Meet Dave Courtney’s Wife JennyBean; Children Genson, Courtney, and Lillie Eliza Berry; Parents; and Family

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Dave Courtney was married to his ex-wife, Jennifer ‘JennyBean’ Pinto, and was in several relationships. He had six children. Let’s meet his family, spouse, girlfriends, and kids.

Dave Courtney was confirmed dead aged 64 on October 20, 2023, at his home in southeast London. Gangster turned writer and celebrity reportedly took his own life on Sunday morning.

According to his family, after suffering from arthritis and battling cancer he “could not take the pain anymore.”

Author Bernard O’Mahoney and Frankie Fraser, a former member of the Richardson Gang, accused Courtney of embellishing and fabricating his criminal record and position in the underworld; however, Courtney denied overstating his past.

Following the news that the former London mobster has passed away, many want to know more about his family, especially his wife and children. Here are details about his personal life.

Dave Courtney's relationship status was something he liked to keep quiet.
Dave Courtney’s relationship status was something he liked to keep quiet.

Who was Dave Courtney married to?

At the time of his passing, London gangster-turned-author Dave Courtney was not known to have been legally or officially married, hence, he had no wife.

Also, he was not known to be dating anyone, hence, he had no partner or girlfriend.

In fact, Courtney’s relationship status was something he liked to keep quiet.

However, he had been married before – to Jennifer Lucrea Pinto whom he met while she was working at a nightclub Courtney owned in the 1980s.

The couple dated and got married for years before their marriage hit the rocks in 2004.

All those while, she didn’t initially know about his criminal life.

The pair separated when Courtney was accused of beating Pinto, during a row over her then lesbian lover.

He told a trial at Inner London Crown Court that he was in a three-way sexual relationship with Pinto and a second woman.

Dave also told police the woman had been a “wedding present” from his wife.

The Daily Express reported Pinto claimed to be treated like a slave.

He was later cleared of all charges.

The ex-gangster with wife Jenny Pinto before their marriage hit the rocks. Credit: Paul Edwards - The Sun
The ex-gangster with wife Jenny Pinto before their marriage hit the rocks. Credit: Paul Edwards

Who is JennyBean, Dave Courtney’s wife?

Jennifer Lucrea Pinto, known as JennyBean is famously known as the ex-spouse of Dave Courtney.

During their marriage, Dave kept personal information about his union close to his chest and never talked about it in the media, however, their relationship ended in 2004.

What does JennyBean do for a living? By profession, JennyBean is a rapper who released the song Who Is He? in 1995.

Not much else is known about her career.

Dave Courtney has reportedly fathered six children from different relationships.
Dave Courtney has reportedly fathered six children from different relationships.

Did Dave Courtney have any children?

Dave Courtney often kept his personal life away from his fame. However, before the ex-gangster died aged 64, he was a father.

Per reports, he was believed to have six children in total. Among all of his kids, details about three of them; his son Genson Courtney, and two daughters, Courtney Courtney, and Lillie Eliza Berry, are much known.

He reportedly fathered his kids from different relationships.

When he was facing abuse claims by his ex-spouse back in 2012, JennyBean was described as a mum of three during their trial, according to the Express.

The outlet added she had a son, called Genson, who was Dave’s stepson. Sadly Genson, who took his stepfather’s surname of Courtney, was gunned down on July 3, 2011.

Jennifer’s brother David Pinto was convicted of murdering his nephew in 2013.

Although it is alleged he had fathered six children, there is very little verifiable information about whether Courtney and JennyBean have children.

Dave often mentioned his daughters Courtney and Lillie in his Instagram posts.

In March 2023 Dave posted: “Very proud of my daughter @lillie.elizaa for completing her next level of training with the British Army.! Can’t wait to see what you get up too next.!”

Courtney Courtney, who is a musician and songwriter, has released tracks Mum’s Car and Overthinking.

In September 2023, Dave congratulated Courtney on a big win posting online: “Congratulations to my @c.courtsx on winning best newcomer at The Boisdale Music awards 2023 last night I couldn’t be prouder.”

