Lydia Forson Blasts Desmond Elliot, She Reacts To Allegedly Having Affair With Him And Being Caught By His Wife

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Ghanaian award winning actress, Lydia Forson reacts to being busted for allegedly being in an intimate relationship with Desmond Elliot and also being caught red handed in a hotel room for having a love affair by his wife.

Nigerian blogger, Cutie Julls together with some other Nigerian bloggers have exposed Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson and Nigerian actor cum politician Desmond Elliot over their alleged amorous relationship.

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Cutie Julls has revealed that the two were caught in a hotel in Lagos by Desmond Elliot’s wife after severally warning them.

Desmond Elliots expose came immediately after he made a derogatory comment while addressing issues at the parliament concerning the End Sars protest in Nigeria.

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Desmond Elliot got netizens furious after he reportedly said that the Nigerian government should regulate social media as the young are full of bitterness and hate.

According to him, he checked comments following the EndSARS protest and he couldn’t believe his eyes, click here to watch full video of Desmond Elliot speaking about End Sars that got Nigerians angry at him.

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Desmond Elliot’s comment has got the likes of Davido, Naira Marley among many celebrities in Nigeria blasting him which is making him to at the moment trend on Twitter with some calling him ‘Desmond Idiot’.

The blogger has angrily exposed Desmond Elliot because of his recent comment over the EndSARS protesters.

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Reacting to the incident, Cutie Julls has hit hard on Desmond Elliot, exposing his relationship with Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson though he’s married with kids, click here to Read Full Story On Desmond and Lydia Forson saga.

Finally, Lydia Forson has reacted to Desmond Elliot’s comments advocating for social media regulation that has got many netizens angry.

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According to Lydia Forson whose reactions were in line with the masses, she also expressed her disappointment in Desmond Elliot.

According to Lydai Forson who was surprised at the way Desmond Elliot spoke, she thinks Desmond Elliot is looking at the aftermath of the protest and not what triggered Nigerians to protest.

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Lydia Forson only expressed herself as to why Nigerians are blasting Elliot however, she kept quiet to react to her allegations of being busted for sleeping Elliot by his wife at a hotel.

Below are actress, Lydia Forson’s reaction.