Rachel Morin’s Story Wikipedia: The Missing Woman’s Parents, Family, Sister, Boyfriend, Children, Found Dead, Cause Of Death

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What happened to Rachel Morin and when did she go missing? The mom-of-five’s sister Rebekah Morin has spoken out about family’s worries, as her boyfriend Richard Tobin pleads his innocence.

The rate at which people are going missing in the world is alarming.

While some fake their abduction for fame, a number of others are kidnapped and tortured leaving their families and loved ones traumatised.

On August, 2023, the police launched an investigation when a local went missing after her evening walk.

Following Rachel Morin’s sudden disappearance, her family pleaded with the public to come forward with any information that could help locate her whereabouts.

Rachel Morin is a missing 37-year-old citizen of Bel-Air, Maryland
Rachel Morin is a missing 37-year-old citizen of Bel-Air, Maryland. Credit: Harford County Sheriff’s Office

Who is Rachel Morin and when did she go missing?

Rachel Morin, 37, is a mother of five; she has two sons and three daughters. She was reported missing and later found dead.

On the night of August 5, 2023, Rachel Morin was last seen heading toward the Ma and Pa Trail in Bel-Air, Maryland.

The following Sunday, her vehicle was located near the trail’s entrance.

Around 6pm that Friday night, the Harford County Sheriff’s Office reported the 37-year-old woman set out to go for a walk in the abovementioned nature walk.

Rachel has a height of five feet two, a weight of 107 pounds, with blonde hair, and blue eyes.

“If you have seen my sister call the Harford County Sheriff’s Office,” Rachel’s sister Rebekah pleaded via Facebook.

The HCSO has told Fox News: “The search for Rachel is very active, and we are asking anyone with information to please call detectives.”

Rachel Morin was last seen Saturday evening. Credit: Harford County Sheriff's Office
Rachel Morin was last seen Saturday evening. Credit: Harford County Sheriff’s Office

Has Rachel Morin been found?

Although not confirmed, Rachel Morin is supposedly found dead.

As the search for Rachel went underway, the Harford County Sheriff’s Office announced they found a corpse but did not identify the body. The cops shared this in an update on Facebook.

Police stated: “At approximately 1.07pm, a female was located deceased off of the Ma and Pa Trail in Bel Air. The identity of the victim, as well as the cause, and manner of death are still under investigation. We ask that, since this is still a very active and ongoing investigation, please refrain from posting any details you may know (or guess) on this post. We want answers as much as you do! Thank you!”

“We firmly believe this is the body of Rachel Morin,” said Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler, however, the remains have yet to be officially identified with Gahler saying, “But that final determination belongs with the medical examiner and that has not happened yet.”

A possible motive behind Rachel’s death has yet to be determined, said Gahler, and there is no suspect at this time.

“Thankfully we don’t have too much violent crime in Harford County, but when we have one, I prefer when I can stand here and tell you that the suspect has been arrested or that it’s a targeted crime,” he said.

“I can’t tell you that is the case.”

The police have found a dead person but it has not been confirmed is Rachel Morin. Credit: Harford County Sheriff's Office
The police have found a dead person but it has not been confirmed is Rachel Morin. Credit: Harford County Sheriff’s Office

Who is Rebekah Morin?

Rachel Morin’s sister is Rebekah Morin.

She spoke out about the family’s devastating back-to-back losses after a body was found in the search.

Rachel’s sister, Rebekah Morin shared a heartbreaking statement on her Facebook page telling people that she will not give any details about her sister.

Rebekah also revealed that her brother and sister-in-law recently lost their infant daughter just a week ago due to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

“So our whole family has been hit with back-to-back losses. My sister had no life insurance and my mother and I will be making the arrangements and need to raise funds to do so.”

Rebekah shared a link for a GoFundMe to help cover any funeral expenses.

“It is with devastating sadness and a broken heart that our family has been hit with yet another heartbreak. My sister, Rachel Morin went missing on Saturday, August 5 2023 around 6pm,” read the GoFundMe description.

“This was not an accidentally death, and she did not go willingly and she deserves a funeral worthy of her her [sic] beauty.”

At the time of writing, the fundraiser has reached $16,200 of its $25,000 goal.

Rachel Morin and Richard Tobin started dating a ‘few weeks ago’. She was found murdered on a hiking trail on Sunday. The pair are shown during a previous hike together 

Who is Richard Tobin, Rachel Morin’s boyfriend?

Richard Tobin was Rachel’s new boyfriend and he was the one who reported her missing. He told police that her car was parked near the entrance of the trail. However, when police arrived at the scene, Rachel wasn’t in the vehicle.

Morin and Tobin only made their relationship official on social media four days earlier. 

The new boyfriend of murdered mother Rachel Morin has taken to social media to insist he had nothing to do with her killing despite his criminal past.

As questions around the woman’s death arose on Sunday, Tobin took to social media to insist he had nothing to do with it. 

‘I love Rachel. I would never do anything to her, let the family and I grieve. Yes, I have a past but I also have 15 months clean and have changed as a person. Please.’ 

Tobin has been arrested 14 times since 2014 on a variety of charges including drug dealing, assault, disorderly conduct and refusing arrest. 

The Ma and Pa Heritage Trail in Maryland, where Rachel's body was found on Sunday

His lengthy rap sheet includes two arrests for criminal second degree assault, violating restraining orders, drug possession, and malicious destruction of property.

Tobin also has a number of traffic offenses, a fugitive from justice offense, resisting arrest, and disorderly intoxication and conduct marks on his record, documents show. 

His most recent misdemeanor on record – second degree assault – occurred on March 14, 2020.