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So we are searching for content creators to help populate thedistin.com and its social media pages with daily entertainment articles and media content.

Currently, thedistin.com is entirely run by 3 individuals and it has become necessary for us to get more hands on board to keep the website running as we keep growing and reaching an even bigger audience by day.

We started thedistin.com in March this year, and fast forward 3 months later we are one of the most visited websites in Ghana; we break a new story literally every other day; we record about 4,000 unique visitors and 10,000 sessions daily; and for just 3 months of being live on the web, have ranked in the hundred thousands globally and the hundreds in Ghana, on Alexa.com

screenshot of Alexa Rank as of 18th July 2019


Who we are looking for

Thedistin.com is run by three bloggers who decided to put their individual blogs aside to start a common entertainment blog, this has grown the team into more of a family. We have bigger plans and know there are more tasks ahead to complete before we reach the ultimate.

We are looking for someone/persons (blogger, author, editor, content creator,…) who is willing to be part of a growing brand and is not-so-much about “the money”, but about the future of what we are building. (yes, you will be paid)

We will not be strict with your experience level, just being interested in what we do and wanting to join should be enough.

Also, is there something you can do to help grow thedistin.com? We’d love to hear it.

Ready to join the family?

Leave a text message at +233 27 753 3123,
email thedistin@gmail.com,
message us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thedistin/,
message us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/_thedistin/,
message us on Twitter https://twitter.com/_thedistin