Vanya Gaberova’s Married Husband And Children; Meet The Beautician And Alleged Russian Spy’s Boyfriend; Ivan Stoyanov And Kids

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Who is Vanya Gaberova’s husband? How many kids does Vanya Gaberova have? We explore the personal life of Vanya Gaberova.

Vanya Gaberova has been in the news latest as she has been accused of being a Russian spy.

According to reports, Gaberova is said to have worked as an alleged spy between August 2020 and February this year.

She is one of five Bulgarians who have been charged with conspiring to collect information intended to be directly or indirectly useful to an enemy for a purpose prejudicial to the safety and interests of the state.

She was rounded up with three men and another woman following a joint Met Police and MI5 investigation.

Following this incident, many are interested in knowing the personal life of the 29-year-old beautician who owns a beauty shop in West London.

They want to know who Vanya’s husband is and how many children she has.

Who is Vanya Gaberova’s husband; is Vanya Gaberova married?

The eyelash extension specialist per reports we have gathered is not married and hence has no husband.

However, Vanya Gaberova has a boyfriend called boyfriend Ivan Stoyanov. We could not tell how long the two individuals had been together.

After she was picked for being an alleged Russian spy, the beautician has been bailed to appear before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

How many kids does Vanya Gaberova have?

Per the reports we have gathered Vanya Gaberova who is a 29-year-old beautician does not have children yet.

We believe in the future the alleged Russian spy will want to have children of her own.