Duncan Williams’ Son Shows His D!.c.k And Tw3.rks Half N!k.ed On Social Media | Video

post by: Collins for thedistin.com.
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Leader and founder of Action International Chapel Duncan Williams’ son Daniels goes half n!k.ed and whines in a video on twitter

Just a few hours ago thedistin.com published a story about him doing his thing completely n!k.ed with two slim girls in the swimming pool. Click here to watch and read on that story

Watching the video i doubt if you will watch it to the end, its highly disappointing and disgusting

I’m very sure that after watching this video you will ask yourself is this the son of a respected man of God?

Yes its truth we all have our life to live and we make decisions based on what will make us happy

But at least your family reputation is on the line

Well life is what you make it and not what it is. Click here to watch the video