Rick Glassman’s Married Wife and Children: Meet The Actor-Comedian’s Girlfriend Betty and Kids

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Famous actor and comedian Rick Glassman has involved his girlfriend in a couple episodes of his Take Your Shoes Off podcast. His partner and kids explored.

Rick Glassman is a famed American actor, comedian, and podcast host.

As an actor, he starred in the role of Burski on the NBC sitcom Undateable and wrote, directed and starred in the NBC-produced web series spin-off The Sixth Lead. He is also known for his role in A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018).

In 2017, he got a formal diagonsis for autistism and has become a sort of poster person for autistic individuals.

He was also one of the stars of Prime Video’s As We See It, a fictional series about three roommates who are all on the autism spectrum.

Soon Rick was able to bring it into his comedy which led to his podcast, Take Your Shoes Off. The name comes from a “need for control and order in a world that … keeps their shoes on,” per his YouTube channel.

One thing that can be challenging for autistic people is relationships. How does Rick navigate that? Let’s take a look at who he’s dating.

Rick Glassman

Is Rich Glassman married?

Actor-comedian Glassman was born on July 23, 1984, in Shaker Heights, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, and grew up in the suburb of Orange. 

He was born to Steve Glassman, a former restaurateur before becoming part owner of a carpet store in Mayfield Heights in the late 1990s. His father is Jewish and his mother is of Italian descent.

Glassman attended Orange High School, graduating in 2002. He was on the high school basketball team and played against the St. Vincent–St. Mary High School team, which was led at the time by LeBron James. He graduated from Kent State University in 2006 with a degree in marketing. He was also taking theater classes while at school. After graduation, Glassman considered going to law school, but started performing stand-up comedy, first performing at the Cleveland Improv in 2007.

About his marital status, he has never been married and hence, he has no wife. Despite not having a spouse, he has been in a few relationships – with some being just rumors.

Betty is featured in a few episodes of Rick’s podcast.

Who is Rick Glassman dating?

Rick Glassman is currently assumed to single and not in any relationship. He announced he was once again not dating anyone on an April 2022 episode of his podcast.

Since he came into the limelight, Rick Glassman has had more than one public relationships. Glassman’s ex-girlfriend is Betty, a British national. The duo dated for a while before they ended their romance.

Rick often featured Betty on his podcast “Take Your Shoes Off.” She deliberately maintained her privacy.

While speaking Erik Griffith in July 2022 on his podcast, Rick had on his then-girlfriend Betty who shared how the two met. It all began in early 2020 when Rick slide into Betty’s DMs on Instagram. “We obviously had some mutual connections that led him to me,” said Betty. Initially she ignored Rick because she wasn’t interested in a comedian. Hard to believe some women don’t want their personal lives acted out on a stage all for the pursuit of empty laughs.

One evening while hanging out with a gal pal whose company had elevated Betty’s mood, she decided to finally respond to Rick who popped up while they were having a good time. According to Betty, he sent a bunch of purple umbrella emojis. That was all it took to create a crack in her facade. Soon they were chatting on the phone and FaceTiming often.

She learned about Rick’s autism diagnosis fairly early on but felt it was very refreshing. Betty spoke about Rick’s consistent honesty and how that fostered trust in their relationship. Even though he’s kind of a grumpy phone talker, they gave it a shot.

Is Rick dating fellow comedian Esther Povitsky?

While teasing their new podcast Rick & Esther Have a Time, standup comedian Esther Povitsky jokingly said she and Rick were dating. Going along with the bit, Rick said they were in fact dating. The teaser trailer then quickly derailed into jokes about sex and ridiculous facial expressions. They feel like they are two siblings mercilessly taking the piss out of the other.

Esther is actually engaged to writer Dave King, who she used to keep off social media prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, per Elle. During lockdown, however, Esther posted “videos of him mocking her limp grasp of sarcasm and inability to name any famous movies.” The couple share a dog named Donut and a beautiful home that was redesigned in April 2022.

Rick Glassman and Torrey Devitto
Rick Glassman and Torrey Devitto
Source: Getty Images

Who else has Rick Glassman dated before?

Rick and his ex-girlfriend Torrey Devitto were dating in January 2015. The former couple was in a long-distance relationship with Rick living in Los Angeles and Torrey living in Chicago at the time.

Despite the geographical challenge, people saw them publicly displaying their affection for each other on multiple occasions. One such instance was when observers spotted them kissing at the HBO Luxury Lounge at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

Unfortunately, after a year of dating, the couple decided to part ways in February 2016. They attributed the primary reason for their split to the difficulties posed by the distance.

He has dated multiple women in the past including Australian musician Delta Goodrem. In 2018, rumors circulated about them dating when observers saw them together, enjoying coffee. However, neither of them confirmed or denied these dating rumors publicly.

In an interview with InStyle, Delta said:

“I made a conscious decision when I was 30 that I’m not somebody who wants to talk about relationships. I’ve kept saying I’m single and I’ll let you know when I’m in a serious relationship. And I will.”

So, given her approach to discussing her personal life, even though the duo went out at some point, it wasn’t something serious.

Rich Glassman and Delta Goodrem. Image Source: Getty
Rich Glassman and Delta Goodrem. Image Source: Getty

Does Rick Glassman have any children?

Not only does the comedian who keeps his personal life private not married nor dating, he is also not known to be a father and hence, he has no children.

There are no reports about Rick Glassman having welcomed a son or a daughter with any woman.


Rick Glassman received his autism diagnosis as an adult.

Rick Glassman is very open regarding the fairly late-in-life discovery that he has autism. He’s talked about it on stage and on his own podcast, Take Your Shoes Off with Comedian Rick Glassman. While guesting on the podcast Gettin’ Better with Ron Funches, he dove a little deeper into his post-diagnosis life.

Despite how often he has shared his experience, Rick is still ill-at-ease about discussing it. “Something about talking about this makes me uncomfortable,” he told Ron Funches. He attributes his unease to the idea that he has spoken about it too much and is potentially repeating himself. However, his story is worth repeating as it mirrors what many adults are going through.

“After I was diagnosed with autism, I was super excited because it was this big, ‘Oh, here’s what.'” Before understanding how his brain works, as a kid, Rick often felt something was off. With this diagnosis came validation. Initially, he was eager to talk about his new life on stage but that changed when people would tell him he was “misdiagnosed.” He went from feeling joy surrounding his truth to defending his very existence to strangers, so he stopped discussing autism on stage.

This changed when Rick landed a spot on the now-canceled show As We See It, which tells the story of three adults with autism. He felt overwhelmed by the responsibility that came with making sure he was being honest and authentic. As he told Ron Funches, Rick was afraid he was lying. However, he was eventually comforted by showrunner Jason Katims, who based the series on his own son, who is on the spectrum.

What was unique about the show was the fact that most of the cast and crew were on the spectrum. Rick described a feeling of unbridled happiness at meeting so many people, both like him and unlike him. “There’s this saying, ‘If you meet one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism,'” he said. This is what representation does for people. This is why shows like Not Dead Yet are important. Thankfully they take this very seriously as well.