Mason Sisk’s Story Wikipedia: What Did He Do To His Family? Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend, Biography, Age

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Teenager Mason Sisk ‘slaughtered his entire family’ after a prior attempt to poison his stepmother. His biography and crimes explored.

Mason Sisk is accused of shooting his parents and three younger siblings aged six, five and six months in Elkmont, Alabama in 2019.

The teenager allegedly tried to first eliminate his stepmom by poisoning her with peanut butter, court docs reveal.

Chilling messages Mason Sisk sent his girlfriend after ‘evil’ teen executed five family members including three children.

But who is Mason Sisk and what actually did he do to his family? Read on for more.

The killer was only 14 years old when he executed five family members in September 2019
The killer was only 14 years old when he executed five family members in September 2019Credit: Limestone County Sheriff’s Office

Who is Mason Sisk?

Mason Sisk is a teenager who has been convicted on serial killing with his own family members being his victims.

He was born on between 2004 and 2005.

His parents are John Wayne Sisk, 38, Mary Sisk, 35. John was his biological dad whereas Mary was his stepmom.

Sisk’s dad, John, had sought full custody of his son in 2010.

He said the boy’s mother, who died the following year, had not been in her son’s life since 2008 telling a court she struggled with drink and drugs.

He was granted emergency custody after she was found dead.

Sisk’s stepmom, Mary, originally from New Orleans, was a “well-liked” special education teacher at Mountain Gap Middle School.

He had three younger siblings whose names are Grayson, six, Aurora, four, and Colson, six months.

On September 2, 2019, he allegedly killed all of his family members and was sentenced for that crime.

According to reports from 2020, Sisk “had not shown any sign of remorse” for the alleged crimes.

He murdered his three young siblings: Grayson, Aurora, and Colson
He murdered his three young siblings: Grayson, Aurora, and Colson. Credit: Handout

What did Mason Sisk do to his family?

Mason Sisk was found guilty of shooting each of his five family members in the head at their Alabama home in 2019.

Sisk is said to have carried out the shootings after finding out his stepmom, 35-year-old Mary Sisk, didn’t give birth to him, a family member said.

According to Sisk’s cousin, in the weeks leading up to the alleged September 2019 shooting the then 14-year-old had been “exhibiting problem behaviour at school” and burning animals alive.

He then shot his dad, John Sisk, 38, his stepmom Mary, and his three young siblings, Kane, Colson and Aurora, before ringing 911 and telling cops he had been in the basement of his home when he heard gunshots.

Before allegedly executing his five family members, Sisk had tried to poison his stepmother by putting peanut butter in her coffee – knowing she was allergic, according to new court files.

The documents also allege Sisk had been threatening towards his dad and forceful with his three younger half-siblings, News19 reports.

He was also accused of stealing jewellery from his stepmother and grandmother. 

Sisk initially claimed that he was playing video games in the basement when he heard the gunfire and ran outside to see a car driving off.

Limestone Sheriff’s Office spokesman Steven Young said: “He ran out the door and there was very little other information given.”

He later confessed to investigators, telling them: “Yeah, they argue a lot, and I got fed up with it. And the kids were going through a lot.” Mr Young added there were “discrepancies” in the boy’s statement, and when confronted by officers he “admitted to shooting the five family members”.

Sisk also helped police find the handgun he is thought to have used – which was found tossed on the side of the road near the home.

Cops said it had been in the house illegally.

The disturbing murders rocked Elkmont, a tiny town of 500 residents not far from the Alabama-Tennessee border.

John, 38, (pictured) was killed by his son
John, 38, (pictured) was killed by his son

Who is Mason Sisk’s girlfriend?

Mason Sisk is currently not dating anyone, however, he was in a relationship with a lady known as Lola Holladay.

The murderer’s ex-girlfriend played a part in his conviction as a text message between the former partners were read in court during his trail.

On February 2, 2021, Sisk texted Holladay: “I did it because I was held at gunpoint.”

Sisk also told Holladay that he wanted to be a contract killer, according to local CBS affiliate WHNT reporter Dallas Parker.

He texted her saying: “I am good with a gun, I killed my family in less than 4 seconds. All head shots.”

Mary, Sisk's stepmother, was also killed
Mary, Sisk’s stepmother, was also killed. Credit: Huntsville City Schools

Holladay took the stand during the trial to reveal more about Sisk’s life.

“He told me that his birth mother used to lock him in bathrooms and leave,” Holladay said, per WHNT.

“Then his dad got remarried. He always played with his siblings, dressed up with his sister, did tea parties. He was scared to hold the baby because he was so small”, she continued.

Holladay also said that Sisk had warned her that if anything bad happened, it was likely John’s brother, Lance.

“The night of the murders he called me bawling. Hyperventilating,” Holladay said.

“I couldn’t understand him. I had to calm him down. I never believed that Mason did this. I thought that he lost his mind in jail being by himself. I never believed any of the messages he sent me from jail.”

Mason Sisk, 18, was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murdering his family
Mason Sisk, 18, was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murdering his family. Credit:

Where is Mason Sisk now?

Mason Sisk, 18, was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday September 7, 2023, after being convicted of multiple murder charges by a jury in April on the same year. As part of his sentence, Sisk is not eligible for parole.

After confession and a thorough investigation into Mason Sisk’s murder case, he was charged with four counts of capital murder, one count for killing two or more people, and one course of conduct.

Because he was 14 years old when he committed the crimes, Sisk did not face the possibility of the death penalty.

On Thursday after Sisk was sentenced, Limestone County District Attorney Brian C.T. Jones delivered a harsh statement.

“I’ve prosecuted a lot of people in my career, and I can tell you that out of all of those people, only four out of five people scare the hell out of me and he’s at the top of my list,” Jones said.

“Mason Sisk is clearly one of the most dangerous people who will ever be sentenced in Limestone County.

“With this sentence today, Judge Wise has ensured that Mason Sisk will never threaten another child’s safety and wellbeing.”

Circuit Judge Chadwick Wise said that Sisk’s actions were “ghastly, disturbing, and draped in unmitigated evil.”