Who Was Burak Can Tas and How Did He Die? The Influencer Dead At Age 23 – Girlfriend, Cause Of Death, Obituary

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What happened to Burak Can Tas? The 23-year-old famous influencer reported dead just weeks before wedding.

Death in inevitable!

Not something we wish for but we’ll all be gone one day.

Burak Can Tas was a bike blogger who was quite known online.

The influencer was set to get married to his longtime girlfriend but he sadly died as he was killed by something he loved and did for a living.

The influencer died in the horror crash
The influencer died in the horror crash. Credit: Newsflash

What was Burak Can Tas’ cause of death?

Bike blogger, Burak Can Tas, has died in a horror crash. He was hurled off his bike in Adana, Turkey, after hitting a dog.

Tas was an enthusiastic motorcyclist, and often shared his motorcycling exploits with his followers.

He was buried in Buruk Cemetary late last week, as police continue their investigation into the tragedy.

Tributes have continued to pour in for the beloved influencer, as fans leave their condolences on social media.

One fan commented: “He was a brilliant young man, may his place be heaven.”

Another said: “Good people die young. May he rest in peace.”

One fan mourned: “May you rest in peace, a man with a beautiful smile, a big-hearted man.

“May God forgive your shortcomings. May God rest your soul in peace. There will never be another like you. May God give patience to all his loved ones, especially Yaren.”

He was meant to wed his girlfriend later this year
He was meant to wed his girlfriend later this year. Credit: Newsflash

Burak Can Tas was all set to marry his girlfriend this year.

Bike influencer, Burak Can Tas was in a relationship with a woman named Yaren Kara. Details about their love life (including how they met and how long they were together) are not known but they’ve been dating for a while.

Days before his death, he posted an eerie message on his Instagram page.

He shared an ominous message about his fiancee which read: “I am prepared to journey with you until life’s end.”

Tas was just weeks away from marrying fellow biking enthusiast Yaren Kara after the couple announced their engagement on July 3.

He previously told his 85,000 social media followers how his romance had changed his life.

Tributes have poured in for the motorcycle enthusiast
Tributes have poured in for the motorcycle enthusiast. Credit: Newsflash

In a touching post to his fiancee, he wrote: “The year 2022 orchestrated its last surprise, leading me to you.

“Until now, I didn’t understand the concept of love or being loved.

“That, I learned from you, my love.

“I’m thankful for the continual nourishment of my inner goodness and for never letting go of my hands.

“I am prepared to journey with you until life’s end.”

His fiancee Yaren Karra shared a heartbreaking post on Instagram showing the two cuddling before his death.

She captioned it: “I am thankful for every day that I spend with you, my love. My one and only whom I will miss so much.

“May God host you in the most beautiful corner of Jannah. I love you so so so much my life partner.”