Jeremy Corbyn’s Children: Meet The Politician’s Sons Seb, Benjamin, and Thomas Corbyn; Their Age, Wiki, Bio

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British politician, Jeremy Corbyn is a father of three grownup sons and shares his children with his second (ex) wife, Claudia Bracchitta. Details explored.

Jeremy Corbyn is a Member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

He served as Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Labour Party from 2015 to 2020. On the political left of the Labour Party, Corbyn describes himself as a socialist.

He has been a Member of Parliament for Islington North since 1983.

Indeed Corbyn has cemented his name in the political scene in the UK, however, becoming a father will always remain his biggest achievement ever. Here’s what we know about his kids.

Jeremy Corbyn's three kids are all sons and have their thriving careers. Image Source: Getty
Jeremy Corbyn’s sons have their thriving careers. Image Source: Getty

How many children does Jeremy Corbyn have?

Being a politician in the UK is a heavy profession but Jeremy Corbyn has managed that and fatherhood as he is a father of three.

Yes, he has three children – all sons.

The names of his kids are Seb Corbyn, Benjamin Corbyn, and Thomas Corbyn.

He shares his children with his second wife Claudia Bracchitta. He famously split from Bracchitta after they disagreed about which school to send their eldest son to.

His children are private but have their individual social media accounts.

Their grandparents are David Corbyn and Naomi Corbyn and their uncle is Piers Corbyn.

Benjamin "Ben" Corbyn is a football coach. Image Source: Instagram
Benjamin “Ben” Corbyn is a football coach. Image Source: Instagram

Who is Benjamin Corbyn?

Benjamin Corbyn is the oldest son of famous politician Jeremy Corbyn and his second wife, Claudia Bracchitta.

Best known as Ben, he has a career on his own in the world of football and didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps as a politician.

By profession, Benjamin Corbyn, 36, is a coach in the Youth Development team at Watford Football Club.

Per his X account, former Twitter, he is also a proud dad.

Seb Corbyn is the second son of Jeremy Corbyn and the only of his three kids who have a career in politics. Image Source: Getty
Seb Corbyn is the second son of Jeremy Corbyn and the only of his three kids with a career in politics. Image Source: Getty

Who is Seb Corbyn?

Seb Corbyn is the second son of Jeremy Corbyn.

Of all Jeremy’s kids, Seb is the only one who caught the politics bug and has a number of impressive roles within the Labour Party.

The 31-year-old Cambridge graduate worked on his father’s election campaign in 2015, per Mirror.

There were also numerous claims he was going to stand as an MP in 2017, going after Steve Rotheram’s seat in Liverpool, however, they were untrue.

He has also worked as chief of staff to the shadow chancellor John McDonnell, a role the politician insists he gave on merit alone.

Seb hit the headlines during his student days when his Tinder profile was leaked, including photos of him posing with actress Judi Dench.

Image Source: Tommy Corbyn (@TommyCorbyn) / X

Who is Thomas Corbyn?

Thomas Corbyn is the youngest son of Jeremy Corbyn.

Despite his father being prominent, wealthy, and into UK politics, Thomas is an entrepreneur and has a thriving business.

Mirror reports Thomas was in the process of setting up his own shop and cafe selling products made from Hemp – a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant, in 2019.

It is used in construction, medicine, and clothing and is legal.

According to the website of the National Hemp Service, which is in his dad’s Islington constituency, the new site is “coming soon”.

Thomas, known as Tommy, told the Islington Gazette that the Labour leader is supportive of his business, which he has set up with Chloe Kerslake-Smith

He told the newspaper: “We want to champion hemp as a material for all different things. We think cannabis has been demonised for a long time and hemp can be a good gateway into finding out more about it – we don’t want people to be afraid of the plants.

“Most people don’t know about hemp. It’s not a normal thing in this country, unfortunately, but we are going to change that.

“Hemp offers a huge amount of solutions to the problems of today, in terms of agriculture, environment, even economically, if we all start growing hemp it would help.”

Tommy a big hit with women on social media, with many commenting on his looks and comparing him to the actor Elijah Wood thanks to his blue eyes and chiselled jaw.

Claudia Bracchitta is politician Jeremy Corbyn’s second wife and they were married for twelve years ( Image: Daily Record)
Claudia Bracchitta is politician Jeremy Corbyn’s second wife and they were married for twelve years (Image: Daily Record)

Who is Claudia Bracchitta, Jeremy Corbyn’s second wife and the mother of his sons?

Claudia Bracchitta is the former spouse of politician Jeremy Corbyn. She is also the mother of all of his sons.

At age 38, Corbyn married Bracchitta, his second wife, in 1987.

Born in Chile, Claudia is the granddaughter of famous diplomat Ricardo Bracchitta.

Corbyn and Bracchitta were married for 12 years from 1987 to 1999.

Their separation resulted from a disagreement involving their son, Benjamin, as she wanted him to attend Queen Elizabeth’s grammar school in Barnet – nine miles from their home in Islington, but the politician didn’t agree as it would go against his politics – despite attending one himself.

When the couple divorced after 12 years of marriage Claudia gave chilling remarks about the politician. She said: “I am concerned Jeremy has been portrayed as a hard-left MP who couldn’t care about his children, which is absolutely not the truth. I was put across as the pushy parent who wanted a grammar school place for her son and nothing else.

“It isn’t a story about making a choice but about having no choice. I couldn’t send Ben to a school where I knew he wouldn’t be happy.

“Whereas Jeremy was able to make one sort of decision, I wasn’t. It’s a position you are pushed into rather than one you choose.”

In an interview with the Guardian in 2015, Corbyn said they still “get on well”.