“I’ve lost a lot of money but…” Kwesi Arthur On Coronavirus Outbreak and Lockdown In Ghana

post by: Collins for thedistin.com.
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The “Nobody” hitmaker Kwesi Arthur due to how scared he is of COVID-19 prefers staying home than going out to perform regardless of the amount offered.

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Kwesi Arthur in a recent virtual interview on TV3 disclosed he has turned down a lot of offers and programs he is supposed to perform on due to the outbreak of the deadly virus.

I was supposed to go for some festivals and some events but because of this I couldn’t go; that is losing out on money and stuff but I would rather stay safe than make money,

He said

While he was explaining why he took that decision he also said that due to the fear of contracting or getting infected by the virus he stays home more than he ever thought he could.

It’s been calm. Staying, trying to stay indoors as possible [and] washing my hands as much as possible…,

The last heart touching thing he did was to advise his fans and all those living in fear to make sure they practice the precautionary measures outline by all medical experts to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.