”I’m not copying Fella Makafui” – Etty Bedi Of Yolo Fame Says And Reveals Why She Likes Fella Makafui

Etty Bedi was indicted for imitating Fella Makafui.

You’ve ever seen someone copying someone in an exams hall and someone else copying the copier?.

Well, that’s the sort of thing that a Etty Bedi has been accused of, budding Ghanaian actress, but she’s got a response.

According to blogger Monte OZ, Etty Bedi is trying so hard to be like Fella Makafui, who Wanlov the Kubolor says has been copying his Sister Deborah and even copied her boyfriend, Medikal.

Reacting to blogger Monte OZ’s claims, Etty Bedi says she admires Fella Makafui but she’s never copying her style.

As for her short blond hair, Etty Bedi says she’s been doing that for four years now.

Etty Bedi is well known for her role in YOLO but she was casted in season 5 which Fella Makafui wasn’t casted.

Checkout her post below:

Fella Makafui’s Birthday Wish To Medikal’s Kid Sister | Photos

Fella Makafui celebrates, Medikal’s kid sister on her birthday.

Medikal’s kid sister, Adwoa Frimpong turns a year older today Friday, 17 January.

On her birthday, her elder brother, Samuel Adu Frimpong flown her to Dubai to enjoy some fresh breeze and also spend some quality time far from home on her birthday.

Photos sighted on her social media platforms showed Adwoa Frimpong living lavishly in Dubai and chilling at all the most expensive places in the city.

Even amidst Fella Makafui’s drama with Medikal on social media over their break up rumors, Fella Makafui took time off her busy schedule to send out love to her ‘former’ beau, Medikal’s kid sister.

On Fella Makafui’s Instagram stories, she shared a photo of Medikal’s kid sister and wrote:

Happy birthday to small sis… Enjoyment….Love u

See screenshot below:

Also, see photos of Medikal’s kid sister, Adwoa Frimpong chilling in Dubai below:

Medikal and Fella Makafui’s drama has still not ended yet. Both of them have considered not to tell the public whether they’re for real or they were just playing with Ghanaians minds.

As it stands now, the two are still not together yet but whatever plans they have will surely be revealed one day.

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Details On How Medikal And Fella Makafui Will Secretly Get Married

Medikal Gives Up On Fella Makafui & Decides To Forget Her & Move On With His Life | See His Post

Fella Makafui hinted on having a secret wedding with Medikal.

After news that the lovebirds, Fella Makafui and Medikal are back together, Youtube-famous Kofi Adoma has shared an old video interview with Fella Makafui.

Just in case you missed out on all the Fella Makafui and Medikal breakup developments. we’ve got you! see how it started here.

Sister Derby getting involved in all of this has dissed Fella in her latest song feature. Listen to “Amanfuor boys” here.

It’s all finally over though, as the two have been finally spotted together in a video circulating social media. see that video here.

In the old video shared by Kofi Adoma, Fella Makafui explains how every move she takes is planned by her management, …insinuating that the just-ended saga was “just maybe” a publicity stunt as many social media users called it.

According to Fella, when the time comes to get married they’re just going to have a private ceremony that almost no one will know of.

Ghanaians will only know about the marriage when they see her flaunting her ring.

Fella also made it clear that the entire ‘breakup’ with Medikal was just a plan from her management.

Watch video below:

Medikal Gives Up On Fella Makafui & Decides To Forget Her & Move On With His Life | See His Post

Medikal Gives Up On Fella Makafui & Decides To Forget Her & Move On With His Life | See His Post

AMG rapper Medikal has tried every means to get Fella Makafui to forgive him but to no avail.

From making a song “Come Back” featuring KIDI, visiting her wine shop with AMG boss, Criss Waddle, and even Dancehall Naa, Shatta Wale going to the point of kneeling down in public to plead with Fella Makafui to forgive Medikal, Fella Makafui still did not forgive him.

Well, in a new post sighted by thedistin.com, Medikal has certainly given up on pursing Fella Makafui, and has decided to move on with his life without her.

He posted on his Instagram page saying;

Life still goes on, May the good Lord bless us all 

Also, we cannot tell whether this is still a publicity stunt or not, and even if it’s not a publicity stunt, we still cannot tell what has caused Fella Makafui not to forgive Medikal for what he has done to her.

It could be what Medikal did to her is unforgivable. Stay glued here for more updates.

Ibrah One Shades Shatta Wale For Begging Fella Makafui On Behalf Of Medikal

Young Ghanaian millionaire Ibra One has thrown shades at self-acclaimed dancehall king, Shatta Wale for pleading for forgiveness on Medikal’s behalf.

Fella Makafui and Medikal have been in the news for some weeks over their alleged break up.

Many people thought it was for publicity stunt when the news broke out but it appears it’s serious.

The like of Shatta Wale, Chris Waddle, close friends of the couple and some die-hard fans from the AMG business team have made efforts to speak to Fella.

Shatta Wale who has been seen in a trending video went down on his knees to beg Fella Makafui to reconsider her decision.

However, Ibra One reacting to the trending video has thrown some shades at his rival Shatta Wale.

According to Ibra, how can Shatta Wale advise the couple on how to manage their relationship when he wasn’t able to solve his issue with Michy?

Taking to his Instastory the Young Ghanaian Millionaire wrote: “somebody who cannot manage his failed relationship advising others on how to manage theirs.”

