always being there for me. I wish you were still here with us right now. I will always be [thinking] about you Dad. I love you so much, thank you for everything. Fly high. [You’re] a f–king legend,” she ended her post.

Mikala Jones and his daughter Isabella
Mikala Jones and his daughter Isabella

Mikala also has another daughter named Violet. Jones and his family split their time between their homes in Bali, Indonesia, and Hawaii.

It’s understandable that the family might want their privacy.