Pinkydoll’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does The NPC Live-Streamer Make and Why Is She So Rich?

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From stripping to becoming a social media sensation, Pinkydoll reportedly makes bank with her bizarre NPC streams — What is her net worth?

Video game NPCs are Non-Player-Characters that are not controlled by any human operative. They mostly regurgitate scripted lines giving tasks or information and work to make the world feel lived in.

NPC streamers, most commonly found on TikTok, seemingly work to emulate the characteristics of video game NPCs primarily through repetitive actions and dialogue. Aesthetics in the medium are sometimes appropriated from other forms of entertainment like sci-fi or anime.

In a way reminiscent of AI in media depictions, NPC streamers give the appearance of being human shells without emotion or personality. This appears to be the core appeal to viewers who engage with these streams, to act as programmers in control.

In exchange for token payments via TikTok’s stickers, performers like pinkydoll will regurgitate phrases like “ice cream so good” or “gang gang” on repeat for hours on end. There’s no denying the stamina and performance skill that would be required to maintain this for extended periods of time but Twitter users have noticed a palpable sexual undercurrent to the content.

After all, it’s what propelled Pinkydoll on TikTok to massive popularity. This influencer gained traction at the beginning of 2023 with her streaming oddities and now she’s making it rain.

Since NPC streaming is the latest get-rich-quick scheme taking over TikTok — and after seeing what Pinkydoll is reportedly making, we’re tempted to try it ourselves! But what is her net worth? Read on for more about her career.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:PinkyDoll
Net Worth:$500,000
Profession:Social media personality, OnlyFans model, musician, and streamer
Full Real Name:Fernande Nkoy Sinon
Date of Birth:April 22, 1996 (age 27)
Pinkydoll's Net Worth: How Much Money Does The NPC Live-Streamer Make and Why Is She So Rich?

What is Pinkydoll’s net worth?

Fedha Sinon, better known as Pinkydoll (@pinkydollreal) on TikTok has accumulated an estimated net worth between $500,000 and $1 million. She accrued her fortune from being an internet celebrity, an OnlyFans model, and strreaming live on TikTok.

How much money does Pinkydoll make? Content creators that specialize in NPCs may make several thousand dollars daily. PinkyDoll recently told the New York Times that she gets $2,000 to $3,000 every stream and up to $7,000 daily from her videos.

How does Pinkydoll make her money? She makes most of her money through TikTok LIVE, which allows viewers to donate money to a streamer, with donations appearing onscreen as a “gift,” like an ice cream cone. Creators can earn “tips” from viewers, who are able to buy virtual coins to spend on cartoon gifts that can be converted into real money.

During NPC streams, gifts activate specific phrases or actions — performed with the same automated-sounding tones and motions every time. NPC streamers react to each gift with a predetermined phrase or movement; Pinkydoll, for example, reacts to the ice cream emoji with “ice cream so good.”

TikTok creator ‘PinkyDoll’ is making $7,000 a day by repeating bizarre gestures and phrases like ‘gang gang’ and ‘ice-cream so good’ on loop. If you scroll TikTok today it’s likely you’ll stumble on a creator greeting you in an unusual robotic persona.

Pinkydoll's Net Worth: How Much Money Does The NPC Live-Streamer Make and Why Is She So Rich?
Source: Instagram @pinkydollrealb

What does Pinkydoll do for a living?

Pinkydoll (real name: Fedha Fernande Nkoy Sinon also known as pinkydollreal) on TikTok is a Canada-based OnlyFans model, social media personality, musician, and internet star who quickly gained popularity by pioneering the strange world of NPC streaming.

Before fame, Pinkydoll was a stripper and webcam model and ran a cleaning company in Montreal. 

She joined social media and began live streaming on TikTok under the name Pinkydoll as a means to make money. Starting in January 2023, she began “NPC streaming” and went viral on social media in July 2023 as phrases from her livestreams became memes.

On August 2023, she released her debut song titled “Ice Cream so Good”.

Pinkydoll is a character by creator Fedha Sinon who has become the face of the trend. She does a series of odd things in response to her viewers’ “gifts”.

Famously, she repeats “ice-cream so good” in a robotic tone, with her tongue out, licking a pretend-cone, when sent an ice-cream token.

Pinkydoll’s long list of catchphrases includes “gang gang,” “I got your name,” “yes yes yes,” “ice cream so good,” “balloon pop pop pop.” The streamer will also hold a hair iron to pop popcorn kernels.

@pinkydollreal Queen of NPC ? #fashionnova #viral #ptp #foryoupage #pourtoipage #pinkydoll #fyp ♬ son original – Pinkydoll

Although she wasn’t the originator of the NPC trend, Pinkydoll is the young woman who made it gain immense traction on social media.

Most of Pinkydoll’s live streams boast hundreds of thousands of viewers who send her “gifts,” digital tokens like roses, ice cream cones, cowboy hats, and other miscellaneous emojis. Pinkydoll reacts to these tokens with preprogrammed, repetitive responses, much like a real NPC would.

In case you aren’t aware, NPC streams are exactly what they sound like. People go live on platforms like TikTok to literally behave like non-player characters from video games by looping motions and phrases with startlingly repetitive accuracy.

Pinkydoll's Net Worth: How Much Money Does The NPC Live-Streamer Make and Why Is She So Rich?
Source: Instagram @pinkydollrealb

These streams have been growing in popularity over the past several months, with fans inexplicably mesmerized by NPC streamers’ uncanny repetitive movements and surreal body language.

Pinkydoll is thought to be the trendsetter for the whole thing and is easily one of the most popular NPC streamers in the business today. As of this writing, she currently has over 1 million followers on TikTok with over 5 million likes across her videos.