‘Vile’ & Classless”: Mary Cosby Slammed For Bodyshaming Heather Gay

post by: Joe Parker for thedistin.com.
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Mary Cosby was slammed for “fat shaming” co-star Heather Gay and on Tuesday’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

It is “vile” and “classless.” Heather Gay’s co-star Mary Cosby came under fire for “fat shaming” her on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

Gay’s Gucci x Adidas strapless corset confessional look came up in a game where the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” friend had to decide whether an outfit was “Versace or Hibachi.”

Upon being questioned about the style, Cosby responded, “No, I don’t think Gucci makes that.

Cosby’s assertion that the top was “fake” caused both Cohen and his additional guest, Ziwe Fumudoh, to gasp and show shock.

“I’ve never seen a corset in, like, a size 14,” Cosby, 50, replied. “Have you?”

Cohen appeared to be at a loss for words once more, but he said, “I love it.”

“Mary Cosby!!”, exclaimed a clearly horrified Fumudoh.

Both Andy Cohen and Ziwe Fumudoh appeared shocked by Cosby’s statement.

Cosby stood by her contentious remark by stating that it’s her “opinion.” Earlier in the same programme, Cosby said that she truly liked Gay.

The 49-year-old Gay addressed the insult and assured supporters, “It’s real. And it’s spectacular! ?”, she wrote under the Instagram photo from @bravobybetches on Wednesday describing the exchange.

Fans have continued to criticise Cosby on social media even though she has yet to provide more context for her remark.

“Body shaming now too, Mary? Gross. You quite possibly qualify for the worst example of a Christian ever. And that *is* a Gucci corset… excuse me, cors-ket. @heathergay29 can afford to buy her authentic Gucci without swindling her customers in the name of Jesus. #WWHL,” someone tweeted.

“Mary is disgusting & vile. The fact she feels so comfortable fat shaming Heather and talking about the cast’s diet is despicable, Team Heather, get Mary off this show,” another user wrote.

Gay has since commented that her look was “real.”

“Damn Mary fat shaming Heather wowww please get rid of her,” someone asked.

“What kind of woman body shames other women?” another user wondered.

“Mary Cosby fat-shaming Heather by saying she’s never seen a Gucci corset made ‘in a size 14’ is just the cherry on top of the ‘Mary Is a Heinous Person’ cake after calling the waiter lazy for trying to be hygienic w her food,” one person bluntly wrote, referring to Cosby saying a waiter was “lazy” on Tuesday’s “RHOSLC” episode.

“Nothing about Mary Cosby and her hateful, negative, nasty unwarranted commentary is funny or entertaining. As we just saw after fat shaming heather on #WWHL, she stands by all her comments so idk what the hell they were thinking bringing her back to #RHOSLC but she brings ZERO,” another person tweeted.

“not Mary M. Cosby being the worst guest ever. The size 14 comment about Heather was classless,” someone commented.

“Mary is so vile for weight shaming Heather,” another person chimed in.

“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.