Lucie Blackman Story Wiki: Her Parents Tim, Jane Steare; Siblings Sophie, Robert, and Friend Louise Phillips

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Who is Lucie Blackman and what happened to her? Netflix’s true-crime documentary ‘Missing: The Lucie Blackman Case’ tells the harrowing story of a British traveler who went missing in Tokyo.

Born to a good family, Lucie Blackman was a British Airways flight attendant originally from Sevenoaks, Kent, England, who was visiting Tokyo on a tourist visa with her female friend.

From what was supposed to be a good adventure, the journey ended up in a terror murder of the lady as she was named as one of ‘PlayBoy Millionaire”, Joji Obara‘s victims.

A new Netflix documentary titled Missing: The Lucie Blackman Case, delves deep into the disappearance of a young British woman in Japan.

The investigation uncovered one of the most shocking criminal cases in Japanese history. Read on for more about Lucie Blackman; meet her mother, father, murderer, and what actually happened to her.

Lucie's father Tim Blackman features in the new Netflix documentary
Lucie’s father Tim Blackman features in the new Netflix documentary. Credit: Netflix

Who was Lucie Blackman?

Lucie Blackman was a 21-year-old British woman who went missing in 2000.

She previously worked as a flight attendant for British Airways before deciding to work at the Casablanca nightclub in Tokyo, Japan.

While working at the club, she would go on paid dates with customers and accompany them to dinner and then to the club.

But one particular date on July 1 turned out to be the last time that Lucie would ever be seen alive.

The shocking disappearance is the subject of the new Netflix documentary Missing: The Lucie Blackman Case.

Lucie Blackman
Lucie Blackman

What happened to Lucie Blackman?

On July 1, 2000, Lucie went on a date with a customer and made several calls to a friend, Louise Phillips, who had travelled to Japan with her.

After their date, Phillips received a call from a man who told her that she had joined a cult and that Louise would never see or hear from her again.

Phillips contacted Lucie’s family who flew out to Tokyo in hopes of finding her.

Desperate to find their daughter, Lucie’s family began a media campaign to raise awareness about her disappearance.

The then-prime minister, Tony Blair, also promised to raise the issue with his Japanese counterpart at a G8 summit.

One month after her disappearance, Korean-Japanese property developer, Joji Obara, became a suspect.

While he admitted to meeting Lucie, he denied being involved in her disappearance.

Then on February 9, 2001, seven months after her disappearance, Lucie’s body was found buried in a cave near a beach 30 miles south of Tokyo.

Her body had been cut into 10 pieces and was badly decomposed, which meant the cause of death at the time could not be determined.

Obara has also been found guilty of nine other rape charges and the manslaughter of Australian model Carita Ridgway.

Police believe he may have raped between 150 and 400 women in Japan, due to videotape recordings of his crimes and his diaries.

In April 2001, Obara was arrested over Lucie’s death. (Read more about Joji Obara and where he is today here)

1Tim Blackman, pictured right with his daughter Sophie, is the father of Lucie Blackman who was killed in JapanCredit: TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA/AFP/Getty Images
1Tim Blackman, pictured right with his daughter Sophie, is the father of Lucie Blackman who was killed in JapanCredit: TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA/AFP/Getty Images

Who is Tim Blackman?

Tim Blackman is the father of Lucie Blackman.

He flew out to Japan a week after Lucie vanished to search for his daughter.

He worked to keep her name and disappearance in the news, mounting pressure on the Japanese authorities to find her.

Tim held press conferences and plastered Lucie’s picture all over Tokyo, where she had been living and working when she went missing.

In the true-crime show, Tim reveals how he fought to bring the evil Obara to justice.

The Blackman family pushed for an appeal in 2008 after, in 2007, Obara was found not guilty of any crimes related to Lucie and her death.

Lucie Blackman's mother Jane Steare
Lucie Blackman’s mother Jane Steare

Who is Jane Steare?

Jane Steare is the mother of Lucie Blackman and ex-wife of Tim Blackman.

She spoke out against her former husband in 2007 after he accepted a payment of more than £450,000 of condolence money from associates of Obara.

Tim revealed plans to put the money into a trust in Lucie’s name but Jane told the MailOnline that she was never consulted about setting up the trust.

She also spoke out against Tim’s decision to sign a document confirming his acceptance of the money, around 100 million yen, “representing the family of Lucie”.

Jane is now married to Roger Steare, who she wed in 2003.

Who are Lucie Blackman’s siblings Sophie and Rupert?

Sophie is Lucie’s younger sister and Rupert is her brother.

In 2006, Sophie’s father Tim revealed that Sophie had attempted suicide as she struggled to deal with her grief over Lucie’s death.

He said his youngest daughter had been “left severely traumatised and was receiving in-patient care at a psychiatric unit,” according to The Guardian.

Tim added that his son Rupert had also been left “tortured and damaged” by the death of his sister.

“I not only have to contend with the death of Lucie, but the terrible and tragic damage to both my other children as a constant reminder of this terrible crime,” he said.

Who is Lucie Blackman’s friend Louise Phillips?

Louise Phillips was a childhood friend of Lucie’s.

The pair moved to Japan together for a year of travelling.

They worked together at the same club in Tokyo and shared an apartment.

Louise was questioned as part of the search for Lucie after she vanished.

Phillips said at the time: “It has been the worst time of my life. The police are not treating me as a suspect, but I seem to be all they have to go on.”

As the search for Lucie continued, Louise received a phone call received a telephone call from a man.

The man, who identified himself as Akira Takagi, told Louise that Lucie had joined a cult and would never be seen again.

It is thought that the call was a hoax.