Funny Pronouns: Top 50 For Gender Joke, Discord and Instagram Bio That Spark Memes On Social Media

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What are some of the funniest pronouns that people use today? Pronouns and gender are a big issue in today’s world.

A pronoun is a word that people use to refer either to themselves (such as me and you) or to someone or something (like she, it, them, and this). 

Conversely, gender pronouns (like ze, them, he, and she) are used specifically to refer to people.

Both Pronouns and gender make communication easier and more understandable.

Lately, pronouns and gender identity have become a pressing issue especially among gen zs where one born a male can decide to turn a female and vice versa.

In modern society, many pronouns have been created to suit people’s preferences. For example, with the ever-evolving popular culture and the growing queer and trans community, many other pronouns (neopronouns) have been introduced to suit people’s gender preferences. But not many people are happy with the woke culture and often use funny jokes and memes to express their feelings.

Many newly created gender pronouns are funny. Photo: fotostorm Source: Getty Images
Many newly created gender pronouns are funny. Photo: fotostorm Source: Getty Images

Funny gender pronouns

Gender no longer refers to the biological aspects of a person but how they feel about themselves. The funny pronouns list keeps expanding as many people reveal their unique gender identities.

1. What is a male Jewish New Zealander’s pronoun? He/Brew

2. What are a donkey’s pronouns? He/haw

3. I am a cowboy, but my pronouns are Ye/Haw.

4. What are Dolores Umbridge’s pronouns? Hem/hem

5. I now identify as boring; my preferred pronouns are ho/hum.

6. What are a male vampire’s pronouns in the sunlight? He/hiss

7. I identify as an ambulance; my pronouns are wee/woo.

8. My preferred pronoun is letter. I was born female, but I identify as mail.

9. What pronouns does Rosemary like to go by? She/herb

10. I identify as sarcastic; my pronouns are har/har.

11. What pronouns do comedians use? He/he/he/he

12. What are a sheep farmer’s pronouns? She/ar

13. What pronouns do serial killers go by? Man/slaughter

14. What pronouns did Julius Cesar use? Ze/Zir

15. What are Perry The Platypus’ pronouns? Do Be Do/Be Do Bah

16. What are Snoop Dogg’s pronouns? Hizzle/shizzle

17. I gender identify as Michael Jackson; my pronouns are hee/hee.

18. I identify as a chocolate bar; my pronouns are her/she.

19. I am Jewish and nonbinary; my pronouns are oy/they.

20. Eeyore recently changed genders; the preferred pronouns are he/haw.

Jokes bring humour to the newly introduced subject of gender identity. Photo: SolStock Source: Getty Images
Jokes bring humour to the newly introduced subject of gender identity. Photo: SolStock Source: Getty Images

Funny pronouns jokes

Social media users like to make fun of every situation and lighten the mood. These are some of the funniest pronoun jokes on the internet that are sure to tickle more than your fancy:

21. I identify as Giantkin, and my pronouns are phe/phi/pho/phum.

22. My pronouns are; why/God/why.

23. If you are under 5’5″, your pronouns are ima/little/tea/pot; If you are over 5’11”, your pronouns are fee/fi/fo/fum.

24. Are pronouns just really good at being nouns?

25. My pronouns are Oompa/Loompa; please do not assume.

26. I am changing my pronouns to Almond Joy/Mounds because sometimes I feel like a nut, and sometimes I do not.

27. My pronouns are rare/medium rare; if you do not use these, my feelings and mental health are at steak.

28. Are there a lot of first-person singular objective pronouns, or is it just me?

29. What are a chocolate kiss’s preferred pronouns? Her/she

30. What are the pronouns for someone who identifies as an attack helicopter? Apache/Apachim

31. I am coming out as binary; my pronouns are 00110101 and 10100110.

32. I identify as a threat; my pronouns are try/me.

33. My pronouns are he/him/hers because she took everything in the divorce.

34. This user uses she/they pronouns but likes they/them the most.

35. What do you call someone who was dropped on their head as a baby? Hard to say; every one of them has their own pronouns now.

