People Are Sharing The Dreams That They’ll Never Forget. See 10 Responses That’ll Melt Your Heart

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Most of our dreams are forgotten, but some remain in our minds as a result of experiences, societal issues, and the relationships we have with the people who are/were involved in our dreams.

In a reddit thread posed by u/alannah214 asking people about their unforgettable dreams, have gathered 10 heartwarming responses shared by people.

Here are some of the responses:

1. When I was drifting off to sleep in my college dorm room about 10 years ago – suddenly my bed tipped 90 degrees and I fell into the ocean. I had literally fallen into my dream and it was the most vivid and real feeling dream I’ve ever had in my life. I was floating in the water and there was a pirate ship to my left and the sounds of bells like you would hear at a marina. Right in front of me was a treasure chest floating in the water. The sun in the sky was warm and casting light onto the ocean and then I woke up. I’ll never forget how real that dream was. It was like my brain was a portal to another dimension.


2. I once had a dream where I was hanging out with my Dad. My Dad was killed when I was six. I’ve only had two dreams that he’s been in since he died, and I hope I never forget them.


3. It’s this childhood nightmare that for some reason just stuck with me forever. I dreamt I was walking through my childhood home, it was morning time but I couldn’t find my family, I entered one of the bedrooms to find it empty except for a mining cart full of cubed cheese and my family standing next to it. All of a sudden, two burglars came in from the window and turned my family into cubed cheese. They proceeded to eat them in front of me and I lost my shit lol.


4. When I was 7 or 8 I had a vivid dream about getting kidnapped in a Costco, wasn’t a big fan of Costco for a bit after that


5. Some woman I’ve never met before was screaming and crying at me for not wanting to marry her, she refused to even let me see her face but after a while I finally saw it and there was nothing there. Freaked me out.


6. When I was a kid, I had a nightmare that my parents were tied to flaming cactus. Never been able to forget it.


7. My best friend was killed in an accident almost 10 years ago. About a year after it happened I dreamed that I was at her funeral and she was there with me in a room off to the side and I kept telling her that she needed to tell her parents that she was dead because they were really worried and she kept saying “I will, I promise, I’m just not ready” and I told her it was okay and that I’d stay with her. We sat for a while and then I woke up.


8. Being chased by a giant jello monster that came out of the oven that was located in a mansion in which twelve people resided in changing rooms located in the living room.


9. Had a dream I was at this abandoned catholic school and church, went inside the church part and there was double doors with a staircase inside right past the lectern and I walked up the stairs and at the top was an attic with attic doors and I’ve never felt such an evil demonic force in my life. After entering the attic doors and was overwhelmed with the demonic feeling I woke up immediately. It just felt so real.


10. when I was maybe 12 or 13 I vividly dreamt I was being hunted by team rocket (yes, from pokemon) and that they did eventually catch me. They told me they had to kill me, but if I agreed to go quietly I could have a pill that killed me instantly and painlessly. I took the pill and immediately woke up as if I’d been kicked awake. It was… disorienting.


NB: Responses have been edited for length and clarity. You can read the full thread here.