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American Comedian-writer Hasan Minhaj has been married since 2015 to wife Beena Patel and the duo have two children together. Let’s meet his spouse and kids.

Hasan Minhaj has cemented his name in the entertainment industry as an American comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host.

Minhaj was born in Davis, California, and grew up and studied there. His father Najme Minhaj is an organic chemist and his mother Seema Usmani Minhaj is a doctor who went back to India to finish her medical degree for several year before returning to US.

Originally being from India, much of his comedy involves Indian culture and the modern American political landscape through the use of satire, observational comedy, and black comedy. 

He was a senior correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah from 2014 to 2018, where he rose to fame. He also gained attention on Emmy-award winning program, Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, which ran for six seasons.

Hasan’s career has seen growth over the years and one person aside from his parents and family he owes his success to is his spouse. This article will focus on her rather than her famous husband. Who is Beena Patel, Hasan Minhaj wife, what are her talents and how many kids do they have together? Find out exciting facts about the lady below!

Hasan Minhaj, 37, admitted to fabricating and embellishing details of his life for his stand-up bitsCredit: Getty
Hasan Minhaj and his wife Beena Patel have been married since 2015. Credit: Getty

Who is Hasan Minhaj married to?

Comedian Hasan Minhaj has been married to a supportive wife named Beena Patel. The couple tied the knot in 2015 and have been together since. Beena was a huge influence on her husband Hasan’s entire life and career.

Minhaj and Patel first met at the University of California, Davis during their studies and it was love at first sight. Hasan knew he was attracted to Beena the minute he noticed her. They later became close friends and eventually began a romantic relationship.

However, due to Hindu customs, Beena decided not to move in with his husband until they got officially married. When they finally got their own apartment in New York, Beena was the one who was responsible for its decoration, which shows that she has a lot of completely different talents. Their apartment was not very expensive, but they filled it with the sense of home and hospitality.

Both Hasan and Beena grew up in small towns. When they moved to New York from Los Angeles, they thought it would be awesome to have an incredible city view from the apartment, that would feel like a video game. They were searching for their desired home for a long time until they finally found it. The current place that they live in was chosen by Beena, who thought that they could watch the Hudson River flow from the west side. In her opinion, it would be very relaxing, peaceful and calm to see the water when they come home, especially when the sun goes down.

Hasan admitted that before he met Beena, he was a guy with low bachelor needs and “Scarface” photos on his walls. Now, the wall of their apartment is full of adorable pictures from their engagement and wedding ceremony. The comedian also confessed that Beena helped him get used to a lot of little things that make life more comfortable, including throw pillows and scented candles.

A lot of Hasan’s admirers consider him and Beena to be relationship goals. Even though the medical practitioner has a tight schedule, sometimes she still finds time to accompany Hasan to various social and red carpet events, and it shows how supportive she is towards the love of her life. She is usually quiet on social media, as she dedicates all her energy to work and family. However, Beena can sometimes be seen in Hasan’s Instagram photos, and it is clear that he appreciates and values her a lot.

Beena Patel is a confident woman who deserves a lot of praise for her lifelong achievements. Hasan Minhaj is undoubtedly one lucky man for having her.

Beena Patel’s Profile Summary

  • Name: Beena Patel Minhaj
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Indian
  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Husband: Hasan Minhaj
  • Children: 1
Hasan Minhaj and Beena Patel have two children together. Image Source: Getty
Hasan Minhaj and Beena Patel have two children together. Image Source: Getty

Who is Beena Patel?

Beena Patel is the beautiful spouse of Indian-American born comedian and writer, Hasan Minhaj.

How old is Beena Patel? The gorgeous lady was born in the United States. Per FamousBirthdays, she was born on February 1, 1985. However, her husband Hasan Minhaj was born on September 23rd 1985 and is now 37 years old. Since they were college sweethearts, it is safe to assume that Beena is close in age to her husband.

Where is Beena Patel from? Her nationality is American, but she originates from the Southern Asian region, more precisely India. She comes from a Hindu family and practices the Hinduism religion. She often implements a lot of elements from this culture in her daily life.

Where did Beena Patel attend school? Beena Patel completed high school in 2003 and moved on to higher education. She chose the University of California, Davis as her alma mater, and she picked neurobiology, psychology and physiology as her majors.

Four years later, in 2007, she successfully graduated with a Bachelor degree in these fields. Next year, she added a Master’s degree from the same university to her educational honours, which was in the Public Health field. However, this did not stop Beena’s personal development: she also went on a quest for Doctor’s degree at the University of California, Los Angeles. Throughout her UCLA years, she was very active and got involved in a lot of medical events which were organised by different healthcare establishments. Because of her activity, Beena received a prestigious award of Roemer when she graduated from university in 2013.

What does Beena Patel do for a living? Hasan Minhaj’s wife worked at the Californian company “Retinal Consultants” as a clinical research manager. At that time, she was also employed for some of the best medical companies, such as Lucentis.

