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Warlock is derived from the word of the same name, which is another name for a wizard. What are some badass male and female warlock names today?

The word used to mean “traitor” or “oath-breaker” since the word is derived from a combination of Old English wærloga “traitor, liar, enemy, devil”, which comes from wær meaning “faith, fidelity, a compact, agreement, covenant” (from Proto-Germanic *wera-, which then comes from Proto-Indo-European *were-o- meaning “true, trustworthy”), and an agent noun related to leogan meaning “to lie.”

It was first used as a name in England in the 18th century. Since then, it maintained its very rare usage.

For many years, warlock names and their stories were only discussed in hushed tones because people did not want evil things to befall them. Things have changed as these names are mentioned now and then.

Today, there are male and female warlock names that may not necessarily be associated with evil. Some people gives some of these names to their children after their favourite magical character, who they are fond of.

In this article, we have come up with a list of names popular warlock names for male and females.

Badass male and female warlock names

Many people, especially gamers, choose names they look up to or alter egos. If you wish to pick a character name that shows strength, power, mystery, and cleverness, consider one of the options explored below.

Famous warlock names for male characters

Most, if not all, male warlock names represent strong, powerful, ferocious, and mythical figures. Here are some of the most famous ones and their meanings.

  • Alatar: After comer
  • Albus: Latin for bright or white
  • Birch: A tall, hardy tree with white bark and vibrant leaves
  • Blaise: To lisp
  • Bellamy: Fine friend
  • Christian: Follower of Christ
  • Dune: A ridge or mound of sand created by the wind
  • Darco: Dragon
  • Eliphas: Gifted person, intelligent, and knowledgeable
  • Fabian: Bean grower
  • Ganondorf: Fair-haired or fair-skinned man
  • Gandalf: Wand elf
  • George: Farmer
  • Gerald: Ruler of the spear
  • Gwydion: Born of trees
  • Harry: An estate ruler
  • Lindeninden: tree hill
  • Luciu: Light
  • Merlin: From the sea fortress
  • Neville: New town
  • Nicholas: People of victory
  • Seamus: A supplanter
  • Talon: A large bird’s claws on prey
  • Severus: A stern person
  • Saruman: A man of kill
  • Scott: A Gaelic speaker
  • Rubeus: Red
  • Robin: Fame or bright
  • Raymond: Protector or guard
  • Raven: Crow
  • Radagast: Tender of beasts
  • Prospero: To prosper
  • Puck: Unsettled
  • Oscar: God’s spear, champion warrior, or deer-lover
  • Phoenix: A mythological bird that reincarnates through the ashes of its predecessor

Female warlock names

Legends have it that a female warlock was to be subjected to trials and executed afterwards. Today, female warlocks signify beauty, intelligence, power, and mystery. Check out these good warlock names for female characters.

  • Agnes: Pure or holy
  • Agate: A good woman
  • Alice: A noble being
  • Allegra: Joyful and happy
  • Angela: Messenger of God
  • Ariadne: Most holy
  • Astra: Of the star
  • Aurelia: The golden one
  • Bessie: Oath of God
  • Beatrix: She who brings happiness
  • Belinda: Beautiful snake
  • Bridget: Exalted one or strength
  • Cassandra: A prophetess
  • Celeste: Heavenly
  • Cerys: Love
  • Circe: A bird
  • Clementine: Mild and merciful
  • Evanora: Life
  • Edith: Prosperous in war
  • Elizabeth: Pledged to God
  • Glinda: Fair or good
  • Ginevra: White shadow or white wave
  • Gwendolyn: White ring
  • Hilda: A battle woman
  • Hyacinth: Blue larkspur or precious stone
  • Leanne: Dweller by the wood
  • Hecate: Goddess who ruled over magic, night, moon, witchcraft, necromancy, and ghosts
  • Iris: A symbol of majesty and power.
  • Matilda: Battle-mighty
  • Mira: Admirable or female ruler
  • Margaret: Pearl
  • Minerva: Of the mind
  • Morgan: Circle or sea
  • Phoebe: The radiant or shining one
  • Sabrina: White rose
  • Theodora: Gift of God
  • Zelda: Grey fighting maid

Best orc warlock names

Orcs are ferocious humanoids with green skin, muscular bodies, and tusks. They hate nature and good hygiene. Here are some of the great orc warlock names that are great for both female and male characters.

