Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo’s Relationship Timeline

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They may have had a controversial start, but Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo are still going strong.

Bachelor Nation met Fuller during Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, which aired in 2020. After her relationship with the pilot didn’t work out, she was linked to season 19 Bachelor Chris Soules. The twosome split in fall 2020 after spending time together amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Grippo, for his part, was introduced to fans on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, which aired in summer 2021. He quit the series amid a disagreement with the lead after their hometown date.

Grippo went on to date Clémence Lopez for several months as Fuller decided to look for The One in Mexico on Bachelor in Paradise. While Grippo and Lopez quietly split, Fuller got engaged to Johnny DePhillipo on the beach.

In October 2022, Fuller was spotted with Grippo in Italy. Nick Viall, who is friends with Grippo (while Fuller is close with the season 21 Bachelor’s fiancée, Natalie Joy), subsequently confirmed their relationship via a TikTok video of Fuller kissing Grippo on the cheek.

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Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo's Relationship Timeline
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The twosome first crossed paths at Governor’s Ball in New York City.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo’s Relationship Timeline
Credit: Courtesy of Victoria Fuller/Instagram

Spring 2022

DePhillipo claimed that Grippo and Fuller had a “thing” pre-Paradise, noting that she told him about their relationship on the beach. She later admitted to asking Grippo if he was going on the show in April.

Bachelor in Paradise's Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo Get Engaged During Season 8 Finale 548 559
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Summer 2022

Fuller picked DePhillipo over Alex Bordyukov while filming Bachelor in Paradise in June. The series wrapped by early July but didn’t premiere until September.

Bachelor in Paradise's Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo Get Engaged During Season 8 Finale 549
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

July 2022

According to Fuller, she and DePhillipo split within three weeks of leaving the show.

”There was a possibility for us to potentially work toward something. Breakups are confusing, right? I mean we all know that. I’d be crazy to say that I cut off communication completely,” she later explained to Us. “We ended our engagement three weeks after and then shortly after that we were completely done.”

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo's Relationship Timeline
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August 2022

In late August, Grippo and Fuller saw each other at Viall’s girlfriend Natalie Joy’s birthday party. DePhillipo alleged “everything changed” after that party.

Fuller and Grippo, meanwhile, claimed on “Viall Files” that they barely spoke at the bash.

BiP Johnny DePhillipo Reacts to Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo Relationship
Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

September 2022

According to DePhillipo, however, he and Fuller “officially” broke up in mid-September.

Fuller revealed on “Viall Files” that she reached out to Grippo again in late September following her third and final split from DePhillipo. He subsequently visited her in Nashville.

“We know. We’re not delusional, it’s not the best way to start a relationship,” Grippo told Viall. “And that was hard. … Honestly, it was weird hiding out.”

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo's Relationship Timeline
Credit: Courtesy of Greg Grippo/Instagram; ABC/Craig Sjodin

October 2022

Reality Steve shared snaps of Fuller and Grippo in Rome on October 25 and October 26. Around the same time, DePhillipo’s brother reportedly “liked” an Instagram comment calling Fuller trashy.

Grippo later revealed that he asked Fuller to be official on Halloween.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo's Relationship Timeline
Credit: Courtesy of Nick Viall/TikTok

November 2022

Viall dropped a video of Fuller kissing Grippo weeks before the BiP finale aired.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo’s Relationship Timeline
Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

November 2022

During the reunion, DePhillipo accused Fuller of cheating with Grippo — which she repeatedly denied.

“It sucked, for sure. It just kind of made me believe that anything she said didn’t hold weight anymore, and I had my suspicions and I kind of thought that there was always something going on. And then it just makes you think, ‘When did it start?’ It’s a weird feeling,” DePhillipo told Us at the time. “I was not there at the party. I just know everything kind of changed after that day.”

Fuller, meanwhile, gushed to Us about how supportive Grippo was during the ordeal. 

“Greg and I have very similar values and so we are just figuring it out right now. But we know what we want at the end of the day, and we’ll see what happens. He’s an amazing man. He truly is. He’s been nothing but uplifting and encouraging through this whole experience. And that’s the type of partner that I want. Somebody who makes me feel good and makes me a better person,” she said. “I think Greg might move to Nashville for me. We’ll see. I own a house, so I’m not going anywhere. … It was the sweetest thing ever [for him to join me on stage at the reunion]. He didn’t ask for anything. He just wanted to be there to support me, and I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend.”

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo’s Relationship Timeline
Credit: Courtesy of Victoria Fuller/Instagram

November 2022

The twosome spent Thanksgiving together, sharing selfies via Instagram Stories on November 24. That same day, Grippo addressed the backlash for the first time.

“Send all the hate that you desire my way, but please leave my mother and [family] out of this,” he wrote via Instagram. “Enjoy your Thanksgiving.”

Victoria Fuller Admits to Throwing a Glass at Johnny DePhillipo, Greg Defends Timeline: ‘Viall Files’ Revelations
Credit: Courtesy of Victoria Fuller/Instagram

November 2022

During their first joint interview together, Grippo confirmed he was “head over heels” in love with Fuller and hinted they were already planning their future together.

“She’s my person,” he told Viall. “I haven’t felt this — content is the wrong word because that just seems boring. But I think there’s a certain, like, I think beauty with being content with someone. Being able to just, like, sit in a room with someone for a week — we can just be in the same room for, I think days on end, and really not get sick of one another. And we’re growing day by day. And I see it going [the marriage] route. I want that. And I know that that’s important to her. And I want to be able to take that step with her.”

Bachelor couple updates
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December 2022

The couple enjoyed a double date in New Jersey, taking in a New York Jets football game with Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan.

2022 New Year's Eve: How the Stars Celebrated in Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Victoria Fuller/Instagram

December 2022

Fuller and Grippo shared a New Year’s kiss during their Parisian vacation.

Bachelor Nation Victoria Fuller Subtly Quiets Greg Grippo Split Speculation 3
Credit: Courtesy of Victoria Fuller/Instagram

July 2023

After kicking off the summer by celebrating Grippo’s 30th birthday, the twosome sparked split speculation when he spent several weeks away from Fuller, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Fuller quieted the chatter by sharing a snap of Grippo in her living room on July 30, 2023.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo s Relationship Timeline 742
Credit: Courtesy of Victoria Fuller/Instagram

October 2023

The couple celebrated their one year anniversary. “One year with the loml,” Fuller wrote via Instagram alongside several photos of the pair. “One year with my best friend. I love you to heaven & back ?? grateful for you!!”

Grippo, for his part, commented on the post, “Love you Tori ❤️.”