Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor Net Worth, Height and Age Difference: Who Is Richer, Older and Taller?

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Diana Taurasi and her wife Penny Taylor have been married since 2017 and still going strong together. But, who is the richest, oldest and tallest between the couple?

Diana and Taurasi are one of the few women basketball couples.

They met on their first day of training camp after being drafted to the Phoenix Mercury simultaneously.

During their time together in the league, Diana and Penny competed against one another in the 2004 and 2008 Olympic games.

While on the same team, Diana and Penny were involved in other relationships. Penny was previously married to Brazilian volleyball player Rodrigo Rodrigues Gil from 2005 until 2008. However, after Penny retired from the WNBA in 2016, she and Diana began dating after years of being by each other’s side as teammates.

In May 2017, Penny and Diana tied the knot in Phoenix, Ariz. The ceremony included Diana wearing a white suit while Penny wore a strapless white gown. While reflecting on their wedding day, Diana told People that her and Penny’s special day was everything she could’ve wanted.

“It was the most amazing and beautiful day of our lives,” she shared with the outlet in 2017. “To be able to share our love with family and close friends meant the world to us.”

The couple have been together since 2017 and still going strong and have even expanded their family. They have two children; a son and a daughter.

But, there are some few question fans of the couple are looking for answers. Like, which of them has the highest net worth, is the oldest and tallest. Read on for more about their fortune, age, and height.

Diana Taurasi’s Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Diana Taurasi
Net Worth:$3.5 million
Profession:Athlete, Basketball player
Full Real Name:Diana Lorena Taurasi
Date of Birth:June 11, 1982 (age 41 years)
Birthplace:Glendale, California, United States
Height:6 ft (1.83 m)
Diana Taurasi with a basketball

What is Diana Taurasi’s net worth?

Diana Taurasi who has the most points in WNBA has accumulated an estimated current net worth of $3.5 million over the years. She accrued her fortune for her works as an American professional basketball player through sponsorships, partnerships and endorsements.

Diana is reportedly the highest-earning player in the league. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Diana’s salary for the Phoenix Mercury sits at $500,000, and she reportedly earns even more coins overseas. The outlet reports that Diana makes around $1 million a season when she plays basketball in Russia. However, Diana has been staying in Phoenix in recent years, but her net worth could go up after her historic 10,000 points victory.

The Phoenix Mercury of the Women’s National Basketball Association player is considered to be one of the greatest players in WNBA history.

She was drafted by Phoenix first overall in the 2004 WNBA draft.

Penny Taylor’s Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Penny Taylor
Net Worth:$2 million
Salary:over 100,000
Profession:Ex-professional basketball player; Phoenix Mercury’s director of player development
Full Real Name:Penelope Jane Taylor
Date of Birth:May 24, 1981 (age 42 years)
Birthplace:Melbourne, Australia
Height:1.85 m.

What is Penny Taylor’s net worth?

Diana Taurasi wife, Penny Taylor has an estimated current net worth is $2 million. She has ranked a handsome amount of money throughout her career as an NBA player before she retired.

Currently, she is working as the Phoenix Mercury’s director of player development after retiring.

Penny Taylor (real name: Penelope Jane Taylor) is an Australian former professional basketball player and assistant coach.

During her 19-year career, Taylor spent the most time with the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA, where she won three championships.

She also won the WNBL title with her first club, the Australian Institute of Sport, and played in China, Italy, Turkey and Russia.

As part of the Australian woman’s national team, Taylor won two Olympic medals and led the Australian Opals to a gold medal at the World Championships, winning tournament MVP honours ahead of teammate Lauren Jackson.

Why did Penny Taylor retire? Penny started playing basketball since she was 15 years old and had a career that spanned 19 years. She retired in 2016 after playing 10 seasons for the Mercury from 2004.

“I want to go out on a good note. My health is something I really had to work hard at, and to be fit and stay out on the floor, I’ve done that really well. For me, it’s the right time.” Taylor revealed while announcing her retirement.

When she had her kids, she stepped away from being assistant coach for Phoenix Mercury in 2020.

Who was Penny Taylor’s ex-husband? When Taylor was 24 years old, she got married to her first husband, Brazilian volleyball player Rodrigo Rodrigues Gil, in 2005. Three years later (in 2008), the baller divorced her man.


Who is richer between Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor?

From all indications, Diana Taurasi (who has a net worth of $3.5 million) is richer than her wife, Penny Taylor (who has a net worth of $2 million). Although they are all successful basketball stars, and millionaires, they have a net worth difference of $1.5 million. Their combined fortune sits at $5.5 million.


What is the age gap between Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor?

Penny Taylor is the oldest of the couple. She is 42 years old (as of the time of this article) while her husband Taurasi is 41 years old. They have a 1-year age gap. While Penny was born on May 24, 1981, Diana was born on June 11, 1982.

Taylor is an Australian from Melbourne while her partner Taurasi is an American from Glendale, California, United States.

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Who is taller between Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor?

Penny Taylor who stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inche (1.85 m) is taller than her husand Diana Taurasi who is 6 feet 0 in (1.83 m).

About their weight, Penny weighs 165 lb (75 kg), and Diana weighs around 163 lb (74 kg).