Is Tommyinnit Dead or Alive? The Minecraft Star’s Death Hoax Trends

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What happened to Tommyinnit? The English Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer’s death hoax trends for the third time since he gained fame.

TommyInnit (real name: Thomas Simons) is one of the famous internet stars best known for being a YouTuber and Twitch streamer.

He produces Minecraft-related videos and live streams, including collaborations with fellow YouTubers and streamers in the Dream SMP, which caused his YouTube and Twitch channels to increase in popularity.

Sadly, there has been a trend about his death on social media. The hashtag “Tommyinnit dead” has caused massive fear among fans of the streamer and the entire streaming community. This is not the first or second time, but the third. Is he dead or alive? Read on for more.

Tommyinnit born as Thomas Simons is a regular victim of  celebrity death hoaxes
Tommyinnit born Thomas Simons is a regular victim of celebrity death hoaxes. Credit: Instagram/tommyinnit

Why is ‘Tommyinnit dead’ trending?

Streamer Tommyinnit is trending on social media due to false reports of his death, marking the third time his passing has been mistakenly reported. 

He was a victim of the so-called celebrity death hoax, in which people start rumors about famous persons being dead even though it is incorrect.

FYI, Thomas Simons aka Tommyinnit is not dead, however, there are false rumors on social media.

Sadly, this is not the first time that false rumors about his passing were spread online.

In 2020, a rumor circulated that he was involved in a deathly car accident.

Thomas debunked that rumor by posting a tweet and a video on Twitter proving he was well.

However, a year later, another rumour spread about him being dead.

It was claimed that he had cancer and died of it.

His friends and family shut the rumor down.