Some other jobs that Beena performed throughout her career were at the CAVE Consulting Group and UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, where she was a medical director. She was a practice management consultant at the MedAmerica company for more than five years. This woman contributed a lot to the health sector, and for this, she was offered a respectable promotion to the transformation consultant by MedAmerica in 2017. Beena still proudly holds this position and helps people on a daily basis

Beena actively researches the improvements of healthcare quality and thrives on implementing various innovations to make the experience of patients more pleasant. She is also involved in the charity work which is directed at helping homeless people – she gives them special healthcare service. Even though Beena Patel-Minhaj is not a celebrity like her husband, she has a lot of skills and experience in one of the noblest fields, which is medicine. She also seems like a kindhearted woman whose life objective is to help others.

Hasan Minhaj with his wife, Beena, and their daughter. Image Source: Instagram
Hasan Minhaj with his wife, Beena, and their daughter. Image Source: Instagram
Hasan Minhaj with his son. Image Source: Instagram
Hasan Minhaj with his son. Image Source: Instagram

How many children do Hasan Minhaj and Beena Patel have?

For the close to a decade marriage between Hasan Minhaj and Beena Patel, they are parents of two. The couple shares two children; a daughter and a son together.

Hasan Minhaj announced that he and wife Beena Patel have welcomed a son in March 2020. The couple already share a daughter, who was born on April 22, 2018.

As the dad for the first time following the birth of his baby girl, Hasan seemed incredibly happy to become a father on Instagram as he shared the adorable photo of baby’s little feet.

To date, their children’s names are unknown to the media and their fans.

The actor-comedian once opened up on difficulty in welcoming babies. He said he and Patel were “actually having fertility problems for years,” which was “really tough” on the couple. “It loaded the relationship with a lot of tension”.

Hasan Minhaj, 37, admitted to fabricating and embellishing details of his life for his stand-up bits
Hasan Minhaj, 37, admitted to fabricating and embellishing details of his life for his stand-up bitsCredit: Getty

Hasan Minhaj slammed after admitting to ‘making up’ young daughter’s hospital health scare for stand-up stories

Minhaj has admitted to “making up” multiple stories for his stand-up bits, including a health scare involving his young daughter.

However, Minhaj is now being slammed by fans and critics after revealing that he fabricated and embellished details in his life to use for his stand-up sets.

“Every story in my style is built around a seed of truth,” he told The New Yorker on Friday.

“My comedy Arnold Palmer is 70 percent emotional truth – this happened – and then 30 percent hyperbole, exaggerations, fiction.”

One of these stories was included in his 2022 Netflix special The Kings Jester in which Minhaj recalled the chaos surrounding the time his family received an envelope with white powder.

The letter was sent to the house and the substance fell onto his daughter, prompting Minhaj to take her to the hospital believing it to be anthrax.

Thankfully for the family, a doctor determined that the powder wasn’t anthrax and the young girl wasn’t hurt at all.

Minhaj told the outlet the incident was a sobering reminder that his jokes onstage have real-world effects.

He claimed his wife, who was pregnant with their second child at the time, told him: “You get to say whatever you want onstage, and we have to live with the consequences.

“I don’t give a s**t that Time magazine thinks you’re an ‘influencer.’ If you ever put my kids in danger again, I will leave you in a second.”

During his 2022 special, The King's Jester, Minhaj claimed that his daughter was hospitalized after a white, powdery substance fell on her
During his 2022 special, The King’s Jester, Minhaj claimed that his daughter was hospitalized after a white, powdery substance fell on her. Credit: Getty

While Minhaj swore an envelope with white powder did arrive to his home, he admitted to The New Yorker that his daughter wasn’t exposed to it or even went to the hospital.

He also admitted to fabricating a story where he claimed that a white FBI informant covertly attended his family’s mosque in Sacramento.

Minhaj claimed that he made a joke to the informant about getting his pilot’s license which led to the police arriving and slamming him on the hood of his car.

Apparently, the idea for the store came from a time when Minhaj was a teenager and playing a pickup game with a group of other Muslim teens with middle-aged men who they thought were cops.

One of the men apparently pushed Minhaj to the ground.

“No, I don’t think I’m manipulating [the audience],” said Minhaj. “I think they are coming for the emotional roller-coaster ride…To the people that are, like, ‘Yo, that is way too crazy to happen,’ I don’t care because yes, f**k yes — that’s the point.”

He said his stories were all “grounded in truth,” however, the reporter from The New Yorker told him, “But it didn’t happen to you.”

“I think what I’m ultimately trying to do is highlight all of those stories,” Minhaj said. “Building to what I think is a pointed argument.”

However, he revealed to The New Yorker that his daughter was unharmed
However, he revealed to The New Yorker that his daughter was unharmed. Credit: Getty

While speaking with Variety, Minhaj defended his actions.

“All my standup stories are based on events that happened to me,” he said. “Yes, I was rejected from going to prom because of my race. Yes, a letter with powder was sent to my apartment that almost harmed my daughter.”