Sexyy Red’s Boyfriend and Children: Meet The Rapper’s Baby Daddy Chuckie Amid Drake’s Relationship

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St. Louis rapper, Sexyy Red’s High School sweetheart, and baby daddy who is currently incarcerated, recently called her during an interview session. Details about her love life and son explored.

Sexyy Red (real name: Janae Anand Nierah Wherry) is an American rapper.

She garnered mainstream attention after releasing “Pound Town” (with producer Tay Keith) in January 2023.

Earlier this year in June, Sexyy Red released her debut album, Hood Hottest Princess.

The album featured a remix to her hit song “Pound Town” featuring Nicki Minaj which has stuck around on the back end of the Hot 100 since being released.

She has often made headlines for her love life and dating history. In July 2023, Wherry confirmed in a tweet that she and Drake began dating. In September, she shared an image of her new man and in October she accidentally leaked her own bedroom video.

For details about who she is really dating and more about her son and baby daddy, you just have to keep on reading to the end of this article.

Sexxy Red sparked dating rumors with Drake in July 2023
Sexxy Red sparked dating rumors with Drake in July 2023. Credit: Instagram/sexyyred

Are Drake and Sexyy Red dating?

Drake is just one of the many celebrities Sexxy Red has been spotted with since stepping into the spotlight, but their flirty social media interactions have some wondering if they’re more than friends.

On July 18, 2023, Sexyy Red attended Drake’s It’s All a Blur tour stop in Brooklyn, New York, and she posted a cozy picture of the two to mark the occasion.

The picture appears to have been taken backstage and shows the Degrassi alum kissing her on the cheek.

“I’m yo favorite rapper,” she captioned the pic, which Drake later reposted on his story.

In Drake’s snap, he wrote, “just met my rightful wife,” and fans quickly assumed that they were dating.

While fans might be convinced they’re together, a relationship status has not been confirmed as of this writing.

So, who is Sexxy Red’s boyfriend now?

While Sexxy Red and Drake’s dating rumor has died off on the internet, she is either keeping her private life behind closed doors, dating her baby daddy, or is simply a single woman.

However, the female emcee has shared several clues that she might be in a relationship, although not serious, with her new man. For example, in September 2023, Sexyy took to her Instagram Stories to post a photo of her new man. Per Hot New Hip Hop, the photo showed the two lying in bed and the man wearing an ankle monitor. However, his face was hidden.

“I like f–king wit drillaz… dread head killaz,” she captioned the post alongside a heart emoji, the outlet shared.

The post led folks to believe that the mystery man could be rap legend Boosie Badazz, who immediately set the record straight about the rumors and threatened to block people over it.

In October 2023, she accidentally posted her leaked sex tape on her Instagram stories which caused mayhem on social media. Many believed the man in the viral video was her new boyfriend but she never addressed it.

Also in a recent interview, Sexyy Red declared that she doesn’t use condoms and labeled herself the “raw dog queen.” Unsurprisingly, that generated some questionable attention to her. Many quickly connected it to an extremely weird bar about STDs that she once posted on her Instagram story.

While it is difficult to pinpoint whether Red’s dating a particular man or still with her baby daddy, she has been linked to multiple celebs since blowing up in the rap game.

For starters, social media users initially believed that Sexyy and fellow rapper NLE Choppa were a thing. The pair, who dropped their “Slut Me Out” music video in April 2023, shared a kiss in the project that got social media users going.

A video of the pair hanging out was shared, via Instagram gossip page KollegeKidd, of Sexyy calling the rapper her “boo.” However, the pair never confirmed or denied the rumors of a coupledom.

Sexxy Red's Boyfriend and Children: Who Is The Baby Daddy Of The Rapper Amid Relationship With Drake?
Sexyy Red flaunting dollars.
Image Source: Instagram @sexyyred

Does Sexyy Red have a child?

