Nana Afua Serwaa Adusei: 5 Fun Facts About The Only Female Who Embarked On The 10,000Km Accra To London Road Trip

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Ghanaian female mechanical engineer, Nana Afua Serwaa Adusei, became the first and only Ghanaian female to join the adventurous team “Wanderlust Ghana Team” who dared journey 10,000km by road from Accra to London.

The Wanderlust Ghana Team made themselves proud and Ghana proud as they reached London on Sunday, 6th August 2023. Unfortunately, Nana Afua Serwaa Adusei, the only female onboard the team, ended her journey in Morocco.

According to the adventurous Ghanaian mechanic, she wanted to experience how the cars function in different weather conditions.

In this article, we shine the spotlight on the daring, adventurous and beautiful Ghanaian mechanical engineer and share with you 5 fun facts about her.

1. A Visionary Groundbreaker In The Area Of Vocational And Creative Skills Education

Nana Afua Serwaa Adusei is not just an adventurous lady but a groundbreaker in the area of vocational and creative Skills education. The daring Ghanaian mechanical engineer is focused on shattering the stereotype and status quo through her Shecanic movement.

The shecanic movement is geared towards empowering young Ghanaian girls to embrace their passion for car designs and mechanics, a profession usually dominated by men. Her vision is to dismantle societal norms and encourage young girls to conquer male-dominated fields, especially in STEM.

The expertise of Nana Afua Serwaa Adusei lies in auto detailing, car wash and everything entailing vehicle maintenance.

2. She is an Active Biker and Member of Biker Girls Gh

Aside from working car engines, Nana Afua Serwa Adusei is part of a sisterhood of fearless female motorcyclists called Biker Girls Ghana. The group was formed by Jessica Saforo.

Together, they are dismantling the stereotypes, dispelling myths and reshaping the perception of motorcycle enthusiasts in Ghana.

3. An Expert Mechanic With Insights From Different Weather Conditions

From the scorching desert sands to winding mountainous roads, Nana Afua Serwaa Adusei experienced firsthand how the vehicles used on the expedition from Accra to London responded to the different terrains.

Despite ending her journey in Morocco, she offered valuable insights to the remaining members of the Wanderlust Ghana Team on how to fix the cars during the trip.

4. A Music Talent

When Nana Afua Serwaa Adusei is not riding her bike or fixing cars, she is engaged in her other talent which is music. In a video spotted on her Instagram page, the beautiful and adventurous Ghanaian lady is seen participating in a rap challenge by the grandpapa of hiplife, Reggie Rockstone.

In the video, she effortlessly delivered her lines revealing an unexpected love for rap music.

5. Empowering Through Mentorship

Nana Afua Serwaa Adusei has decided to use her little influence to empower young girls through mentorship. She encourages young girls to take up professions in the auto industry.

Her dedication to mentoring and advocacy has nurtured a number of empowered women equipped with the tools and confidence to venture into male-dominated professions.