Adam Britton’s Married Wife and Children: Meet The Crocodile Expert’s Spouse Erin Britton, Kids and Family

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Adam Robert Corden Britton, zoologist found guilty as an ‘animal abuser’, has been married to his wife Erin Britton for years. Do they have any kids?

Darwin crocodile expert Adam Robert Corden Britton, 52, was unmasked as the serial animal abuser in the Northern Territory Supreme Court.

The NT zoologist reportedly raped dozens of puppies and tortured 39 dogs to death before telling owners their pets were ‘well in place’.

While he has not yet been sentenced but found guilty, many are curious to know more about his personal life, like, who he is married to, and whether he has kids. Read on for more.

Crocodile expert Adam Robert Corden Britton, 51, pleaded guilty to raping puppies and torturing 39 dogs
Crocodile expert Adam Robert Corden Britton, 51, pleaded guilty to raping puppies and torturing 39 dogs. Credit: Facebook

Who is Adam Britton?

Adam Britton (real name: Adam Robert Corden Britton) was born between 1971 and 1972, in Australia.

The 51 year old zoologist is an expert in Crocodiles, whether it’s research, management, conservation or film-making.

He is also a National Geographic Photo Instructor, Lindblad Expeditions, per Instagram bio.

He is a senior researcher at Charles Darwin University in Australia, per his profile on a website.

He also runs the popular website and a consultancy business called Big Gecko.

As a scientist, he also has interests in crocodilians, alligators, caimans, conservation, wildlife, bats, natural history, documentary, and film making.

Adam Britton's wife Erin with Prince Harry and their team. Image Source: Facebook

Who is Adam Britton’s wife?

Dr. Adam Britton has been married to his spouse, Erin Britton, for years. However, details about their love story, including how they met, how long they’ve been together, and where they held their nuptial, just to mention a few are unclear to the media.

Also, Erin’s personal details like her age, place of birth, educational background, ethnicity, family, others are unknown.

However, the couple are co-founders of Big Gecko, a company they established in 2006. They both have over 16 years of experience in wildlife consultancy, research, and natural history filming.

The couple worked for BBC alongside David Attenborough.

Erin has also stayed silent upon Adam’s arrest and subsequently being charged with animal cruelty.

He sexually abused more than 42 dogs before he was snared in April 2022
He sexually abused more than 42 dogs before he was snared in April 2022. Credit: Facebook

Does Adam Britton have any children?

Crocodile expert, Adam Britton is believed to be a father but he has stayed tight-lipped about his personal life.

He has kept information about his children a secret so there’s no details about his kids: their names, gender, and what they’re even up to as of today.

What did Adam Britton do?

Adam Robert Corden Britton sexually abused more than 42 dogs before he was snared in April 2022 – eight years after the sick attacks began.

Britton pleaded guilty to the “grotesque and perverse” acts at Darwin’s Northern Territory Supreme Court on Monday.

Prosecutor Marty Aust said the offender – whose crimes are too sick to be published – had a “sadistic sexual interest in animals and in particular dogs”.

Britton targeted his own pets, as well as other dogs he bought from unsuspecting owners on Gumtree.

Chief Justice Michael Grant urged members of the public gallery, security staff and media to leave the court before details of the crimes were read out.

He said: “These facts contain material that can only be described as grotesque and perverse acts of cruelty which is confronting and distressing and which in my assessment have the potential to cause nervous shock.

“Either way I’ll leave that up to you, but the potential has been described.”

Britton was a  senior researcher at Charles Darwin University
Britton was a senior researcher at Charles Darwin University. Credit: Facebook

Britton would approach owners on Gumtree and often built up a rapport with them before they agreed to hand over their pets.

Many had no choice but to give their dogs up as they had to move away due to work or travel commitments.

In one instance, Britton sent a message to a previous owner telling them that their large brown dog was “settling in well”.

The message read: “Wolfe was relaxed and eating well and enjoying her new home.”

Britton had already “sexually exploited, tortured and killed” the pup.

The sick ex-academic would share heinous videos and pictures of him abusing the pets online to forums under a series of pseudonyms.

One video was sent to the NT Animal Welfare Branch and passed onto cops – who then arrested Britton.

He has been remanded in custody and will return to court on December 13 for sentencing submissions.