Idris Elba: Breaking Unhealthy Habits, Meet The Actor’s Wife, Daughter and Son

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Idris Elba has recently revealed that he has turned to the help of therapy to help him break an “unhealthy habit” that’s been weighing heavy on his lifestyle. Let us look at what he has been up to, and other aspects of his personal life.

Appearing on the “Changes with Annie Macmanus” podcast, the British actor, 51, revealed that he sought out therapy this time last year.

“It’s a lot,” he said. “In my therapy, I’ve been thinking a lot about changing, almost to the point of neuropaths [sic] being changed and shifting.”

“It’s not because I don’t like myself or anything like that, it’s just because I have some unhealthy habits that have really formed. And I work in an industry that I’m rewarded for those unhealthy habits.”

The self-described “workaholic” said his love for staying busy with projects has had a negative impact on his wellbeing.

“Nothing that’s too extreme is good, everything needs balance, but I’m rewarded massively to be a workaholic [compared] to someone that’s like ‘Eh, I’m not going to see my family for six months’ and I’m in there grinding and making a new family and leave them,” he shared.

“Those are pathways that I had to be like, ‘I’ve got to adjust.’”

Who is Idris Elba?

Idris Elba, in full Idrissa Akuna Elba, was born on September 6, 1972 in London, England. The British actor is best known for his work on the television series The Wire and Luther.

Elba was born to immigrant working-class parents, a Sierra Leonean father and Ghanaian mother. He became interested in drama while attending school and was awarded a grant by the Prince’s Trust to join (1990) the National Youth Music Theatre.

Beginning in his late teens, he worked as a disc jockey under the name DJ Big Driis (later Big Driis the Londoner) while auditioning for acting roles. From the mid-1990s he appeared often on British TV, his roles including recurring characters on Insiders (1997), Family Affairs (1997), and Dangerfield (1999).

Elba was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2016.

Who is Sabrina Elba, Idris’ wife?

Idris Elba and Sabrina Elba first met at a party in 2017 in Vancouver while filming The Mountain Between Us. The actor was immediately attracted to the former Miss Vancouver, and had their wedding during an extravagant Moroccan ceremony two years later, according to

Despite famously claiming that he would never marry again, Idris made a public proposal to Sabrina at a film screening before tying the knot in a lavish Moroccan ceremony in 2019.

In April this year, the couple celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary with a romantic trip to Mexico.

“Happy Anniversary… You You,” Idris captioned a photo on Instagram from the couple’s candlelit dinner on the beach.


In a separate post, Sabrina shared a video of the pair walking toward the ocean.

“Happy 4th anniversary baby, thank you for always helping me try to conquer my fears ???,” she said.

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Elba has been married three times: first to Hanne “Kim” Nørgaard (from 1999 to 2003) and then to Sonya Nicole Hamlin (for four months in 2006). 

How many children does Idris have?

Along with Isan Elba, who is Idris’ first child, he is also dad to 8-year-old son Winston.

The Luther actor shares Isan with ex-wife Hanne “Kim” Nørgaard and Winston with ex-girlfriend Naiyana Garth.


Isan was born to Elba and Nørgaard on Jan. 5, 2002.

Isan, who is now a mental health advocate, has been open about her desire to follow in her dad’s famous footsteps and make a name for herself in Hollywood. She began carving her path in that direction when she was named the Golden Globe Ambassador in 2019, an honor that is awarded to the daughter or son of a famous actor each year.

“I’ve always been a lover of TV and movies and I dream to be in the industry one day,” Isan said while thanking her parents. “I’m really honored to have this position and be able to talk about things that, issues that I care about such as mental health, expression among African Americans, and my peers in particular. There’s a perceived stigma and I’ve seen my friends struggle with it.”


Winston Elba was born to Elba and Garth on April 17, 2014.

Elba announced the arrival of his newborn in 2014 with a sweet black-and-white photo of his little one’s tiny fingers wrapped around his own according to

“My son, Winston Elba, was born yesterday. Truly amazing,” Elba wrote on Twitter (now known as X).

Winston’s moniker has special significance for the actor, who named him after his late father, who died from lung cancer just before his son’s arrival.

“I named him Winston after my dad and I am so close to him,” he told YOU magazine, opening up in a 2023 cover story about his bond with his son. “I’d love him to be able to say the same things about his old man that I say about my dad. I’m desperate for him to be the man he wants to be – strong and considerate.”

What is Idris Elba’s net worth?

As of 2023, Elba’s Net Worth stands at $40 Million as earnings from the Brit’s professions as Actor, Television producer, Singer, Rapper, Disc jockey, and Film Producer, according to