  • Adda: Noble and graceful
  • Abbel: Breath
  • Binnh: Peaceful
  • Birgitta: Strong
  • Blumma: Floral
  • Balder: Bearer of the light
  • Basheer: Bringer of good news
  • Claude: Feeble
  • Chadrick: Warrior
  • Dagmar: Maid of the day
  • Davidda: Adored
  • Egemen: Superior
  • Fergie: Vigorous and rock
  • Frodde: Clever and wise
  • Gyeong: Respected
  • Goldda: Golden woman
  • Gormlaith: Renowned princess
  • Gabbor: God’s bravest man
  • Garuda: King of birds
  • Goddard: As strong as God
  • Jurrgen: Farmhand
  • Khaddim: One who serves
  • Lawanda: Of the Vandal tribe
  • Mathilde: Mighty in battle
  • Ruddee: Pleasure
  • Reggie: King
  • Rattnum: Jewel
  • Robbin: Bright fame
  • Shayna: Gorgeous
  • Shardul: Tiger
  • Thedda: Gift of God
  • Yenna: Gift of healing
  • Yaeger: Hunter
  • Zibba: Gorgeous
  • Zaviyar: Lionheart and brave

Rare and cute magical names

Here is a collection of rare and magical names for your characters.

  • Aladdin: Height of religion
  • Alvaro: Cautious
  • Alisa: Elf victory
  • Aislinn: Dream
  • Althea: One with some healing power
  • Ambrose: Immortal one
  • Argus: Watchful guardian
  • Arion: Melodious
  • Aslan: Lion
  • Borak: Lightning
  • Cedric: Bounty
  • Cleon: Renowned or glorious
  • Cullen: Holly tree
  • Calliope: Beautiful voice
  • Calypso: She who hides
  • Delilah: Delight or to flirt
  • Flynn: Son of the red-haired one
  • Fenella: White-shouldered one
  • Gil: Happiness
  • Hans: God is gracious
  • Ingrid: Fair or beautiful
  • Kerensa: Love
  • Lilith: Ghost or night monster
  • Luna: Moon
  • Magus: Sorcerer
  • Maia: Mother
  • Noelani: Heavenly mist
  • Oberon: Noble or bearlike
  • Reina: Queen
  • Saga: Story or journey
  • Titania: The giant or great one
  • Zephyr: West wind

Funny warlock names  

Check out these funny warlock names for your character in 2023.

  • Alalu
  • Aker
  • Arc Labyrinth
  • Balthier Shadowsoul
  • Crowley Bloodworth
  • Drudner
  • Eliphas
  • Finn Wood
  • Keetes Frost
  • Logan
  • Loom Keeling
  • Mazus Jinx
  • Moogellan
  • Nash Zul
  • Nuphaleh
  • Romulus Woods
  • Stone Wraith
  • Topa
  • Vekes
  • Xix Denholm
  • Zelroth Roseberg

Evil wizard names

Are you looking for an evil wizard name? Check out the collection below.

  • Adaranth Monroe
  • Alabaster Sangrey
  • Ark Le Blank
  • Auron Delacroix
  • Darren Barkridge
  • Dommik Devonshire
  • Earthan Le Rouge
  • Eike Trevils
  • Eoin Trevil
  • Ganondorf
  • Fane Christian
  • Heinrik Depraysie
  • Leviathan Naxxremis
  • Lucius Ripper
  • Luther Latimer
  • Quint Rathmore
  • Savant Creighton
  • Seifer Lobo
  • Seren Brevil
  • Smoky Shadowwalker
  • Synth Graeme
  • Wendrake La Croix
  • Zeddicus Graves


What is a good name for a warlock?

A good name shows your character’s strength, power, and mystery.

What is another name for a female warlock?

Witch is the female equivalent of warlock.

What does the last name warlock mean?

The most commonly accepted etymology derives warlock from the Old English wǣrloga, which meant “breaker of oaths” or “deceiver”.

What is the difference between a warlock and wizard?

Warlocks utilize unholy magic, and they are seen as demonic, egocentric, and avaricious. Their magic doesn’t come from nature and their goal is to become powerful. On the other hand, wizards are typically portrayed as wise men who advise the highest points of authority regarding ruling matters.

Can a woman be called a warlock?

Calling someone a warlock is calling someone a traitor, its a unisex term. In fantasy, use wizard for males and witch for females, or mage for a gender-neutral term (unless you’re playing D&D, then Warlock is a valid term because its a class option).

Is there a warlock name generator?

Yes, there are multiple warlock name generators online. You can use one to generate a name for your character.

One of the biggest responsibilities given to a gamer is choosing their character’s name. The list of warlock names above gives you unique options for your male or female character.

Who is more powerful the warlock or sorcerer?

Wizards are the ultimate in utility. Sorcerers can get the most out of their limited known spells. Warlocks are very, very customisable. One challenge to Warlocks (which is my favorite class to play, btw) is that they are very dependent on regular short rests to stay effective