Get To Know Ken Stornes: His Biography, Net Worth, Weight, Height, Age, Wife, Children, Wikipedia

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Ken Stornes became famous for doing incredibly daring and risky jumps, showing his love for thrilling and bold stunts. His career, achievements, and untold facts explored.

For starters, the term “Death diving” was created in Norway and is a form of extreme freestyle diving in which the diver lands belly first.

One personality that comes to mind when this form of athleticism is in a discussion is Ken Stornes.

Ken Stornes regularly delights his social media followers with picturesque shots of himself exploring the Norwegian wilderness.

The infantry combat veteran is now enjoying even more success and praise from his fans after breaking a world record – and bringing it back to his homeland.

Here’s everything we know about the record-breaking diver.

Ken Stornes broke the world record for death diving in December 2023. Credit: Instagram

Who is Ken Stornes?

Ken Stornes was born on September 23, 1988, in the Norwegian town of Harstad. He currently lives in Elverum, Norway.

He is famous as a Norwegian Internet personality, social media influencer, content creator, former Infantry Combat veteran, and a record-breaking death diver who performs unthinkable-defying dives from great heights into water.

35-year-old Stornes is very popular on social media and, as of December 2023, has over 715,000 followers on Instagram.

He often shares updates of his career in extreme sports with his fans and posts plenty of scenic shots of the Norwegian wilderness near where he lives.

Stornes has an adorable dog called Ronja who regularly appears on his Instagram with him.

Stornes is an extraordinary individual whose life story is a captivating narrative of diverse experiences and remarkable achievements. Ken has carved a unique path through life, encompassing a range of roles and accomplishments.

His impact extends beyond the sports arena, inspiring a community of fitness enthusiasts and travel aficionados.

A man of many talents, in addition to this extreme sport-influencer hybrid career, and his military background, Stornes also has a history as an MMA fighter.

In 2018 he won a silver medal in his class (-91 kilograms) in the ADCC Norway Open after two points victories and a defeat by submission.

In December 2023, he became a record-breaking ‘death diver’. His compatriot, Asbjorg Nesje, holds the record for the women’s class with 30.5m.

What record did Ken Stornes break?

In December 2023 Stornes broke the world record in “death diving”.

Death diving, also known as Døds diving, is an extreme sport which originated in Norway.

It requires participants to jump from extreme heights into icy waters, landing in a cannonball or pike position.

There are two different types of death diving – the “classic”, where contestants throw themselves off horizontally with their arms and legs stretched out wide.

They then tuck their limbs back in just before hitting the water.

The other type is the more dangerous “freestyle” – where jumpers can choose how they want to dive.

Stornes set a new record on December 3, 2023, by jumping from a rock wall in Stryn in Nordfjord, 40.5 meters above the water’s surface.

He is the first person to make the dive from over 40 metres.

The self-described Viking, posted about his jump on Instagram, telling his followers: “Once again we take the death dive world record back to Norway where it belongs.

“This was insane!”

In the accompanying video, Stornes is seen completing his dive into the waters, plunging between cliff faces and floating shards of ice.

Asbjorg Nesje, also from Norway, holds the women’s “death dive” record with a jump of 30.5m.

After achieving the milestone, Stornes spoke to the Norwegian publication NRK, telling them: “I’m a person who needs to do things, I like to have something to strive for, and like to do things that can be a little risky”.

He added: “At least it makes me feel alive”.

When it comes to hitting the next decade milestone, however, Stornes has cast his doubt over being able to dive from 50 meters.

He said: “I don’t think you can get away from 50 meters without serious injuries”.

“I landed perfectly,” he added of his record-breaking 40.5-meter jump.

“The flight time and rate may not have been optimal, but the landing was perfect, and that is what counts,” he said.

Ken Stornes Infantry combat veteran (Image Source: Facebook)
Ken Stornes Infantry combat veteran (Image Source: Facebook)

Who had the world record before Ken Stornes?

Prior to Stornes’ record-breaking dive, Côme Girardot and Lucien Charlon held the world record.

Giradot, from France, and Chalron, from Switzerland, set the record for diving from 36.5 metres.

While Stornes has broken the world record, he cannot call himself World Champion.

The holder of that title will be decided at the annual World Championship which takes place in Oslo, Norway.

The event has been held every August since it debuted in 2008.

What is Ken Stornes’ height and weight?

Ken Stornes stands at a height of around 5 feet 8 inches (174 cm, 1.7 m) and maintains a weight of approximately 76 kg (167 lbs). Despite his bald head, his original hair color is brown, and he possesses captivating brown eyes.

Ken Stornes showcases a remarkable and muscular physique, a testament to his dedication to intense training and workouts.

Who are Ken Stornes’ parents and family members?

Per Bollywoodsafar, Hugo Stornes and Anne Lise Stornes are the parents of Ken Stornes.

He is not an only child to his mom and dad as he has a sister whose name is Gun Kristin Blix Stornes, per the publication.

Ken Stornes and Maren Loeland pictured together on a vacation. Image Source: marenloeland
Ken Stornes and Maren Loeland pictured together on a vacation. Image Source: marenloeland

Who is Ken Stornes’ wife and does he have a child?

Informational about Ken Stornes’ personal life, especially, who he is married to, remains unclear.

For now, he is believed to be unmarried, however, he has sparked relationship rumors with a woman he often features on his Instagram page.

Stornes and Maren Loeland could be dating but the duo has not made their love official.

About Stornes being a father, he is not yet known to have welcomed a child. Also, no online outlet has reported about his son or daughter.

What is Ken Stornes’ net worth?

Ken Stornes has made a sizable fortune for years.

He has an alleged net worth of at least $500,000.