Eric Kaufmann’s Married Wife and Children: Meet The Professor’s Spouse and Kids

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Former Birkbeck University professor Eric Kaufmann often makes the news but many want to know more about his wife and children. Details explored.

Eric Peter Kaufmann is a Univeristy political professor whose career spans over decades.

Kaufmann, 53, formerly head of Politics at Birkbeck, University of London, now works at the University of Buckingham.

This decision comes after he was canceled by Birkbeck students.

Eric Kaufmann is currently set to launch a new faculty and one of its kind as a war on woke at rival institutions.

While he makes headlines for his political views, left-wing ideology and religion, many want to know more about his personal life. Like, who he is married to and how many kids he has. Read on for more.

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Who is Eric Kaufmann?

Eric Kaufmann is a professor of Politics from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

He was born on May 11, 1970, in Hong Kong and spent eight early years of his life in Tokyo.

While there is not much about his family known publicly, he has a mixed ethnicity with a quarter Chinese and a quarter Latino. His father is of Jewish descent, and his grandfather is a secularist hailing from Prostejov in the modern Czech Republic. His mother is a lapsed Catholic.

Eric attended Catholic school for only a year. He received his BA from the University of Western Ontario in 1991. He received his MA from the London School of Economics in 1994 where he subsequently also completed his PhD in 1998.

As a political professor, he previously worked at Birkbeck College, University of London, where he was a specialist on Orangeism in Northern Ireland, nationalism, political demography and religious demography.

Previously, Kaufmann was lecturer in comparative politics at the University of Southampton from 1999 to 2003. He was a fellow at the Belfer Center, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, for 2008–09. Kaufmann joined Birkbeck College, University of London, in 2003. He became professor of politics there in 2011.

The eminent professor was cancelled by students at the Birkbeck, University of London, where he was the head of politics and currently works at the University of Buckingham.

Professor Eric Kaufmann will teach Woke: the Origins, Dynamics, and Implications of an Elite Ideology’ from January (2024) at the University of Buckingham.

At Buckingham, he is setting up a new faculty ‘faculty for common sense’ to fight wokeness.

Kaufmann identifies as a liberal national conservative. He has called “woke” ideas “a battle for the foundations of our civilization” and has expressed support for Florida governor Ron DeSantis, arguing at the 2022 British Conservative Party conference that the party should follow DeSantis’s lead.

Per his website, his favourite pastimes in winter are (ice) hockey and skiing while in summer, he enjoys cooling off in the ocean or by the lake. “I am principally interested in cultural politics: ethnicity, national identity, left-wing ideology and religion”, a bio on the site reads.

Professor Eric Kaufmann will teach Woke: the Origins, Dynamics and Implications of an Elite Ideology' from January at the University of Buckingham
Professor Eric Kaufmann will teach Woke: the Origins, Dynamics and Implications of an Elite Ideology’ from January at the University of Buckingham 

Is Eric Kaufmann married or dating anyone?

As it stands now, Eric Kaufmann’s relationship and marital status remain unclear. He has not been opened about his love life.

There are no confirmed reports about him dating anyone or being married, hence, he is believed to be single with no wife or girlfriend.

While he could be a married man but keeping his spouse out of the spotlight, there are no records of his past relationships, too.

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Does Eric Kaufmann have any children?

Being a University professor, he is a father to many students both at his politics faculty and everyone he has mentored or taught.

However, personally, there are no records about his biological children.

Online, he is believed to not be a father at the moment, hence, he has no son or daughter.

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Professor Eric Kaufmann is launching a ‘faculty for common sense’ at the University of Buckingham, a rival institution, to fight wokeness.

An eminent professor cancelled by students at a top London university is launching a war on woke by founding a ‘faculty for common sense’ at a rival institution.

Professor Eric Kaufmann is creating a Centre for Heterodox Social Science as a beacon of academic free speech at the University of Buckingham.

He hopes it will become a globally recognised centre for research into today’s culture wars, examining woke attitudes to controversial subjects such as trans rights and critical race theory.

Professor Kaufmann’s first course, ‘Woke: the Origins, Dynamics and Implications of an Elite Ideology,’ will be launched in January. A Masters degree will follow in September 2024. Both are the first of their kind in the world.

The move follows what he believes to be a five year campaign to oust him from Birkbeck for his right-leaning views on ethnicity, national identity, left wing ideology and religion. He quit at the end of August following a 20-year-career.