VIDEO: Al Michaels Describes Taylor Swift As Travis Kelce’s ‘girlfriend’ during Chiefs vs. Broncos game

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Al Michaels has defined Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship, though neither has done so publicly.

The Grammy winner was referred to as Kelce’s “girlfriend” by the sportscaster during the Kansas City Chiefs’ contest against the Denver Broncos on Thursday.

“Of course, looking on is, at the moment, his good buddy and girlfriend Taylor Swift!” Michaels, 78, told viewers during the fourth quarter.

Social media users questioned whether the pair’s status is “official” as the sound bite spread like wildfire on Twitter.

Yet, a lot of Swifties tweeted that they were “kicking [their] feet” and “blushing” over the remark, and others made light of it.

“Al Michaels just said Taylor Swift is Travis Kelce’s ‘good buddy and girlfriend’ and that’s how all gfs should be referred to from now on,” one wrote.

Another noted that “Al Michaels being the first person to call Taylor ‘girlfriend’ is so hilarious.”

Although Michaels had assured Sports Illustrated that the singer would only be featured “in moderation,” the camera frequently moved to Swift, 33, in the crowd as the Chiefs defeated the Broncos 19 to 8.

“You can’t make a sideshow the show”, he said. The vast majority of people in the audience are tuning in to watch a football game.

Since it was revealed in September that they were “quietly hanging out,” Swift has backed Kelce, 34, in three games.

Yet, the singer gained attention for skipping the Minnesota Vikings game on Sunday.