See screenshot below

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#IbrahOne Shades #ShattaWale #thedistin

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Female Fan Of Medikal Cries As She Begs Fella Makafui To Return To Medikal | Video

Female Fan Of Medikal Cries As She Begs Fella Makafui To Return To Medikal | Video

Medikal’s fan bursts into tears as she pleads with Fella Makafui to forgive.

The AMG rapper released an apologetic love song to Fella Makafui after a numberless begging Fella Makafui for forgiveness.

Medikal’s song was released in less than 24 hours but has amassed a huge air plays and well accepted by his fans.

Medikal song is titled “Come Back” featuring Lynx Entertainment signee, Kidi. Currently, lovers of the song are running a challenge on social media where they will record themselves singing the song.

One of Medikal;s female fans with previous Kleman on Instagram posted an emotional video of herself weeping whiles she begged Fella Makafui to forgive Medikal, and reunite with him.

She captioned the video;

Fella pls I dey beg for Medikal pls

In an earlier post published on our news platform, Shatta Wale was seen pleading with Fella Makafui to forgive Medikal.

Shatta Wale today took time out of his busy schedules to visit Fella Makafui and Medikal in their individual homes.

The dancehall King knelt down and begged Fella Makafui to give Medikal a second chance. (See The Video Here)

Shatta Wale Kneels And Begs Fella Makafui To Forgive Medikal | Video

Shatta Wale begs Fella Makafui on behalf of Medikal.

Dancehall Naa, Shatta Wale today visited Medikal and Fella Makafui in their individual houses to settle their disputes.

In a new video Thedistin.com has sighted, Shatta Wale knelt and begged Fella Makafui to forgive his son Medikal.

Watch video below:

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Shatta Wale begs Fella for Medikal

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Meanwhile we’ve spotted on an old video of Fella Makafui in an interview with Kofi Adomah of ‘Kofi TV’ detailing how whatever that happens in her life is planned by her management.

In the video, Fella Makafui revealed that her management have a total control on every issue that has to do with her.

She included that, they sit and plan for every trendy topic of her that circulate on the internet.

Video Captures Fella Makafui And Medikal Chilling After Their Break-Up

Fella Makafui steps out with her beau, Medikal after their break-up.

In a new video in our privy, the Ghanaian actress and business owner, Fella Makafui was sighted with some crews of the AMG family.

Among the crews were AMG Armani, and AMG Deuces whose faces were identified in the video.

According to the source who captured the two drama celebrities, Fella Makafui’s breakup with Medikal is fake.

The source, stated that their breakup is fake because she had seen the two: Medikal and Fella Makafui in a coded location at night.

Watch video below:

Fella Makafui and Medikal’s breakup rumors keeps getting confusion as many theories keeps popping out each day.

Yesterday, Fella Makafui replying to tweets from her fans stated that Medikal’s love is irreplaceable when a fan asked her he wanted to replace Medikal in her life.

Well, Medikal has released an apologetic love song to Fella Makafui telling her to come back to his life.

His song’s title is “Come Back” which he featured Lynx Entertainment signee, Kidi.

“He Is Irreplaceable” Says Fella Makafui as Fan Ask Her If He Could Replace Medikal | Screenshot

Yawa: Fella Makafui Struggles To Say A Short Prayer | Watch Video

Fella Makafui in recent social media post has said that Ghanaian rapper who happens to be her ex boyfriend, Medikal is irreplaceable.

The actress has had a Q and A session with her fans just recently where posted that she was boredom and needed to engage her fans in a chat to address their questions.

However, a fan asked Fella her relationship status with Medikal, but the actress failed to answer.

Another person asked to replace Medikal and Fella replied that her supposed ex-boyfriend is ‘irreplaceable’

See screenshot below

Fella Makafui Reacts To Claims On Aborting 4 Babies While Dating Medikal

This Is What Fella Makafui Said About The Viral Photo That Shows Her In A Hospital Bed

Fella Makafui responses to rumors of aborting babies with Medikal.

We reported in one of our published stories when a close source allegedly revealed that Medikal and Fella Makafui aborted four babies in their 11 months of dating.

The source disclosed that Fella Makafui is in agony and traumatized during breakup since she reportedly aborted 4 pregnancies for Medikal within 11 months.

On why Fella Makafui followed Medikal’s forceful decision, a close source to the actress/ business woman stated:

“Medikal wasn’t ready to be a father and Fella Makafui on the other hand never wanted to be a baby mama to be subjected to public mockery or ridicule hence their decision of getting rid of 4 pregnancies within a period of 11 months”.

Fella Makafui’s close source went on to say that she was broken-hearted and down, not because the relationship had ended, but because she could not cope with the pain of sacrificing four innocent babies.

Meanwhile Fella Makafui’s pregnancy rumors once cause a stir on the internet. Even though it was indirectly shared by the actress, some experienced netizens discovered her hidden pregnancy.

Read More On Fella Makafui’s Rumored Abortion | See Photos

Fella Makafui on Twitter indicated that she’s bored but ready to reply to tweets from her fans.

Many people asked so many questions concerning her business, life and family and also her break-up with Medikal.

A fan of the actress asked her a question on rumors he had heard about her aborting four pregnancies for Medikal.

He asked:

So how many abortion did you do for Medikal

Fella Makafui replied saying:

Are you for real?

See screenshot below:

From Fella Makafui’s response, it elucidates that such rumors circulating on the internet that she had four abortions for Medikal are false news.