Who Is Ian Wilkinson and What Happened To Him? Meet The Only Survival In Killer Mushroom Case

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Ian Wilkinson, the sole survivor of the Leongatha mushroom lunch, has been released from Melbourne hospital. What actually happened to him explored.

On July 29, 2023, three family members from Leongatha, Australia, lost their lives after eating a mushroom meal for lunch.

Later, it was revealed the mushroom was poisoned and a woman named Erin Patterson was accused for the muders.

The sole survivor of the poisonous mushroom lunch has been released from hospital weeks after three others died. And following that, many might want to know more about what actually happened to him. Read on for more.

Ian Wilkinson was released from hospital after being in a coma since July 29
Ian Wilkinson was released from hospital after being in a coma since July 29. Credit: Nine

Who is Ian Wilkinson?

Ian Wilkinson is a 68-year-old Melbourne native.

The world remembered him in prayers after he was named as among the four people poisoned after eating a mushroom meal.

Erin Patterson served up a lunch that killed three of her family members in Australia.

Wilkinson was the only survival among the four with the remaining being Erin’s husband Don, mother-in-law Gail and one another family member, Heather.

Ian remained under treatments as he was in a coma fighting for his life after eating poisonous mushrooms during a family lunch in July.

On September 23, 2023, he was, however, released from the hospital.

Erin Patterson served up a lunch that killed three of her family members in Australia
Erin Patterson served up a lunch that killed three of her family members in Australia. Credit: Nine

Where is Ian Wilkinson now?

Victim of suspected mushroom poisoning Ian Wilkinson released from hospital after nearly two months.

His family confirmed on Saturday he was now making “significant progress” at home after being discharged from Melbourne’s Austin Hospital more than 50 days after the tragedy.

“This milestone marks a moment of immense relief and gratitude for Ian and the entire Wilkinson family,” they said.

“The Wilkinson family would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the Leongatha, Dandenong and Austin Hospitals for their unwavering dedication and exceptional care that played a pivotal role in Ian’s recovery. 

“The medical team’s expertise and compassion have been a source of comfort and hope throughout this journey.”

The family also thanked members of the church and other loved ones in the community.

“This collective kindness has been a pillar of strength for Ian and the family, reinforcing the sense of unity and compassion that defines our community,” they said.

Gail Patterson, Erin's former mother-in-law, died after eating the meal at Erin's home
Gail Patterson, Erin’s former mother-in-law, died after eating the meal at Erin’s home. Credit: Nine

What actually happened to Ian Wilkinson?

Ian was one of four guests at the lunch at Erin’s, with her former in-laws Gail and Don Patterson attending as well as Gail’s sister Heather Wilkinson, who was Ian’s wife.

Erin’s ex-husband Simon Patterson was allegedly meant to join them, but pulled out at the last minute.

All four became violently ill after eating the meal, with Heather, Gail and Don all passing away.

Ian was hospitalised in a critical condition and required a liver transplant.

Police launched an investigation into the deaths, which were allegedly the result of a beef wellington made with poisonous death cap mushrooms.

Gail's husband Don Patterson also died
Gail’s husband Don Patterson also died. Credit: Nine

Erin had also provided a written statement to investigators, which was later obtained by ABC.

In it, she revealed she was hospitalized after lunch with bad stomach pains and diarrhea, put on a saline drip, and given a “liver protective drug”.

She said she served the meal and allowed the guests to choose their own plates – and she also ate a portion of the beef wellington herself.

The mushrooms were a mixture of button mushrooms from a major supermarket chain, and dried mushrooms from an Asian grocery store in Melbourne months before, she added.

The mum-of-two also admitted lying to cops when she told them she had dumped a food dehydrator at a local tip “a long time ago” – which was later seized.

However, she denied murdering her guests, saying she had “no reason” to hurt them.