Dave often posted pics of himself with his mum on his Instagram account.

Dave Courtney was an English self-proclaimed gangster who became both an author and an actor. 
Dave Courtney was an English self-proclaimed gangster who became both an author and an actor. 

Who was Dave Courtney?

David John Courtney, born on February 17, 1959, in Bermondsey, London, was a self-proclaimed former gangster.

The ex-criminal swapped his life of crime to become a recognised author and celebrity.

Courtney shared tales of his past with readers — from being shot to having to kill in order to stay alive.

During his career, Courtney published six books and starred in his own film titled Hell To Pay.

He also made a living from appearing in numerous television documentaries, speaking about his criminal past and associates, and also acting in movies.

Dave claimed to have links with many notorious gangsters such as Reggie Kray and Lenny McLean — and is best known for organising security at Kray’s funeral in 1995.

Courtney has made claims that he has spent time in Belmarsh Prison as a high-security prisoner.

These claims were backed up by ex-prison guard Jim Dawkins in his book The Loose Screw.

Courtney had a few close shaves when it comes to serving time — in 2009 the former gangster avoided jail time after being charged with two firearm offenses.

However, former members of the Richardson gang, Bernard O’Mahoney, and Frankie Fraser, have accused Courtney of fabricating and embellishing his past criminal record – which Courtney has denied.

What is known about Dave Courtney’s family?

Dave Courtney was born on February 17, 1959, in Bermondsey, London, United Kingdom.

His parents are Patrick W J Courtney (father) and Teresa Courtney (mother)

Following his tragic death, his family released a statement confirming and explaining the details of his passing saying: “On October 22 Dave made the decision to ‘stop the ride’.

“He had lived an incredible, colourful rock n roll life which he touched the hearts of so many.

“The physical pain of living the lifestyle he chose, especially due to the pain of both cancer and arthritis in his later years, became too much.

“So, rather than be a burden to his family and friends, he chose to ‘stop the ride’ and take his way out.

“In his own immortal words, ‘stop the ride, I want to get off’.” 

What was Dave Courtney’s net worth?

Dave Courtney had an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million (£4.1 million) at the time of his death. Other sources also peg his fortune at a whopping $30 million (£24.7million).

He accrued his fortune from his works as an actor and an author with several publications under his belt.

The self-proclaimed former gangster published six books and starred in several films.

Courtney was previously in the middle of writing his 10th book and told of how proud he was that had come so far.

He said: “I’m a lucky man. If I was to die tomorrow I would die smiling. I’ve got beautiful friends. Had far too many beautiful ladies in my life. Getting here was hard but now its easy. It’s nice to be nice.

Where did Dave Courtney live? The London gangster was born in Bermondsey, London. Until his death at the age of 64, he lived in Plumstead, South East London in a house known as Camelot Castle.

His house was decorated with a number of Union flags, the cross of St George, a painted depiction of himself, a large knuckle duster, golden lions, Union Jacks, and a mural of Dave as a knight on a horse.

In Dave’s front room hung a painting of the late reformed criminal with a halo and angel wings.

Inside the £650,000 property, in Plumstead, southeast London, there is a grotto of film set weapons, boys’ toys, and even a ‘dungeon’.

How did Dave Courtney die?

Cops were called to Camelot Castle at around 11 am but Dave Courtney was pronounced dead at the scene.

A lodger is understood to have discovered the 64-year-old former TV actor and showman with a pillow over his face, which would have muffled the sound.

He was said to have put a glove on before firing a Glock 9mm ­pistol into his head.

One pal said: “They stayed up until 4am drinking and went to bed. At around 11am his lodger and friend Brendan went to look in Dave’s bedroom because it was very quiet.

“He found Dave in bed with a pillow placed across his face and he had been shot in the head.

“The first impression was that he had taken his own life. But the police have to be certain and are investigating.’”

His death is not being probed by the Met’s homicide command, they do not believe it is suspicious.