Gavin Preston’s Parents, Family: Meet The Criminal’s Married Wife, Children, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother

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Was Gavin Preston married with children and what is known about the notorious gangster’s family background following his death?

Gavin Preston is believed to have been shot up to ten times in an ambush “targeted” drive-by shooting outside a residential cafe in Melbourne.

The incident – which left the underworld figure dead at the scene – happened on Saturday morning (September 9, 2023).

Cops are now on the hunt for two suspected gunmen after Preston was gunned down while eating at Sweet Lulu’s cafe in Keilor East, Melbourne.

Victoria Police Acting Superintendent Mark Hatt confirmed that a second man was also left injured in the shooting and is undergoing surgery in hospital.

Following his tragic death, many are curious to learn more about the notorious Aussie criminal’s family background. Read on for more.

Image Source: The Herald Sun 

Who was Gavin Preston?

Gavin Preston was reportedly a notorious Aussie criminal who had a dark history and mostly spent years in jail.

He was branded Melbourne underworld heavyweight.

The Herald Sun reported that Preston, also known as Gavin “Capable” Preston, was released from jail earlier this year after serving 11 years for the 2012 shooting of drug dealer Adam Khoury in North Melbourne.

During his time in jail, the infamous gangland figure was the victim of a stabbing that nearly left him dead.

Preston was closely involved in several extortion attempts after his release from prison, including standing over a business owner who had also been implicated in crime boss Nabil Maghnie’s death.

The criminal was also embroiled in a heated feud with the Notorious Crime Family – a gang founded by George Marrogi, a convicted drug trafficker and murderer who is currently serving a non-parole term of 32 years in a maximum security cell in Barwon Prison.

He was suspected of plots to kill former Bandidos enforcer Toby Mitchell and underworld figure Mick Gatto.

Preston was regarded as one of the most feared and despised members of Melbourne’s underworld as police went on high alert in April straight after he was released from jail.

“They’ll be holding the wake in a phone box,” an underworld source told The Age.

In July, Sydney detectives revealed they were struggling to contain the city’s escalating gang wars.

The New South Wales Police then announced a new task force that aimed to target organized criminal activity linked to a spate of attacks during the month.

100 investigators, including 70 detectives and 30 plain-clothed officers were dedicated to Taskforce Magnus which aimed to end the “brazen violence” on Sydney streets.

The notorious criminal was released from jail earlier this year after serving an 11-year sentence and on September, he was declared dead after being shot.

Gavin Preston was reportedly shot ten times while sitting outside a cafe
Gavin Preston was reportedly shot ten times while sitting outside a cafe. Credit: Instagram

Who are Gavin Preston’s parents?

Gavin Preston was born between 1972 and 1973 to his parents whose names are not known to the media yet. However, since his maiden name was Preston, we can surely say he he was born to Mr. and Mrs. Preston.

His father worked in the railways and his mother was a housewife who raised their children.

Preston’s rise to criminal infamy began at an early age and was swift.

This caused him to dropout of school around age 11. He already “associated with various characters who have become known in Melbourne criminal circle”, per a reports by The Age.

By age 18, he was first convicted for unlawful assault and property damage and a year later, he was jailed for the first time.

There is not much known about the deceased criminal figure’s parents. Details about his family life has been untold and due to his background in crimes that he knew could get him in trouble, he was tight-lipped about his family.

Image Source: The Herald Sun 

Does Gavin Preston have any siblings?

Gavin Preston was not an only child to his parents, he was raised alongsides two younger brothers.

In 2011, Preston’s younger brother died of a heroine overdose, and it plunged him into despaire and off the rails.

Gavin Preston (right) with his partner Lauran Howe.
Gavin Preston (right) with his partner Lauran Howe.
Image Source: The Herald Sun 

Was Gavin Preston married?

At the time of Gavin Preston’s death, he was not known to have been married, hence, he had no wife. However, he was in a serious relationship with a woman named Lauran Howe.

Details about Preston and Howe’s relationship timeline is not known.

Aside from his girlfriend, he wasn’t known to have dated anyone else publicly.

Image Source: The Herald Sun 

Did Gavin Preston have any children?

Despite having a girlfriend, Lauran, Gavin Preston was not known to have been a father while he was alive. Reports about him having a son or a daughter have not been confirmed. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces.