Ashley Johnson: All About The Actress & Her Failed Relationship With Brian Foster Explained

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The Avengers star Ashley Johnson has been in the news recently concerning her engagement to actor Brian Wayne Foster. Reports of their engagement hitting the rocks began going public in 2023, and we bring to you more details for your reading pleasure.

Further reports indicate that Ashley Johnson has accused Brian Wayne Foster of abuse, alongside six other women.

“The Last of Us” star Ashley Johnson claims she was left in fear of her “sociopath” ex-fiancé Brian Wayne Foster after he was found in possession of two airsoft guns and allegedly tracked her home security cameras, Page Six can reveal.

Johnson, 40, and six other women — including her own sister — launched a civil suit against Foster in Los Angeles Tuesday, October 3, accusing him of domestic violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, sexual battery and assault and stalking.

The actress, who plays Ellie Williams in the HBO hit series, got an emergency protective order against Foster in May 2023 after he allegedly attempted to extort $150,000 from her.

Bryan Freedman, the attorney for Johnson and the other woman, told Page Six: “The police officer who reviewed the evidence was so concerned for Ashley Johnson’s safety that he went on his own to a judge to get an immediate emergency protective order against Brian W. Foster.”

Ashley Johnson’s biography

Ashley, born August 9, 1983 is a TV Actress born in CamarilloCalifornia.

Currently aged 40 years, Ashley began her career at a tender age of six, and is the youngest daughter of Nancy and Clifford Johnson. Her brother’s name is Chris and her sister is fellow actor Haylie.

Ashley portrayed Chrissy Seaver on the television series Growing Pains and provided the voice of Gretchen Grundler on the TV animated series Recess. She also voiced the character Ellie in the video games The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Left Behind, and she co-rans a photography company when taking time off acting.

She played Mel Gibson‘s daughter in the 2000 film What Women Want.

What happened to Ashley’s engagement to Brian Foster?

Ashley Suzanne Johnson had been in a relationship with the writer and musician Brian W. Foster since 2012 and got engaged in 2018 making their union last only six years.

The actress who was last seen playing Anna in The Last of Us TV series left her fans shocked after the reports of her engagement ending with fiancée and writer Brian W. Foster began making headlines in 2023.

Things went worse between the two after the actress recently filed a restraining order against her now ex-fiancé Brian W. Foster. The reports of the actress taking this drastic action hit the internet in May 2023.

Brian Wayne Foster

Why did Ashley Johnson file a restraining order against Brian W. Foster?

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According to reports by The Blast, Ashley Johnson filed a restraining order against Brian W. Foster with allegations of verbal, physical, and mental abuse against him. In her files, The Last of Us actress has claimed that her 40 years old ex-fiancé has committed “countless acts of terror” against her and her family.

In the filing, the actress claims that she has been trying to get away from foster for almost two and a half years but was unable to do so. She also claimed that she feels unsafe in her own house as Foster changed the passwords to her home cameras after a huge fight between them.

A paragraph about Foster and his behavior from the alleged document submitted by Johnson read, “close to the edge, has the ability to murder, and will cause harm not only to me but to them.” Continuing, the actress also claimed that Foster began carrying “an ammo case and a large black bag” and that she also found a garotte which is a strangulation device, and two air-soft guns.

Johnson also accused Foster of locking her out of the Internet and removing her access to all of her devices. A paragraph from her filings read, “My mother, my family, my friends, and others contact me out of fear for my life. I was terrified. I vacated my home and stayed with my family,”

Was Brian W. Foster truly physically abusing Ashley Johnson?

Was Brian W. Foster physically abusing Ashley Johnson?
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In her filings, Ashley Johnson further accused Foster of physical, verbal, and mental abuse. She claimed in her document that the writer and musician broke glasses and gates, slammed doors, and called her a “stupid, useless, f*cking bitch, and a f*cking cunt.”

To add to this, The Last of Us actress went on to call Foster “mentally unstable” and “in a constant state of mind alteration” where he has “increased paranoia” and an “inability to distinguish reality,” in her document.

Did Ashley Johnson successfully get a restraining order against Brian W. Foster?

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Yes, she did. She was able to successfully get a restraining order against Brian W. Foster.

The restraining order has ordered Foster to stay 500 yards away from Johnson’s home, and 100 yards away from her dogs.

According to reports, Foster vacated Johnson’s house in the presence of the LAPD.

Does Ashley Johnson have children and what is her net worth?

Ashley Suzanne Johnson presently does not have any children of her own yet. It is also noted that Ashley Johnson has a net worth of $3 million, as of 2023.