The 25-year-old St. Louis rapper is a mother of one. She has a son who she calls Chuckie, or “Sexyy Junior”.

Fans of the rapper got the hint that she is a mom from her lyrics in “Pound Town” which says, “I’m out here in Miami, looking’ for the hoochie daddies…Where the [n-word] that get ratchet, My son need a new papi.”

Her child, Chuckie, was born in 2020. She has kept him out of her fame as she only talked about him in a few of her interviews but rarely shared images of him.

She is reminded that he is not here to enjoy Red’s newfound fame.

In October 2023, Sexyy Red announced she was expecting her second child. She took to her social media pages and asked her fans to guess the gender of her baby.

At the moment, there is no information on the father of her second baby but since her first baby daddy is still in jail, it is right to say she is pregnant with another man.

Sexyy Red with Chuckie, her baby daddy.
Image Source: Instagram @sexyyred

Who is Sexxy Red’s baby daddy?

The name of Sexyy Red’s baby daddy is Chuckie. Aside from his name, nothing else is known about him.

Her child’s father is currently in jail.

Red and Chuckie met in high school and started dating and a child came between them.

In fact, all of her fans and admirers need to thank him because if not that he cheated on her and she used the pain to unearth her rapping talent, she wouldn’t be where she is right now.

On Father’s Day, she celebrated her baby daddy. She took to her Instagram page and shared a grided image showing her baby bump. Along with her was her baby daddy. However, she covered his face with a heart emoji and captioned her post with “HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MY BFF ? Free my baby daddy yal b hatin on him ???? #FreeMyDirty #FreeMyDawg ? #ItsJustProps”

Red declines to tell Rolling Stone why he is in jail, but it affects her intensely. “It’s a lot for me,” Red says. “That’s my high school sweetheart. Free him. That’s my dog. I hate being on this journey without him. I have my momma, but I don’t have him.”

In August 2023, Sexyy Red received a surprise call from the father of her son while she was in the middle of an interview.

When she picks up the phone their conversation goes to some pretty NSFW places, but the pair are surprisingly cute. At first, she tells him they also want to interview him, which he responds to with charming confusion. They ask him questions like how he’s doing and what he ate today, but the real meat of the interview came on their next question. They ask him what he WANTS to eat, but Red chimes in and answers for him saying “he wanna eat me baby.”

Fans in the comments thought that the video was hilarious.

“Put them on Love During Lockup!” reads one of the top comments on the post.

“She’s ghetto down and I love it” another commenter agreed.

Elsewhere in the comments, fans stood up for Sexyy Red in the face of against hate she gets online. “Gotta love Sexyy ?. Idc what the haters say she’s lit,” one of the top comments says.

“Ahhhhh leave the girl alone. People have careers to sustain. Her fan base loves her for this reason and her kids are well taken care of and getting rich. Let them live,” another one agrees.

Image Source: Instagram @sexyyred

She began rapping because of her baby daddy.

In a 2023 interview with Complex, Sexxy Red revealed that she started rapping because her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her.

“The reason I started rapping is because my boyfriend was cheating on me with a lame a** b****, so I made a song about it,” she told the outlet.

“And I made a diss song about him and the girl and her friends. You know, because the friends be in on it too, so I was talking all this stuff about them. And then I showed my boyfriend the song and he was like, ‘Dang, you straight know how to rap. You straight snap.’ And I’m sitting here talking stuff about him, but he was liking it.”

To everyone’s surprise, the rap was strong and it got everyone imagining Red as the next hot rapper from St. Louis. “There wasn’t any girls rapping like that,” Red claims. “So everyone was like, ‘You should just rap.’ Once they heard I could freestyle, everyone told me I should make a real song.”

Per Rolling Stone, at first, Red didn’t even know what studio to go to. But it didn’t matter: All of her friends in St. Louis were listening to her freestyle via clips on Instagram — a moment of distinct truth for Red. After that, she started making real songs.