Tory Lanez’s Children: Who Is The Mother Of The Rapper’s Son, Kai Lanez – Does He Have Anymore Kids?

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Tory Lanez has one child, a son named Kai. He got married to his baby mama Raina Chassagne behind bars. Let’s meet his kid and wife.

Tory Lanez has been active in the entertainment industry for 14 years since 2009–2023.

The Canadian rapper and singer blew up on the hip-hop scene a few years ago, and since then, his career has catapulted to another level. The Toronto native made waves with his debut album “I Told You” and its two singles, “Luv” and “Say It,” which peaked at No. 23 and 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 respectively.  

When his mother died from a rare diseases years back, his father began working as an ordained minister and missionary, causing them both to move frequently throughout the United States. Daystar’s father later remarried and the family moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where Daystar met his friend Hakeem, who at the time was a janitor.

Daystar’s nickname “Lanez” was given to him by Hakeem, as a comment on Daystar’s thrill seeking tendencies, that sometimes saw him mucking around in the street, not looking for traffic and playing in the lanes.

Lanez also goes by the name Argentina Fargo. In an interview, he said “When I put foreign and banking together, it’s like foreign money. I’m a Canadian dude, walking around America. When you look at me, it’s like looking at foreign money. So I call myself Argentina Fargo—like foreign money.”

Speaking about parents, Tory is a parent himself. In the midst of all this success, Lanez, welcomed his first child in the world. Fans were shocked at the news of a new son, but also very curious as to who the mother of his baby was. 

Tory Lanez's Children: Who Is The Mother Of The Rapper's Son, Kai Lanez - Does He Have Anymore Kids?
Tory Lanez's Children: Who Is The Mother Of The Rapper's Son, Kai Lanez - Does He Have Anymore Kids?

Does Tory Lanez have any children?

Yes, rapper and singer Tory Lanez is a father of one. He has a son named Kai Lanez.

Kai, who is 6 years old, was born on April 12, 2017, and is Lanez’s only child.

The day his son was born was the day he was arrested (not the one related to Megan Thee Stallion) and hence, he has a special bond with his kid.

The year prior, during a concert, violent scuffles between security forces and concertgoers occurred. Lanez then proceeded to tell the crowd to “fuck shit up,” which incited a full-on riot and forced police to shut down the show. Multiple people were arrested. 

He explained, “What’s special about him [and] what a lot of people don’t know [is that] the day my son was born was the day I got locked…April 12th. I was coming out of the hospital, I was leaving the parking lot, I didn’t even get out of the parking lot […] But that’s something special about the day he was born. I’ll always remember it.”

Tory Lanez does, every now and then, reveal glimpses of Kai on his Instagram. Like many celebrities, he aims to keep his son’s personal life off the internet. However, there are times when he shares a bit of the cuteness that is Kai with the world. In a recent Instagram post, the two sit next to each other in matching outfits. The rapper wrote, “Like father, like son.”

In another post, he smiles while holding Kai’s hand and writes, “FAMILIA.” For Kai’s first birthday, Tory Lanez bought him a Rolex watch. The rapper posted a video to his Instagram of him gifting his son with a sparkling Rolex. 

“That’s your first Rolex, look at you,” he says in the video. “It’s like baby-sized too.” It’s clear from the small glimpses of their relationship that we do get to see that the two have a very special bond. 

Tory Lanez's Children: Who Is The Mother Of The Rapper's Son, Kai Lanez - Does He Have Anymore Kids?
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Tory Lanez even used his son as an artwork on his album.

In late February 2020, Tory announced that his record deal with Interscope was coming to an end with “The New Toronto 3. The New Toronto” 3 spans 16 tracks, including the previously heard “Who Needs Love” and “Do the Most.”

The album artwork features Tory Lanez holding his son, Kai, as he nestles his head into his dad’s neck. In a teaser Instagram post for the mixtape, Tory wrote, “THIS IS WHO I DO IT FOR” alluding to his son being the reason for his art. 

Tory Lanez and Raina Chassagne got married while behind bars
Tory Lanez and Raina Chassagne got married while behind bars

Kai Lanez’s mother has now been revealed as Raina Chassagne.

The question of who is the mother of Tory Lanez’s son has finally been unanswered.

The rapper and singer shares his son with a woman named Raina Chassagne.

On September 2023, just weeks after his sentence, it was revealed that Tory Lanez had reportedly married Raina Chassagne, the mother of his six-year-old son Kai, while serving time for shooting Megan Thee Stallion amid while requesting bail.

He did well by keeping her privacy over the years. Even in the midst of Raina being a mystery to the public, we did know that Tory Lanez and his son’s mother have always been on good terms. 

He shared, “Yeah, I’m on good terms with every girl who’s ever been in my life,” he said. “But my baby moms I’m never on no bad terms. I’m not one of those child support … you know, situations. We’ve got a good understanding of what’s going on.”