Pedro Rodríguez’s Story Wikipedia: What Happened To Him, Where Are Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez Now?

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Netflix’s Burning Body is a true story of Rosa Peral, who was in a love triangle with her ex-boyfriend Pedro Rodríguez and Albert Lopez and ended up murdering the former. Details.

Burning Body, released on September 8, 2023, is a Spanish Netflix drama series and a real life story about the chilling murder of Spanish police officer Pedro Rodríguez.

The charred remains of Pedro are found inside a burnt-out car; the discovery triggers an investigation into a network of toxic relationships, deceit, infidelity, violence, and sexual scandals involving Pedro and two fellow police officers who were having an affair.

Who was Pedro Rodríguez and what did Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez do to him?

Rosa Peral and her lover Pedro Rodriguez, who was later murdered
Rosa Peral and her lover Pedro Rodriguez, who was later murdered. Credit: 20minutos

Who is Pedro Rodríguez and what happened to him?

Pedro Rodríguez was a police officer of the Catalan police department – the Guardia Urbana in Span who worked with fellow police officers; Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez.

Pedro was in a relationship with Rosa but she was not truthful and very deceitful.

Burning Body retells the sinister plot cooked up by ex Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez, who conspired to brutally kill his love rival, Pedro

But it would come crashing down when the remnants of Rodríguez’s body were discovered near the swampy Foix reservoir in Barcelona in 2017.

It sparked a nation-wide probe that lasted more than three years and amounted to Peral and Lopez being put behind bars for a combined total of 45 years.

Along the way, investigators uncovered a story of toxic relationships, deception, violence and revenge porn that could make even Line of Duty look tame.

Across the front pages of Spain, it came to be known as “el Crimen de la Guardia Urbana” – or the crime of the Urban Guard.

Rodríguez's body was found burned to a crisp in the back of this car boot
Rodríguez’s body was found burned to a crisp in the back of this car boot. Credit: LA SEXTA
The car was found in the swampy Foix reservoir in Barcelona
The car was found in the swampy Foix reservoir in Barcelona

How was Pedro Rodríguez’s body discovered?

In 2017, when the charred vehicle was found, it was in such a bad way that almost nothing could be retrieved from the crime scene.

The only thing tying Rodriguez’s name to the “ashes” was the motor’s chassis number and a prosthetic device that failed to be singed.

Regional police swiftly set their sights on Peral and her boyfriend Lopez, who were arrested in connection to the murder.

Unusually, each member of the love triangle, who had all worked at the Guardia Urbana, had previously been involved in controversial cases involving allegations of police abuse.

A year earlier, victim Rodriguez had been suspended by Barcelona City Hall after he reportedly beat up a motorist who ran through a road check.

Meanwhile, Peral had been subjected to a “revenge porn” attack at another police department when an ex-lover sent out a sexually explicit photograph of her.

Lopez had more than one complaint filed against him – the most notable of which was a conviction for assaulting a street vendor.

Following Rodriguez’s death, the judge investigating the case ordered both suspects to be remanded without bail and charged them with either homicide or murder.

In a statement, she said: “Which one will be determined as the investigation progresses.”

Peral was a Spanish police officer
Peral was a Spanish police officer. Credit: You Tube
Peral and Albert López has been on-off lovers for years
Peral and Albert López have been on-off lovers for years. Credit: Netflix

Rosa Peral was in a love triangle with Pedro Rodríguez and Albert Lopez – the motivation in the former’s murder

It was only when the case went to trial that the love triangle was revealed.

The court heard how Peral and Lopez had been on-and-off lovers since 2012, when she was married to another man.

Four years later, she started another relationship with Rodriguez and subsequently moved in with him.

Jealous of the situation, Lopez told Rodriguez that he was Peral’s lover, which led to a rift in the couple’s fledging romance.

The following year, Lopez and Peral rekindled their affair and hatched a twisted plan to kill Rodriguez, who was getting in their way.

But back in the courtroom, as tensions rose, both of the cops blamed each other for the murder.

According to local press, Peral told the court that Lopez came to her house, killed her boyfriend and asked her to cover it up.

Peral turned against Lopez in court
Peral turned against Lopez in court. Credit: Netflix

She accused Lopez of saying: “If you don’t help me, I will make your daughters choke on their own vomit.”

On the contrary, Lopez reportedly claimed he found Rodriguez’s body inside the trunk of the car and decided to help set it alight after reigniting his love affair with Peral.

The truth of the matter has never been established as Rodriguez was burnt to a crisp inside his car 24 hours later.

However, the verdict found: “At least one blow to his skull when he was either asleep, dozing or drugged.

Actress Ursula Corbero stars in the new Netflix drama
Actress Ursula Corbero stars in the new Netflix drama. Credit: Netflix

Where are Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez now?

The day after Rodriguez went missing, Peral and Lopez showed up together at a lunch with co-workers.

The duo also spent that day driving Rodriguez’s car and mobile phone to various places the victim would normally frequent to throw off investigators.

They also made one final stop at the home of Peral’s ex-husband before allegedly torching the vehicle.

The killers reportedly told pals that Rodriguez had been quarrelling with Peral’s former husband in a devious plot to pin the blame on him.

However, after deliberating the jury found both parties guilty of murder with malice aforethought.

Peral and Lopez were sentenced to prison for 25 and 20 years respectively.