Bill Richardson’s Married Wife and Children: Meet His Spouse Barbara Flavin and Kid Heather Blaine

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Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was married to his wife Barbara Flavin for over 5 decades and they share one child together. Let’s meet his spouse and daughter.

Bill Richardson – real name William Blaine Richardson III – was a famous politician who had a successful career.

He served as the 30th governor of New Mexico from 2003 to 2011.

In September 2023, the world learned about his tragic passing. He died at age 75 in his sleep at his Massachusetts summer home, the Richardson Center for Global Engagement said in a statement.

Following his death, many might be curious to learn more about his bereaved spouse and kids. So, read on for more about his personal life.

Bill Richardson's Married Wife and Children: Meet His Spouse Barbara Flavin and Kid Heather Blaine
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Who was Bill Richardson married to?

Bill Richardson was married for once in his entire life.

At age 25, he tied the knot with his wife Barbara Richardson (née Flavin) who was 23 at the time.

The then young lovers – who had two years age gap – met in high school.

Bill and Barbara Richardson’s love story, including how they met, and where they held their wedding ceremony, are not known.

The couple stayed together as husband and wife for over 5 decades and were going strong until his death in 2023.

Bill Richardson's Married Wife and Children: Meet His Spouse Barbara Flavin and Kid Heather Blaine
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Who is Barbara Richardson?

Barbara Richardson (née Flavin) is famous for being the former First Lady of New Mexico and the longtime spouse (now widow) of politician Bill Richardson.

She was born on March 25, 1949. in Gardner, Massachusetts.

Her parents are Evelyn Mary (née Kaplan) and John Francis Flavin. 

She graduated magna cum laude from Wheaton College in 1971, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

After graduating from college, Richardson worked in outpatient services at Massachusetts General Hospital before meeting Bill Richardson. As First Lady of New Mexico, she formed the New Mexico Immunizations Coalition in April 2003. The coalition of doctors and state officials created a registry that medical providers can check and see which immunizations children need, as well as a color-coded schedule with baby pictures indicating the appropriate ages for vaccines to help parents track their children’s care.

She is also the New Mexico chairperson of Read Across America. Also active in efforts to combat domestic violence, she helped to open a shelter for abused spouses in a corner of the state where such services had been nonexistent. In addition, she runs an annual bowling fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Bill Richardson's Married Wife and Children: Meet His Spouse Barbara Flavin and Kid Heather Blaine
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Did Bill Richardson have any children?

Before his death in 2023, Bill Richardson was a father. He had one child, a daughter named Heather Blaine Richardson.

Heather Blaine was born on July 19, 1973, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States.

Heather Blaine Richardson is 50 years of age.

Information pertaining to Heather Blaine Richardson’s profession, educational background, and private life has been kept private. 

Bill Richardson's Married Wife and Children: Meet His Spouse Barbara Flavin and Kid Heather Blaine
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Who was Bill Richardson?

Bill Richardson was born November 15, 1947, in Pasadena, California, and is of half Anglo-American and half Mexican descent.

Richardson grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and lived and worked in Mexico City. As a student, he was educated at the Tufts University, first earning a BA in French and political science, and then a MA degree in international affairs.

Equipped with solid knowledge, he went on to spend almost his entire career in public service, as a United States Congressman, Ambassador to the United Nations, Secretary of Energy, and eventually as Governor of New Mexico.

A Democrat from New Mexico, Richardson was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1983, spending a little more than 14 years in Congress. There, he was working close with Bill Clinton, who subsequently sent Richardson on various foreign policy missions. These missions in turn, fetched Richardson three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.

After he spent his one year term as an US Ambassador (1997-1998) in Afghanistan, Richardson was officially confirmed by the Senate to be Clinton’s Secretary of Energy on July 31, 1998. In that position, in which he remained until 2001, he set aside more than 20,000 acres for wildlife preservation, helped to stem rising oil prices, as well as ushered in a program to remove from the Colorado River 10 tons of radioactive material.

In 2002 Richardson successfully ran for the governorship of New Mexico, a post that he held for 2 terms. But it was in 2008, when his career was tainted. A month after he was nominated for the cabinet-level position of Commerce Secretary in the first Obama administration in November of 2008, an investigation against Richardson was carried out for possible improper business dealings in New Mexico. Even though the investigation was later dropped, it damaged Richardson’s political career, as his second and final term as New Mexico governor concluded.

Post-gubernatorially, Richardson can be seen holding several key positions, most recently as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Car Charging Group. As for his off-side engagements, like supporting philanthropic causes and non-profitable organizations, they are so numerous that take a substantial part of his resume.