All To Know About Gloria Abe, Mark David Chapman’s Wife: Net Worth, Children, Wikipedia, Biography

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Gloria Abe, an American businesswoman, is the wife of convicted murderer Mark David Chapman, who shot and killed singer John Lennon. Where is she now?

Mark David Chapman, raised by a nurse and a staff sergeant in the U.S. Air Force, made headlines in the 80s after the death of John Lennon.

He is convicted for the death of the musician as it is alleged he killed him because of a Personal resentment he had against the Beatles member and a desire to emulate Holden Caulfield, per People.

It has been revealed that Chapman, who has been denied parole for the 12th time, will be eligible in 2024.

All those while, the murderer’s spouse, Gloria Abe, has maintained a relatively low profile. Here’s everything we know about her.

Gloria Chapman gave a press conference for the media on December 9, 1980
Gloria Chapman gave a press conference for the media on December 9, 1980Credit: YouTube/Assassination of John Lennon

Who is Mark David Chapman’s wife, Gloria?

Gloria Abe Hiroko is the wife of convicted murderer Mark David Chapman.

Mark Chapman and Gloria met and got married in 1979, in Hawaii.

The duo have been married for over 4 decades and per reports by Esquire, she continues to visit him in jail.

Gloria Chapman was born Gloria Hiroko-Abe on April 13, 1951, in Hawaii.

She maintains both American and Japanese nationalities.

By profession, she was working as a travel agent in Oahu when she met Mark David Chapman in 1978. They married a year later in 1979.

In an essay to Alliance, Gloria describes December 8, 1980, as “one of the darkest nights in my life.”

The devout Christian has stood by her husband nearly four decades after the murder, which took place outside his plush Manhattan apartment The Dakota after Chapman asked for an autograph from the megastar.

Mrs Hiroko-Chapman has also said he told her about his sick plot to murder Lennon the first time around.

Mrs Hiroko-Chapman said he did carry out the threat because of his love for her but when the shocking news of the world-famous musician’s murder broke two months after on December 8, 1980, she immediately knew it was her husband.

In a 2018 article by Express, it was revealed John Lennon’s assassin Mark Chapman still gets conjugal visits in a prison caravan from his loyal wife, who is 4 years her junior.

Gloria Hiroko-Chapman, has sex with her evil husband, in a mobile home where they make love for hours on end while cooking pizzas and watching the popular US game show Wheel of Fortune, per the publication.

Gloria Hiroko-Chapman, 67, has sex with her evil husband, 63, in a mobile home (Image: GETTY)
Gloria Hiroko-Chapman, 67, has sex with her evil husband, 63, in a mobile home (Image: GETTY)

What is Gloria Abe’s net worth?

The entrepreneur’s net worth in 2023 is a mystery.

Her yearly and monthly earnings are not publicly known. She has never made her wealth or profits public.

However, she is believed to have made a sizable net worth from her career as a travel and tourism management assistant in the United States.

Gloria said that she had no doubts her husband was the accused killer of John Lennon
Gloria said that she had no doubts her husband was the accused killer of John Lennon. Credit: YouTube/Assassination of John Lennon

What crimes did Mark David Chapman commit?

On December 8, 1980, Chapman shot and killed legendary singer John Lennon in front of his wife Yoko Ono near their New York City home.

He had met Lennon earlier that evening. Lennon had autographed an album for Chapman.

That night, Lennon returned home with his wife before Chapman shot him twice in the back and twice in the shoulder, killing him.

The Beatles member was pronounced dead on arrival at Roosevelt Hospital.

Chapman remained at the crime scene and was reading The Catcher in the Rye until he was arrested.

Gloria was at their Hawaii apartment watching Little House On the Prairie when she heard the news of the murder.

She said, “Suddenly, words ran across the bottom of the screen: “John Lennon has been shot in New York City by a male Caucasian.”

“I knew it was Mark.”

Mark David Chapman at the Attica Correctional Facility, July 2010
Mark David Chapman in 2010. Image Source: KYPROS/GETTY

Where is Mark David Chapman now?

A born-again Christian, Chapman had expressed anger at some of Lennon’s lyrics.

He was also incensed by Lennon’s 1966 remark that The Beatles were “more popular than Jesus.”

Chapman received a sentence of 20 years to life for the murder. He pleaded guilty in 1981 and was eligible for parole in 2000.

Gloria still lives in Hawaii. She travels to New York frequently for conjugal visits with her husband.

When explaining why she’s stayed with her husband, she says, “I read in the Bible in Malachi Chapter 2, Verse 16…It says, ‘I hate divorce.’”

Chapman is currently serving his life sentence at Green Haven Correctional Facility as his parole has been denied twelve times.