Meet AirAsia Boss Tony Fernandes’ Wife Chloe Kim, Ex-Spouse Deborah Bergstrom & Children Stephanie, Stephen, and Aliyah

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AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes has been married to his wife Chloe Kim following his failed marriage to his first spouse, Deborah Lee Bergstrom, and he has three children. Details about his family explored.

Malaysian entrepreneur Tony FernandesTony Fernandes (real name: Anthony Francis Fernandes) is the founder of Tune Air Sdn. Bhd., which took over the first Malaysian budget airline, AirAsia.

Fernandes turned AirAsia, a failing government-linked commercial airline, into a highly successful budget airline public-listed company.

Fernandes is also an ex-Premier League owner. He bought QPR following their promotion to the Premier League in 2011.

But things quickly unraveled for the West London outfit as big transfer fees and big wages saddled the club with huge amounts of debt following relegation.

He left the club in July after selling the last of his shares, having stepped down as chairman six years ago.

Fernandes is also the founder of former F1 team Caterham, which began racing in 2010 as Lotus before the Malaysian sold the company in 2014.

Away from his business endeavors, he is a family man. He has been married and has children. Here’s what we know about his personal life.

AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes on his wedding day with his wife, Chloe Kim
AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes on his wedding day with his wife, Chloe Kim

Who is Tony Fernandes married to?

Tony Fernandes has been married twice and is currently in his second marriage. The name of his first wife is Deborah Lee Bergstrom and his current spouse is Chloe Kim.

At age 30, Fernandes married his first (now ex) wife Deborah Bergstrom. Their wedding took place on 1 June 1994.

The former couple stayed as husband and wife for ten years and separated in 2004. Before their split, they were already parents of two.

Three years later, on 14 October 2017, Fernandes married Chloe Kim (his second and current wife), at Hotel Cap Estel, in Èze on the French Riviera.

The couple had previously met two years earlier in Paris, Forbes reports.

Chloe caught the attention of the Malaysian public when news of her wedding made headlines. “We were really shocked,” she says. “The experience was quite new to me because I am the kind of person who doesn’t like to be the centre of attention.”

Fernandes and Kim are still together and have welcomed a child.

CEO of AirAsia Tony Fernandes at an event with his spouse, Chloe Kim
CEO of AirAsia Tony Fernandes at an event with his spouse, Chloe Kim

Who is Chloe Kim, Tony Fernandes’ wife?

Puan Sri Chloe Kim is famous as the spouse of Malaysian businessman, Tony Fernandes, Air Asia founder.

Chloe was born and raised in South Korea and moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2017, following her much-publicised wedding.

Married to Malaysia’s foremost corporate figures, it is not surprising to find one developing a knack for business. That was certainly the case for Chloe Kim.

Back in 2019, Chloe announced that she would be venturing into the world of business after observing her husband’s accomplishments which according to her “inspired her” to become an entrepreneur, too.

“As everyone knows my husband is an entrepreneur,” she says. “I have been following him everywhere he goes and I have seen his achievements and I feel like I would like to challenge myself too,” she adds, describing Tony as her “biggest motivation.” “I can see that he really enjoys what he has achieved and he is still going on trying different things. I want to see my achievement too.”

“My husband felt that I struggled and one day he suggested that I start my own business,” she explains. “I began wondering what I could do and what I would like to do.” 

Venturing into the beauty industry seemed like an obvious choice. It is an area that she has always been interested in plus she felt that it was something that is commercially viable.

“All women care about their appearance,” she says. She is also someone who likes trying different products to see what works. Added to that is the growing popularity of Korean beauty products. The idea also received the stamp of approval from Tony who observed that his wife was often complimented for her complexion. “I began searching for a good Korean cosmetic brand and I found Civasan.”

Chloe ended up founding her beauty and skincare company, Civasan in 2016, per Prestigeonline. The skincare brand, which was founded in 2016 bears the label “cosmeceutical” which means the products have both cosmetic and therapeutic/medical effects.

The name is derived from two words – “civa” which means cosmetic integrity and “san” which means sacred.

AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes with his wife, Chloe Kim, and their daughter, Aliyah.
AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes with his wife, Chloe Kim, and their daughter, Aliyah.

How many children does Tony Fernandes have?

When Tony Fernandes is not busy with his numerous businesses, he is mostly home spending quality time with his children. He is a doting father.

Fernandes has three children in total – two daughters and a son.

The names of his children are Stephanie Fernandes Stephen Fernandes and Aliyah Ena Fernandes.

He shares all of his children with his two wives.

His first two children, Stephanie and Stephen were born during his decade-long marriage to his first wife, Deborah Bergstrom.

He shares his youngest child, Aliyah, with his current/second spouse, Chloe.

On 3 October 2021, he announced on his LinkedIn that his third child, Aliyah Ena Fernandes was born on August 14, 2021.

At the moment, there are no further details about the business mogul’s children as they live private lives.

Tony Fernandes stunned fans by having a topless massage in his office
Tony Fernandes stunned fans by having a topless massage in his office. Credit: Linkedin /TonyFernandes

Ex-Premier League owner and AirAsia boss criticised for ‘unprofessional’ massage photo during a meeting.

In October 2023, Tony Fernandes shocked fans after he took to his LinkedIn to share a picture of him getting a massage from a woman while in his office.

The image showed the businessman topless and the stunned part is that he was in a business meeting.

The AirAsia chief decided to unwind after a stressful week and got a massage on the recommendation of CEO Veranita Yosephine.

The image has since been deleted after he was slammed as “unprofessional” by netizens. Below are some reactions from people to Tony’s LinkedIn post.

One reacted saying: “This can’t be real bro ?”

Another added: “Might as well include the karaoke while you’re at it. Wtf.”

A third wrote: “Guess what wasn’t in my 2023 bingo card.”

But Fernandes believes the fact he can receive a topless massage in his office is a sign of the positive culture at airline company AirAsia.

“Was a stressful week and Veranita Yosephine suggested a massage.

“Got to love Indonesia and AirAsia culture that I can have a massage and do a management meeting.”