Who Is Arturo Coronado and What Did He Do? Meet Taylor Schabusiness’ Father Who Is Also In Jail

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Arturo Coronado, the father of Taylor Schabusiness, who decapitated and dismembered victim Shad Thyrion, committed child sex crime and is currently in prison.

Taylor Schabusiness is the prime suspect in the death of her lover, Shad Thyrion.

The 26-year-old woman strangled Thyrion, decapitated him, and severed his penis in February last year.

Brown County jurors took just 30 minutes to convict her after video footage was played in court of her admitting to the murder following her arrest.

In the courtroom was her father, Coronado, who testified in her defense. Per reports, his dad is already in jail over crimes he committed back in 2018. But, who is Arturo Coronado? Read on for more about Taylor Schabusiness’s dad.

Her father Arturo Coronado, 52, remains behind bars for sexually assaulting a child
Her father Arturo Coronado, 52, remains behind bars for sexually assaulting a child. Credit: Main Brown County Jail

Who is Arturo Coronado?

Arturo Coronado “Michelle Halloran” is the father of accused murderer Taylor Schabusiness. He is 52 years old man and is currently serving jail terms.

Arturo was married to Schabusiness’s mother whose name was Marla (Flugge) Coronado.

Together, Arturo and Marla had two children; their daughter Taylor and son Arturo “AJ” Coronado.

Arturo Coronado took the stand in the second phase of her trial on Thursday as the jury deliberated whether Schabusiness was or “was not responsible” for the crimes “by reason of mental disease or defect.”

A jury of eight women and four men quickly rejected the plea Thursday evening after deliberating for under an hour – meaning Schabusiness will go to prison for Thyrion’s murder rather than a mental health institution.

Arturo Coronado is arrested, what did he do?

The U.S. Sun reports that Taylor Schabusiness’ dad Aturo is currently behind bars for committing a sex crime. He had moved from jail to his daughter trial to testify in her defense.

The offense date is listed as April 29, 2018, and the case was filed in court shortly afterward.

He was found guilty of second degree sexual assault of a child following a no-contest plea and sentenced to 12 years behind bars and 18 years of supervision.

“Defendant is not eligible for challenge incarceration and substance abuse programs,” the filing adds.

He has been ordered to avoid contact with the female victim, her family, and anyone under the age of 18 without prior agent approval and has to be accompanied by an approved adult sober chaperone if he is granted permission.

Records also state: “The defendant shall not be present in a location frequented by minor children without agent approval and accompanied by an adult sober chaperone approved by agent.

“The defendant shall not possess nor view any material that depicts any intimate parts of a child or adolescent.

Arturo Coronado spoke of his daughter's mental health problems in the second phase of her ongoing trialCredit: Law & Crime
Arturo Coronado spoke of his daughter’s mental health problems in the second phase of her ongoing trialCredit: Law & Crime

When was Aturo Coronado jailed?

“The defendant shall not establish, pursue, nor maintain any dating romantic, or sexual relationships without agent approval.

“The defendant shall comply with the Sex Offender Registry. The defendant shall not possess/consume any alcohol.

“The defendant shall not be present in any establishment whose primary purpose is the sale or consumption of alcohol, except for employment at agent discretion.”

The filing also adds: “No contact with A.K.P. indirect or directly unless victim wishes for therapeutic and agent to approve.”

A separate filing from Brown County shows Coronado, 52, was also sentenced to 30 days in jail and put on 12 months of probation for Disorderly Conduct [Domestic Abuse] in 2017.

He was found guilty due to a no-contest plea and notes state “huber and good time,” meaning he was likely released early, along with being ordered to stay sober and keep away from the victim.

Taylor Schabusiness is pictured returning to a Brown County courtroom after attacking her attorney, Quinn Jolly, during a hearing
Taylor Schabusiness is pictured returning to a Brown County courtroom after attacking her attorney, Quinn Jolly, during a hearingCredit: AP

What did Arturo Coronado say about his daughter’s murder?

During Coronado’s testimony in Schabusiness’s trial, he claimed the death of her mother and brother had taken a toll on her mental health and that she had spent time in a psychiatric center because she “wasn’t in the right state of mind.” 

He claimed that Schabusiness was put on medication but he “always” worried about her physical and mental health, and when her husband was released from jail, she was allegedly taking meth and heroin.

“The kid was already doing that s**t before and just a f***ing loser and he got my daughter involved in that s**t,” Coronado said.

When he came down from the podium, he told his daughter that he loved her and added: “Go Bears!” which she repeated back to him.

What is known about Taylor Schabusiness’s family?

The accused murderer’s brother and mother are reportedly dead, according to Heavy.

In 2022, Taylor Schabusiness’ brother Arturo “AJ” Coronado was killed in a motorcycle accident. His obituary gives details of the family.

It says, “AJ is survived by his father Arturo (Michelle Halloran), his sister Taylor and nephew Mateo Coronado, grandparents, Juan and Esther Coronado and Randall Flugge and the late Patty Flugge-Williams.” His mother Marla (Flugge) Coronado preceded him in death, according to the obituary, which says he worked for an automotive company.

In 2009, Marla Flugge Coronado died suddenly at her residence at the age of 41, according to her obituary.

Her mother died from cirrhosis and alcoholism, according to Schabusiness’s attorney’s bail motion. She was raised by her parents until age 11 and moved to Cotulla, Texas, where she lived with her paternal grandparents. She has been receiving mental health treatment since she was in seventh grade, the motion says.

In 2022, in her top post on Facebook, Schabusiness wrote, “Went off and told an addict ‘I’ll never stop buying you dope, so I could sit back watch you die.’”