Esther Raphael’s Video (The Buba Girl): The Nigerian TikToker Caught On Snapchat “Playing With Herself”

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Popular Nigerian TikToker “The Buba Girl” has left her followers and fans shocked after a video of her playing with herself popped up on social media.

Esther Raphael which is her real name has been under fire by netizens after her her video was shared on social media.

There are very contradicting rumours surrounding the video as people claim it was shared by blackmailers due to her refusal to satisfy their demands.

Others also claimed she intentionally released the video online to gain intentions. However, the popular Nigerian TikTok is yet to react to the brouhaha occurring on social media.

Mixed reactions from netizens after the video of Esther Raphael aka The Buba Girl surfaced online.

A Twitter writer user wrote “Devil’s advocate.” Another user said, “God didn’t ask her to do it, leave that homie out of your trash talk.”

A Twitter user wrote “Did Buba Girl kill anyone? What is wrong with masturbating? And so what? Was she doing it on someone’s son or daughter like some of you who cannot control your drive? Imagine if it was a man masturbating in a video. I’m sure that would have been normal and cool. God will punish you if you don’t leave that girl alone.”

“I never watch the video ooh,” a user indicated. Another user also said “This girl purposely leaked her video to trend, we know this tricks but I pray she don’t regrets it in the future, well Tiwa savage no dey regret her own, she fit no regret am.”

Who really is Esther Raphael (The Buba Girl)?

Esther Raphael is a young talented Nigerian content creator and influencer with a huge following on social media.

The captivating videos or content of Esther Raphael aka The Buba Girl on social media primarily TikTok caught the attention of many viewers. Her contents were filled with so much entertainment, laughter and joy.

These contents allowed her to amass over 666k followers on TikTok. She also has over 80k followers on her Instagram page. Esther Raphael is only 22 years old. She was born on 24th April 2001.

@esther_raphael That if a boy touches me, I’ll get pregnant ? #thebubagirl #foryou #estherraphael ♬ original sound – jessy_bae

Esther Raphael grew up in Lagos, Nigeria alongside her parents and siblings. Unfortunately, no concrete information is available concerning the names of her parents and siblings.

Wanna watch Esther Raphael aka The Buba Girl’s leaked video?

Unfortunately, the video is against the policies of the website and is too explicit to be shared on the platform. However, we are certain you will chance upon it on social media. So keep looking!!!