36. What do you get when you cross a vegetable with a pronoun? Beets me.

Memes lighten up a gloomy or serious mood. Photo: fotostorm Source: Getty Images
Memes lighten up a gloomy or serious mood. Photo: fotostorm Source: Getty Images

Funny pronouns memes

Memes are created to enhance the mood and draw attention to issues using humour. These are some of the best pronoun memes created by internet users;

37. Although I was born visible, I now identify as invisible; I am transparent, and my pronouns are who/where.

38. I was testing my daughter over dinner tonight, and I asked;

Me: What is an adjective?

Daughter: A word that describes something.

Me: What is a noun?

Daughter: A person, place, or thing.

Me: What is a pronoun? Daughter: I do not remember

Me: It is a person, place, or thing that does that for a living.

39. Mark Taylor’s father offers to help him with his homework;

Mark Taylor: How do you define a pronoun?

Mark’s father: Pronoun? That is easy. It is a noun that gets paid for what an amateur and inexperienced noun would do for free.

40. During a gender identity conversation;

Them: What are your pronouns?

Me: Oh, sorry… Yeah… It is Master/Sire

Them: Excuse me!?

Me: It is; excuse me, Master! If you do not mind!!

41. When she asks about my preferred pronouns;

Her: What are your pronouns?

Me: Cabbage/Glorphy

Her: Those are not real

Me: Neither are pronouns

Her: ?!?!? 42. When no one can misgender you because you go by all pronouns.

43. My pronouns are NONE; please do not refer to me.

Even better: Do not perceive me

For practical purposes, I do not exist.

44. I was talking to a boy today;

Me: Dude!

Boy: Hey, I am not your dude; I want to go by bro!

My first thought: Wow! He has preferred bronouns.

45. Identity confusion; Me: He needs to be disciplined! Her: His pronouns are they/them Me: His pronouns!?!?

46. Gender identity and grammar;

Someone: They/them as a singular pronoun just is not grammatically correct

Same person: But to each their own!

Me: But you are using their in singular form!?!?

47. If we are making they have a plural and singular form, then we should bring back the singular thou.

48. I do not always use pronouns, but when I do, I do not know or remember that person’s name.

49. So you are saying a pronoun is not a professional noun?

50. So you can remember hundreds of Pokémon names, but somehow my pronouns and gender identity are too complicated?


What are the best pronouns for Instagram?

Popular Instagram and sometimes funny pronouns for bios include;

Pronoun combination Instead of he/she Instead of him/her Instead of his/her(s) Instead of himself/herself Co/cos Zie Zim Zir Zieself E/ey/em/eir Sie Sie Hir Hirself Fae/faer Ey Em Eir Eirself He/him/his Ve Ver Vis Verself She/her/hers Tey Ter Tem Terself Mer/mers E Em Eir Emself Ne/nir/nirs Zis Nee/ner/ners Hirs Per/pers Eirs They/them/theirs Vers Thon/thons Ters Vi/vir Eirs Ve/ver/vis Ze/zie/zir/hir Ze/zir/zirs Xe/xem/xyr

Pronoun combinationInstead of he/sheInstead of him/herOnstead of his/her(s)Instead of himself/herself

What are your preferred gender pronouns?

Preferred gender pronouns, sometimes called personal gender pronouns (PGP), are third-person pronouns that people want others to use when referring to them. They usually reflect the person’s gender identity or lack thereof. PGPs are created to ensure gender inclusivity for trans and gender non-conforming individuals.

Why do people use weird pronouns?

People come up with pronouns that they feel describe their gender identity better. However, the majority of the population is not familiar with neopronouns, which makes it challenging to use them properly. They end up misgendering the other person. The growing debate on gender identity has created confusion as people try to understand the new list of pronouns. Funny pronoun jokes and memes are created to lighten the moment.

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